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Rebecca Marin Creative Production Portfolio Spring 2012

IN D E SI G N IndulgenT?

Tifflin’s Truffles Used different methods of applying color and gradient to different shapes, while placing in images.

Paris • Madrid • New York

Tea Postcard Created new color swatches to use for font and logo. Used specific leading for font and placed images.

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IN D E SI G N Miller.  During  his  time  as  Baker   Zoo’s  director,  Miller  encouraged   the  community  to  see  the  many   things  being  accomplished  at   the  zoo.  Miller  wanted  everyone  

Celebrating 60 years of Baker Zoo By  Judy  Marshall


Park,  the  Birthday  Park  Zoo,  the   Municipal  Zoo,  Baker  Zoological   Park,  and  its  current  name,  Baker   Zoological  Gardens.  

Over  the  last  60  years  many  things   have  changed  at  Baker  Zoo.    One   of  those  things  is  simply  the  name.   It  has  been  known  as  the  Birthday  

In  1971,  Mike  Smith  purchased   a  lion  cub  named  Joshua,  after   which  he  spent  17  years  building   Baker  Zoo.  Long  ago  the  city   and  the  humane  society  had   planned  to  close  the  zoo  that   is  now  an  accredited  member   of  the  Association  of  Zoos  and  

ince  its  beginning  in   1948,  Baker  Zoo  has  seen   welcomed  more  than   20,000,000  guests,  been  home  to   thousands  of  animals  and  has  seen   numerous  park,  landscape  and   exhibit  changes.  Did  you  know   that  Baker  Zoo  is  60-­years-­old?

Aquariums  (AZA).  Along  with   Smith,  there  are  many  other   individuals  and  groups  who   have  helped  make  the  zoo  what   it  is  today.  In  1987,  the  board  of   directors  chose  Ted  Beattie  to   be  the  second  director  of  Baker           creating  an  Education  Department   and  a  Visitors  Services   Department.  The  zoo  succeeded   and  grew  even  more  from  1993  to   2000  under  the  direction  of  Patrick  

to  see  the  zoo  as  a  world-­class   institution.  In  2000,  Jim  Jones,  the   zoo’s  deputy  director,  was  chosen   as  Baker  Zoo’s  executive  director   and  continues  to  serve  the  zoo   in  that  role  today.  Under  Jones’s   leadership,  many  construction   projects  have  been  completed  and   the  plans  for  others,  including   a  new  herpetology  building,   Baker  Zoo  Museum,  new  big  cat   viewing,  additions  to  the  Clayton              Baker  Zoo  would  not  be  West   Tennessee’s  largest  year-­round   attraction  without  the  support   of  the  community.  The  City   of  Baker,  the  Graham  County   government  and  the  Graham   County  Commission  are  just  a  few   of  the  groups  who  have  continued   to  support  Baker  Zoological   Gardens.

Leadership,  guidance,  dedication   and  vision  have  been  evident  in   the  major  positive  changes  and   growth  Baker  Zoo  has  shown   since  the  days  of  Mike  Smith.   Another  key  to  the  success  of   Baker  Zoo  is  the  dedicated  and   professional  staff  that  cares  for   the  zoo’s  many  animals.  There   are  also  employees  who  work   tirelessly  in  the  grounds  and   maintenance  departments  who   play  a  vital  role  toward  the   conservation  of  animals  world-­ wide.  There  are  also  those  who   take  the  wonders  of  Baker  Zoo   into  the  classroom  through  the   many  outreach  programs  presented   by  the  education  and  bird  show   departments.  There  are  also  the   staff  members  that  assists  guests,   prepare  the  food  and  refreshments   for  guests  and  sell  tickets  and   souvenirs.  These  staff  members  

May  23  –  September  6,  2012

Elephant  Excursions   11:00  a.m.  Tuesday  and   Wednesday Giraffe  Gathering 2:30  p.m.  Saturday  and  Sunday Penguin  Party 1:00  p.m.  Saturday Rhino  Rendezvous 11:00  a.m.  Thursday Tortoise  Time 11:00  a.m.  Saturday

Special  Saturday  Package:   Buy  all  three  Saturday  Animal   Encounters  for  the  low  price  of   $50.00  (a  $10.00  savings) For  more  information  call  555-­ 637-­5300. *Does  not  include  zoo  admission   price make  it  possible  for  everyone  to   experience  an  incredible  adventure   with  friends  and  family  during   their  visit.

The main use for InDesign is for making print layouts (postcards and brochures).

education  department  on  outreach   programs,  volunteers  stay  busy   during  their  time  at  the  zoo.  Some   volunteers  help  with  zoo  special   4VNNFSt#BLFS;PP8JMG8POEFST 3

e agazin Z oo M ith ment w e docu text wrap, g a p 8 d r, Create , top ba s and article. ide bar folio, s cing in photo la while p

The “Place� tool is my favorite because it makes bringing in other files easier. The coolest technique I’ve learned is how to create a magazine layout. The hardest thing to do is remembering to hold “command� when moving images.

My favorite project was making the Zoo Magazine.

Special  60th  Anniversary   Animal  Encounters  

Animal  Encounters  have  a  10   person  limit  for  each  session Price:  $20.00  per  person


The most useful tool is definitely the “place� tool.

Volunteers  are  also  major   contributors  to  the  daily  functions   at  Baker  Zoo.  From  assisting   keepers  and  curators  with  daily   duties  to  working  with  the  




a and, like template k ds. n ir b la b e a th Used red in lo o c , e k o o r b to colo th coloring ient Tool d ra G e Used th sky.


Panda Bear

Used different shape tools and gradients to create an animated panda bear face.

Guitar Illustration

The main use for Illustrator is for making logos and illustrations. The “Pen” tool is my favorite because I love creating illustrations with curves. The coolest technique I’ve learned is how to place text along a curved line. The hardest thing to do is make creations look real. The most useful tool is the “Pen” tool. My favorite project was making the cute panda bear above.

Used photo of guitar as a template to trace over. Used pen tool to trace elements on a separate layer and added color and embellishments.


Do Painted

The main use for Photoshop is for manipulating photographs.

tory and His h Tool s u to r o B h r ixe rap Used M l to paint ove ed the o o rn T tu h s ls u Br ese too Th . r o ting. of a do to a pain photo in

The “Quick Selection” tool is my favorite because it’s the funnest way to select images. The coolest technique I’ve learned is how to turn an image into a painting. The hardest thing to do is not to get frustrated with the Polygonal Lasso Tool. The most useful tool is the Spot Healing Brush tool. My favorite project was turning the image of the door into a painting.


PHOTOS H O P Dallas Skyline Used Blending Modes of Contrast and Inversion/Cancellation to create a new look of the Dallas skyline.

Collage Used Selection Tool to copy and paste images together on top of a set background of clouds.

Graphic Design  

graphic design

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