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“Inside Her Diary” Target Audience

About our how our Target Audience effect the genre of the film Thriller movies are usually aimed at young adults at the ages of 18-25, this target audience is drawn to the intense storylines and the mysterious atmosphere of thriller movies.

Dream House • We used Dream House as an inspiration for our target audience as this movie also has the horror element of the ‘Man’ walking past the house and looking inside. This builds up the tension of the thriller which creates the mysterious genre. In thriller films such as Dream House the target audience expect to be thrilled and left on the edge of their seats, this is seen in Dream House as it leaves the audience on the edge of their seats when there is a scene taken place in the house where there is a fight between the main character and the mysterious man. The audience of thriller films are left watching the film to see if the character that is the main position overcomes the ‘Villain’ or the ‘Rival’ who is against them. For our film it’s Dan overcoming Kate to get out of her imaginary world in the diary. However Dream has a younger certificate to our film because they are using American age ratings, they choose a pg13, however their age may be a younger target audience but they have still insisted that a parent has to be with the teenager to watch the film because the horror element may be to scary for them.

Ghost • Ghost also has a rating of PG13, however this film works into our film as it has the same elements of romance and thriller. When Dan is in the diary can not interact with Mia, however she can feel his presents. This happens in Ghost when he hugs her she can feel him, this shows the target audience would be similar to our film as the genres are very similar and the romance attracts the younger audience as young girls and women are interested in the typical love story. Therefore a PG13 rating for this film is appropriate because the romance will attract the ages that the film wants for its audience.

Shutter Island • Shutter Islands age certificate is the same a ‘Inside her Diary’ this shows that genre would be very similar to ours. As the film is about them finding the 67th patient, it is very much similar to Dan trying to find out why he is the diary and how he is going to get out. The film is about a hospital with mentally ill people, which also creates the prefect sitting on the edge of your sit thriller genre for the target audience.

Our Target Audience For the film of ‘Inside her Diary’ we decided make the target audience a young age from looking at the inspiration of the other films. We decided that the certificate would be a 12A in the cinema, however the range in ages are 15 – 25 but anyone above 25 would be allegeable to watch it. We picked such a young target audience as children younger than 12 may be a little frighten because of the genre being romance, thriller and mystery and suspense. However “Inside her Diary" embraces the elements of horror movies from it’s mysterious atmosphere of Pete keep walking past the window and troubled villain Kate. The teenagers will be attracted to this film by the romance as younger teenage girls are into romantic movies, however the middle aged adults men and women, will be more attracted to the thriller side of the film as they would prefer something more interesting to be engulfed into and sitting on the edge of their sit.

Target audience  
Target audience