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SYNOPSIS “Inside her Diary” -Genre: Romance, Thriller, Mystery and Suspense -Set: 21st Century A girl in her twenties (Mia) has just moved in the empty house next door, and Dan, her neighbour begins to take an interest in her. But on the same day, Mia accidently drops the diary, and just as Dan comes out of his house, a girl named Kate appears and asks him to give the diary to Mia. Dan’s curiosity grows, and he feels the urge to read the diary, but in an instant the diary engulfs him into it. When he awakes, he is perplex and disoriented. But thinks nothing of it, and continues his normal routine. He goes outside for a walk; however, as he walks by different people, not one of them acknowledge him, not understanding why he begins to talk to some of them. They don’t answer him, and he starts to become hysterical. He sees Kate, across the street, behind the tree, watching him. He rushes after her in anger to confront her. She turns round with a look of innocents, and explains that he is in Mia’s diary, and that Mia is the key to getting out. Dan follows Kate’s instructions, and follows her around the house. The urge to get out of the diary, had also driven him to follow Mia everywhere. Due to him getting to know her, he starts to fall in love with her. For many nights, now both Mia and Dan have encountered a strange man dressed in black, around the house, on the street. But one night when they are both at Mia’s house, he sees the man in black lurking outside the house, and watching her in the window. He tries to warn, her but he knows that she cannot see, or hear him. Out of extreme anger he hits a book, and it flies across the room, which shocks Mia, and the man in black disappears. There is a sense of realisation that he can move objects, and he uses this to communicate with Mia, whenever the man appeared again. This interaction that he has now gained creates affection between the two, as he comforts and cradles her, as these supernatural events that occur around her are starting to stir fear within in her. Dan realises from that moment that he is in the diary to protect Mia from this man, as she is the key to getting out of the diary. The man in black appears for one last time, and a fight erupts as Dan tries to protect Mia, who fears for her life, as the supernatural events continue to happen in her house, as she can’t see either of them. But, the man in black asks how Dan can see him, where Dan realises that something is not right. Suddenly, Dan is hit with Mia’s diary, which knocks him to the ground. Then a twist in the story occurs, where Kate appears, and she sits on the sofa, and tells him: “You’re not getting out of here”. The reason she says this is because, “Inside her Diary” is so ambiguous that it would make the audience think that it is Mia’s diary, as this is what they have been told. When in fact it was always Kate’s diary and she has been manipulating and collecting people for her diary, so that she can create her very own designed world. One that she can control. The rest of the film has a much thrilling atmosphere, as now Dan and Pete (the man in black) know that it was Kate that put them in the diary, but of course they don’t know exactly why. So, they decide to find diary, as Kate had taken it with her. But Dan knew that they needed the help of Mia, so he begins to communicate with her, as he can now move and interact with objects, but still cannot be seen by her. These three characters work as a team to find the diary, and when they do, they read diary entry’s made by Kate, sharing the reasons why she did this. They all realise that this whole world that they are in is not

reality; even Mia is a part of Kate’s designed world. So, Kate being a sleigh and ruthless character takes Mia, to be able to taunt Dan, so that he will not leave. The last scene, is Dan trying to get back in the house to save Mia, but due to this being Kate’s designed world, he can’t and so he watches from the window outside, seeing Kate just staring and revelling in Mia’s fear.

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