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Planning the Front Cover Image Agency Name



Yasmin Akhsass

Camera height/angle/distance

Close up, straight on of her face.


St Marylebone School, Branford, 3rd Floor, Plain white wall


It is natural light from outside

Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume)

The back ground is a white wall.

Attempted connotation

Model for music magazine, because it’s famous it will attract readers to magazine. Slight pouting of the lips, glimpse of the teeth, non specific, Uniformity and flawless beauty.

Planned denotation

She is the singer.

Contingency (in case of model absence/weather)

Use Liza Swan instead

Alternate angle


Thinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shot Comments: Natural looking makeup with red lips, image will be made black and white so that the other parts of the magazine stand out.

Planning for Front Cover  

Planning for Front Cover

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