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How does your media product represent particular social groups? My magazine represents the social groups that are similar to NME and Q as you can see from my front cover and the cover of Q. We have both used a young woman to attract women to read our magazine. Both women are looking straight ahead into the camera this shows they are addressing the audience. By the women have a slight pout or a show of teeth shows that beauty which will attract women to buying the magazine. Both models on the front cover of the magazines are giving serious looks towards the audience this shows the similarities between the two magazine. However the Q magazine have decided to make their model have more of a ‘sexy’ look and not showing that she has something to do with music, whereas in my magazine I decided to use a guitar to represent the musical side of the magazine, this also indicates to the audience that it’s a music magazine. This is the differences between the two magazines. The camera shots and angles are simular but yet have their differences, the camera angle is both straight on but Q’s camera shot is a close whereas mine is a mid-shot. We can see by Q’s magazine Cheryl Cole is in the rain and looking ‘sexy’ whereas my model is palying the gutair to show she’s a singer. The lighting in the images are very simular, as they both use a white spot light on the model and have black backgrounds. Q seem to have more light on cheryl coles face this will attract the audienc emore to the image as her face will be the focus point. Howver mine is more of a warm lighting and the title is more bold this will attract the audience to the title more rather than the image. The makeup on both models is basically the same, we have both used the colour lipstick of the colour scheme to our magazine, the reaches out to the soicl group of women as women are intersted in beauty and makeup. The hair and makeup are both quite simular, hwoever cheryl coles hair has a wet look whereas my model is dry but both their hair is down. This gives my model more of a natural look whereas Cheryl Cole has wet hair which is unnatural and makes it more of a model picture.