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Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

HELLO, We are excited to announce the newest additions to our safer beauty line this year. The Countermatch Collection is the ultimate regimen for hydrated, radiant skin. All-new Volumizing Mascara and and a new Lengthening Mascara formula deliver fuller, longer lashes. And Instant Eye Makeup Remover completely erases long-wear makeup without mineral oil or silicones.

As we continue to grow and create cutting-edge products, your health and safety are always our top priorities. Beautycounter goes far beyond the current industry standards to develop formulas and packaging that meet our rigorous standards. Every single ingredient is chosen deliberately and screened carefully because we believe in high-performance products that don’t compromise health.

Changing an industry isn’t easy, but together we have come so far. With your help, Beautycounter will continue to push the boundaries, both as a business and a movement, to set a higher standard of beauty.


B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 4 S



YOUR SKIN HAS MET ITS MATCH The ultimate regimen for hydrated, radiant skin. THE COUNTERMATCH COLLECTION is Beautycounter’s revolutionary 4-piece regimen. Breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to exactly match the composition of skin, giving it precisely what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Skin is left feeling refreshed, vibrant, and radiant all day.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 6 S




REFRESHED B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 8 S




KEY INGREDIENTS To develop this adaptive product, we looked at skin’s most fundamental needs: hydration, nutrition, and oxygenation. We found the most beneficial elements of plants and used them as the key ingredients.

HYDRATION Derived from green olives, squalane draws moisture into the skin and restores elasticity. B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 10 S



Found naturally in beetroot, arginine provides nutrients and energy for vibrant, healthy skin.

Sourced from green rice, phytic acid helps skin breathe for a natural glow. S K I N CAR E 11 S


COUNTERMATCH ADAPTIVE MOISTURE LOTION This lightweight lotion helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life by adjusting hydration levels throughout the day for a smooth look and feel, and a radiant glow.

COUNTERMATCH INTENSE MOISTURE SERUM This intense serum absorbs quickly to deliver a concentrated boost of moisture for immediate and lasting hydration, while vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection.

1080 50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ US | $48 CA | $58

1083 30 ML / .1 FL OZ US | $48 CA | $58

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 12 S

S K I N CAR E 13 S



COUNTERMATCH RECOVERY SLEEPING CREAM This advanced blend of hyaluronic acid, plum oil, and tara gum creates a protective layer to shield skin from moisture loss, replenishing hydration and revitalizing skin while you sleep. 1081 50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ US | $55 CA | $67

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 14 S


COUNTERMATCH EYE RESCUE CREAM Formulated with safer ingredients, this hydrating cream brightens eyes by reducing the appearance of shadows. 1082 15 ML / .5 FL OZ US | $39 CA | $47

S K I N CAR E 15 S




MEET BEAUTYCOUNTER+ The perfect addition to your daily regimen.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 16 S

S K I N CAR E 17 S

BEAUTYCOUNTER+ is our latest line of targeted treatments made with safer, high-performing ingredients. Each three-piece collection includes a mask, mist, and oil specially formulated to address specific skin concerns. Work them into your existing regimen to give your skin a Brightening, Plumping, or Balancing boost.

With advanced solutions your skin craves.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 18 S

S K I N CAR E 19 S




NO. 1 BRIGHTENING + VITAMIN C Reawaken dull skin with radiance-boosting treatments. Infused with antioxidant-rich, multisource vitamin C complex, they help reduce the appearance of age spots for a brighter, more even complexion. FACIAL MASK 1035 • 60 ML • 2 FL OZ Nutrient-rich kaolin clay thoroughly cleanses and polishes skin, leaving it instantly brighter and more even-toned. US | $48 CA | $55 FACIAL MIST 1038 • 47 ML • 1.6 FL OZ Active-infused and alcohol-free, this revitalizing mist preps skin, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. Lime pearl extract helps promote a brighter complexion. US | $35 CA | $43 FACIAL OIL 1041 • 20 ML • 0.67 FL OZ A proprietary blend of seven natural oils, including omega-rich marula oil, provides extra hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. US | $68 CA | $79 NO. 1 BRIGHTENING COLLECTION 7140 US | $138 CA | $160 B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 20 S

NO. 2 PLUMPING + PEONY Restore and firm moisture-depleted skin with powerful peony and jasmine essences. Replenishing peony root extract helps plump skin, improve elasticity, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. FACIAL MASK 1036 • 60 ML • 2 FL OZ Made with deeply cleansing kaolin clay and line-smoothing konjac root, this mask instantly gives skin a firmer, toned appearance while improving elasticity. US | $48 CA | $55 FACIAL MIST 1039 • 47 ML • 1.6 FL OZ Active-infused and alcohol-free, this revitalizing mist preps skin, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. Rye seed extract helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. US | $35 CA | $43 FACIAL OIL 1042 • 20 ML • 0.67 FL OZ A proprietary blend of seven natural oils, including moisture-restoring jasmine and omega-rich argan, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines. US | $68 CA | $79 NO. 2 PLUMPING COLLECTION 7141 US | $138 CA | $160 S K I N CAR E 21 S


NO. 3 BALANCING + CHARCOAL Promote a more balanced complexion with purifying charcoal and texture-refining ylang ylang. Activated charcoal absorbs excess oil to give skin a smooth, polished appearance. FACIAL MASK 1037 • 60 ML • 2 FL OZ Made with nutrient-rich kaolin clay, this mask purifies, balances, and stimulates exfoliation for a smooth, refined appearance. US | $48 CA | $55 FACIAL MIST 1040 • 47 ML • 1.6 FL OZ Active-infused and alcohol-free, this revitalizing mist preps skin, sets makeup, and refreshes throughout the day. Charcoal powder and kaolin clay refine texture and calm redness. US | $35 CA | $43 FACIAL OIL 1043 • 20 ML • 0.67 FL OZ A proprietary blend of seven natural oils, including softening meadowfoam and calming wild chamomile, helps restore balance and soothe the skin. US | $68 CA | $79 NO. 3 BALANCING COLLECTION 7142 US | $138 CA | $160 B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 22 S

S K I N CAR E 23 S





R EADY? S ETS. G O! Take your routine on the go with mini Beautycounter+ Spa Sets.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 24 S

Facial Oil: 10 ML / 0.33 FL OZ Facial Mask: 30 ML / 1 FL OZ Facial Mist: 30 ML / 1 FL OZ US | $88 CA | $110

S K I N CAR E 25 S


THE ESSENTIAL NOURISHING COLLECTION is an all-inclusive everyday skin care routine. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients, like organic coconut oil and aloe vera, this six-piece set is intensely nourishing and hydrating. 7057 US | $200 CA | $257

With daily skin-loving nutrients.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 26 S

S K I N CAR E 27 S

ORGANIC COCONUT OIL [ Cocos nucifera oil ]

From improving digestion to replacing mouthwash, the list of uses for coconut oil is long and growing. Thanks to a high concentration of healthy fatty acids that convert into fuel more efficiently than other fats, coconut oil is easy to digest, has antibacterial properties, and can produce sustained energy. Beyond being a miracle food, coconut oil also works wonders on the skin. A natural cleansing oil with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, it helps remove impurities and buildup while moisturizing. We use organic coconut oil in a range of products, from the Essential Nourishing Collection to sunscreens, for its gentle, skin-softening benefits.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 28 S

S K I N CAR E 29 S





Quench skin’s thirst with hydrating essentials.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 30 S

ESSENTIAL NOURISHING DAY CREAM A nutrient-rich blend of organic coconut oil, safflower oil, and aloe vera extract gives this lightweight moisturizer potent hydrating and nourishing benefits, while antioxidant-rich açai helps protect against dry skin.

ESSENTIAL NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM Richer in aloe vera than its daytime counterpart, this overnight moisturizer is packed with conditioning nutrients. Organic coconut oil and antioxidant-rich green tea extract promote a softer, calmer complexion.

1014 48.7 ML / 1.65 FL OZ US $43 CAN $52

1015 48.7 ML / 1.65 FL OZ US $47 CAN $57 S K I N CAR E 31 S


Wake up your complexion with nourishing necessities.

BEST SELLER ESSENTIAL NOURISHING CREAM CLEANSER Made with coconut oil and aloe leaf extract, this lightweight daily cleanser is exceptionally hydrating and soothing. Witch hazel gives the creamy formula skin-toning properties for a fresh, taut appearance.

ESSENTIAL NOURISHING CREAM EXFOLIATOR Gentle yet effective, this exfoliating cleanser relies on non-abrasive jojoba beads instead of plastic to help slough off dry skin and sweep away impurities, revealing a fresh, radiant complexion.

1011 118 ML / 4 FL OZ US | $26 CA | $32

1012 118 ML / 4 FL OZ US | $34 CA | $41

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 32 S

ESSENTIAL NOURISHING ROSEWATER MIST Organic rose essence, purified water, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate combine to soften and tone skin with this refreshing, makeup-setting spray. 1016 48 ML / 1.6 FL OZ US | $35 CA | $43

ESSENTIAL NOURISHING EYE CREAM Revive the delicate skin around your eyes with our lightweight, soothing eye cream. Rich in aloe and organic coconut oil, the unscented formula is easily absorbed and offers an instant, cooling moisture boost. 1013 13.3 ML / 0.45 FL OZ US | $35 CA | $43 S K I N CAR E 33 S

7010 US | $315 CA | $383

Luxurious, lightweight skin care to take on daily skin stressors.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 34 S

S K I N CAR E 35 S



THE COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING COLLECTION is an advanced six-piece set specially formulated with jambu extract to boost skin’s resilience and curb new signs of aging. Whether you’re experiencing increased dryness, decreased elasticity, or hyperpigmentation, this full routine helps reveal a brighter, firmer complexion with consistent day-and-night use.



JAMBU [ Spilanthes acmella ]

Known for its remarkable reparative abilities, this ‘electric daisy’ from Brazil responds to external stress by producing a protective molecule called affinin to bolster resiliency. Our skin also comes up against environmental stressors, like sun exposure and pollution, every day. A concentrated dose of jambu can help strengthen its defenses and protect it from ageaccelerating damage. We use jambu in our Countertime Rejuvenating Collection to help stimulate skin cell turnover, repair skin’s architecture, and create a barrier against pollutants.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 36 S

S K I N CAR E 37 S


Layer light to seal in long-lasting moisture.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 38 S

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING RADIANCE SERUM Vitamin C, mixed-fruit acid complex, and ginger root extract infuse this lightweight serum with skin-renewing properties. Layer it under day cream for extra hydration and a more even skin tone.

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING DAY CREAM Omega-rich natural oils and vitaminpacked fruit extracts give this softening moisturizer a brightening boost. Use it daily to help increase elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

1114 30 ML / 1 FL OZ US | $63 CA | $77

1112 45 ML / 1.5 FL OZ US | $73 CA | $87 S K I N CAR E 39 S




SOOTHE OPERATOR Say goodbye to fine lines with a calming classic.

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING TONER PADS Your first line of defense against daily stressors after cleansing, these lightly scented toning pads contain antioxidant-rich mixed fruit acid complex and vitamin C, along with lentil seed and algae extracts to refine skin’s texture and tone. 1111 40 PADS US | $45 CA | $55

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING NIGHT CREAM Formulated with marine extracts, apricot kernel oil, and safflower oleosomes, this moisture-sealing night cream intensifies the overnight cycle of skin’s natural repair process.

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING FACE CLEANSER A softening blend of fruit and berry seed oils keeps this face cleanser gentle and non-greasy while providing nourishing benefits for skin that looks and feels clean and soft.

1115 45 ML / 1.5 FL OZ US | $75 CA | $89

1110 100 ML / 3.4 FL OZ US | $43 CA | $54

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 40 S

COUNTERTIME REJUVENATING EYE CREAM Skin-conditioning wild algae and caffeine extracts give this renewing formula its advanced ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines and promote youthful looking skin. 1116 15 ML / 0.5 FL OZ US | $58 CA | $69 S K I N CAR E 41 S


DO IT ALL WITH THE ULTIMATE MULTI-TASKER Our best-selling balm cleanses, hydrates, and brightens.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 42 S

CLEANSING CLOTH (3 PACK) Softer and larger than traditional washcloths, these Cleansing Cloths are made with 100% cotton muslin. Use them with the Cleansing Balm, Rejuvenating Face Cleanser, and Nourishing Cream Cleanser.

BEST SELLER CLEANSING BALM Wash away the day without stripping essential moisture. Made with vitamin C and raspberry and cranberry oils, this multitasking balm melts into skin to brighten and hydrate as it cleanses. Use it to remove makeup and other impurities or as an intensely nourishing overnight mask. Includes one complimentary Cleansing Cloth.

1117 US | $28 CA | $32

1113 78 G / 2.75 FL OZ US | $80 CA | $94 S K I N CAR E 43 S




personal care



B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 44 S


30. S K I N CAR E 45 S

Carefully formulated with California blue agave complex, each collection simultaneously targets all three elements of the hair—scalp, root, and follicle—for an instantly renewed, healthy look and feel. Each shampoo, conditioner, and treatment is free of sulfates and synthetic fragrances and is safe for color-treated hair.

Introducing all-new formulas for all types, textures, and colors.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 46 S

S K I N CAR E 47 S




SHAMPOO This botanical-based formula utilizes the natural lifting power of hibiscus plant proteins to give fine, limp hair a boost of weightless volume and all-day shape. 3050 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 48 S

CONDITIONER Formulated without mineral oil and silicone, this lightweight volumizing conditioner awakens limp hair with hibiscus plant proteins, while sweet almond oil protects each strand. 3051 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31 VOLUME & SHAPE COLLECTION 7150 US | $72 CA | $90


A natural lift for fine hair.

VOLUMIZING MIST A lightweight blend of quinoa, apple, and hibiscus plant proteins, this invisible spray adds extra volume and touchable texture to every hair type. 3052 125 ML / 4.2 FL OZ US | $28 CA | $35

S K I N CAR E 49 S


SHAMPOO The repairing powers of Brazilian bataua oil help mend dry, stressed hair and protect it from damage, while shea butter locks in moisture for day-to-night nourishment. 3056 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 50 S

CONDITIONER Brazilian bataua oil and quinoa peptides combine for a unique conditioner that revives and renews damaged hair. Shea butter and safflower oil provide all-day nourishment and hydration.

SPLIT END SERUM Formulated with Brazilian bataua oil, plus macadamia and sacha inchi oils, this delicate formula helps seal split ends and repair damaged hair. Dry, stressed hair is left feeling soft and nourished.

3057 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31

3058 50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ US | $32 CA | $40


Frizz-fighting formulas for coarse hair.

SHAMPOO This moisture-rich shampoo tames even the most unruly hair with wild cotton extract. Its naturally derived, cuttingedge, and sulfate-free cleansing system leaves hair with a soft, smooth feel and polished look. 3053 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31

CONDITIONER Made with naturally conditioning coconut oil and shea butter, this mineral oil- and silicone-free formula delivers rich hydration for a beautifully glossy look and lasting control. 3054 250 ML / 8.5 FL OZ US | $25 CA | $31


A healing touch for damaged hair.


HAIR OIL Formulated without preservatives, mineral oil, and silicones, this light oil absorbs quickly for smooth hair. Its naturally derived blend of seven oils and vitamin E helps repair hair and protect it from breakage. 3055 50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ US | $32 CA | $40


S K I N CAR E 51 S


TOTAL MOISTURE Refreshingly scented hair and body care.

3900 US | $87 CA | $115


B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 52 S

THE BODY COLLECTION is the simplest way to healthy hair and skin. Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa cleanses without overdrying, and Hydrating Body Lotion in Citrus Mimosa is lightweight yet moisturizing. Daily Shampoo gently removes build up, while Daily Conditioner softens and smooths every strand. All four are refreshingly scented with our signature citrus-infused scent.

S K I N CAR E 53 S



CITRUS EXTRACT [ Citrus sinensis ]

In the personal care industry, fragrance is a much-used moniker that may contain dozens of undisclosed ingredients, including some that could trigger dermatitis or are linked to reproductive disruption. Because it is considered a trade secret, companies are not legally required to list the chemicals that compose their scents. It’s not surprising that fragrance is one of the top five known allergens. We never use synthetic fragrances to scent our products, only essential oils like sweet orange peel oil from blood oranges, which not only smells amazing, but also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 54 S

S K I N CAR E 55 S


DAILY SHAMPOO Scented with uplifting grapefruit peel oil, this purifying shampoo infuses every strand with moisture, adds shine, and helps restore dry, dull-looking hair.

DAILY CONDITIONER Ultra-rich and moisturizing, this conditioner contains marula and mongongo oils to help nourish hair, plus rooibos leaf extract to smooth strands and add shine.

3032 296 ML / 10 FL OZ US | $22 CA | $29

3033 236 ML / 8 FL OZ US | $22 CA | $29

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 56 S

TEXTURE SEA SALT MIST This lightweight multi-purpose formula is infused with Himalayan pink salt and red algae extract to create beachy waves, enhance curls, and restore shine. 3021 3.7 FL OZ US | $26 CA | $32


Everyday must-haves you’ll want to keep on hand.

BODY WASH IN CITRUS MIMOSA Nourishing marula and mongongo oils help soften the skin and seal in moisture, keeping this refreshing body wash extremely gentle and non-drying. 3030 296 ML / 10 FL OZ US | $24 CA | $30

HYDRATING BODY LOTION IN CITRUS MIMOSA An ultra-moisturizing mix of marula, mongongo, and safflower oils, plus shea and jojoba butters, enriches this lightweight, fast-absorbing lotion with antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. 3031 236 ML / 8 FL OZ US | $24 CA | $30

S K I N CAR E 57 S




B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 58 S

Beautycounter goes beyond what is legally required to ensure that our products work beautifully without compromising safety. Every potential ingredient is screened for specific human health hazards—like cancer, hormone disruption, and developmental toxicity. We consult with scientists and industry leaders working to develop safer formulas and even commission our own studies when there simply isn’t enough data available. Over 80% of the ingredients we use are organic, natural, or derived from plants— and the rest are held to the same rigorous standard of safety and performance.

S K I N CAR E 59 S


BODY BUTTER IN CITRUS MIMOSA Rich yet refreshing, this everyday body butter replenishes moisture, even for very dry skin. Shea butter and mongongo oil hydrate and nourish, while sunflower, aloe, and chamomile oils add soothing properties. 3037 130 ML / 4.4 FL OZ US | $39 CA | $44

SUGAR BODY SCRUB IN LEMONGRASS Polish your skin to a healthylooking glow with an invigorating full-body scrub. Brown sugar buffs away dry skin, while a mineral-rich blend of oils and antioxidant-rich aรงai berry leaves skin supple and smooth. 3035 232 G / 8.2 OZ US | $40 CA | $49


With invigorating body butter, sugar, and oils.

BODY OIL IN CITRUS ROSEMARY This blend of 13 botanical oils absorbs easily into the deepest layers of skin to deliver intense moisture with luminous results. Hints of grapefruit, sweet orange, and rosemary create a complex yet subtle scent. 3034 80 ML / 2.7 FL OZ US | $73 CA | $89

GLOW SHIMMER OIL Thanks to its luxurious dry-oil formula, this nourishing blend of oils absorbs immediately into your skin without leaving behind any greasy residue to soak through clothes. More than just radiance, it delivers a beautifully bronzed effect with a hint of shimmer. 3048 50 ML / 1.7 FL OZ US | $35 CA | $44*

* Canadian availability to be determined. B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 60 S

S K I N CAR E 61 S


With soaps formulated for a safer, gentler cleanse.

CITRUS MIMOSA BODY BAR This refreshingly scented body bar contains shea butter and antioxidant-rich marula and mongongo oils for a non-drying cleanse. 3029 141 G / 5 OZ US | $20 CA | $25 CHARCOAL CLEANSING BAR Purifying charcoal, pore-refining green tea extract, and moisture-locking witch hazel create a deep, yet gentle cleanse for both face and body. 3027 85 G / 3 OZ US | $24 CA | $30 ROSE NEROLI HAND SOAP BAR Made with hydrating organic shea butter and antioxidant-rich marula and mongongo oils, this luxurious bar gently cleanses hands without drying them out. 3028 85 G / 3 OZ US | $15 CA | $30 Available in the U.S. only.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 62 S

S K I N CAR E 63 S

HANDLE WITH CARE Everyday cleansing and conditioning for hands. BODY

HAND WASH IN CITRUS MIMOSA Our signature citrus mimosa scent invigorates this gentle, yet thorough hand pump cleanser. Organic aloe, chamomile, green tea, and calendula extracts keep hands soft without leaving any residue. 3011 280 ML / 9.5 FL OZ US | $26 CA | $33

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 64 C

HAND CREAM IN CITRUS MIMOSA Revive dry hands with a replenishing blend of shea butter, vitamin C, sunflower oil, aloe, chamomile, and calendula. This lightweight, moisturizing cream dries quickly without feeling sticky. Keep the pump sink-side and stash the tube in your purse for a hydrating boost wherever you are. 3012 280 ML / 9.5 FL OZ US | $30 CA | $38

3036 89 ML / 3 FL OZ US | $17 CA | $21 C O LO R 65 C



B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 66 S

Beautycounter believes businesses can help solve social and environmental problems by voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

S K I N CAR E 67 S

Protect them from harmful ingredients with safer formulas. THE KIDS BATH COLLECTION is a trio of kid-friendly formulas made without any hidden ingredients. It includes our berryscented Kids Body Wash as well as our citrus vanilla-scented Nice Do Shampoo and Not a Knot Conditioner. 4900 US | $44 CA | $57

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 68 S

S K I N CAR E 69 S



JUST FOR KIDS Body and hair care made with the good stuff.


NICE DO KIDS SHAMPOO Gentle enough for daily use, our kids shampoo contains a mix of broccoli, carrot root, and strawberry extracts for a gluten- and nut-free cleansing formula that leaves hair shiny and soft. Hints of citrus oils and vanilla extract give it a creamy orange-vanilla swirl scent that kids will love. 4011 295 ML / 10 FL OZ US | $18 CA | $22

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 70 S

NOT A KNOT CONDITIONER Detangle kids hair with a gluten- and nut-free formula made with super-emollient safflower seed oil, plus carrot root extract for extra-gentle conditioning. It has the same sweet kid-friendly scent as the shampoo. 4012 295 ML / 10 FL OZ US | $18 CA | $22

SUPER-DUPER CLEAN KIDS BODY WASH Gentle enough for all skin types, this gluten- and nut-free formula cleanses, softens, and hydrates. Pomegranate and cranberry fruit extracts support healthy skin and fend off environmental stressors with antioxidants and vitamin C. Plus, kids will love its delicious berry scent. 4013 295 ML / 10 FL OZ US | $18 CA | $22

S K I N CAR E 71 S

MAKE ROOM FOR BABY Pack the essentials in a sleek, new carry-all bag.

US | $158 • 7117 CA | $170 • 7118 Classic Diaper Bag 9573 US | $98 CA | $118 *Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream is available in the U.S. only and is not included in Canada’s Ultimate Baby Collection. Prices are adjusted accordingly.

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 72 S

S K I N CAR E 73 S


THE ULTIMATE BABY COLLECTION includes all of our safer, gentler baby formulas, plus the diaper bag of every parent’s’ dreams. Stylish and durable, the zip-top canvas bag includes seven internal pockets to stow and organize all your baby essentials, plus a detachable zip pouch and a washable changing pad to make emergency diaper changes a breeze.*

KEEP IT SIMPLE With ultra-gentle formulas made with fewer ingredients.


BABY ALL-OVER GENTLE WASH Specially formulated for babies’ bath time, this twoin-one hair and body wash is ultra-mild for delicate skin. The tear-free formula effectively cleanses and nourishes without stripping away moisture.

BABY DAILY PROTECTIVE BALM The ultimate hydrating powerhouse for even the most sensitive newborn skin, this soothing blend of organic shea butter and jojoba oil provides soothing relief and protection from dry skin (including mom’s).

4100 236 ML / 8 FL OZ US | $20 CA | $26

4101 85 G / 3 OZ US | $22 CA | $28

B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 74 S

BABY SOOTHING OIL A mix of organic coconut, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils, this dry-oil formula soothes, softens, and nourishes skin. Designed for newborns and up, it absorbs easily without ever feeling greasy. 4102 118 ML / 4 FL OZ US | $22 CA | $28

BABY CALMING DIAPER RASH CREAM Made with nurturing shea butter, jojoba oil, tapioca starch, and nonnano zinc oxide, this new, hypoallergenic formula absorbs excess moisture caused by diapers and relieves redness, inflammation, and irritation. Available in the U.S. only. 4103 85 G / 3 OZ US | $18 S K I N CAR E 75 S

together WE CAN MAKE BEAUTY BETTER B e a u t y c o u n t e r. c o m 76 S

Between careers, commitments, and kids, balancing life is a challenge. We get it. With our Consultant opportunity, we make it possible to grow your own business, work on your own time, and be a part of something big. This diverse community of over 30,000 women and men is sharing the Beautycounter story and leading the movement toward safer beauty for everyone. Want to join? We will support you every step of the way with training, tools, incentives, and mentorship to build a successful business. Go to to learn more.

S K I N CAR E 77 S

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Beautycounter skin care look book

Skin care look book  

Beautycounter skin care look book