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Digital Graphics

Theature Posters

The visual identity of these posters relies on the storytelling of the typography. The photography supports the typefaces in the composition. The posters are of different plays and the design styles are of different eras. The theatre is on Broadway in Los Angeles, California, it’s called The Orpheum. In Red the main typeface is Clemente dark and the quote’s typeface is American Typewriter. In The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is Decibel. In Rosencrantz and Guildenenstern are dead? there is Impact, DaDa Antiquerist, Vtks Distress, Vtks Choice and In the know.

Sleep Awareness Posters In my concepts class we were given a project, we had to create a poster about sleep and promote it. We could only use only what we had and we only had an hour, I worked with my classmate Audrey Castelo Orrantia. We brainstormed and we went with the idea of putting up your feet. I re-photographed and reworked similes in place. I used Florensans Black and Florensans Exp.

Dan Browns Cover Series For my revisement I decided to go with my favorite author we have similar styles. For my design I played with primary colors and worked with white and black typefaces. The main typeface is Orator Std and the body type is Helvetica.

Berenice Abbott Magazine Spreads

In the 21st century there has been many artist, photographers that inspire you.Berenice Abbott is the queen of perspective photography. I have clean, simple compositions the main consideration is her work. Her photographs are so powerful that they should stand alone. The Tittle typeface is DK High Tea and the subtiles is in Times New Roman Bold.

Hammer Museum Trip Magazine Covers

Graphic Design Majors rarely get it away from the computer. The exhibit was on Graphic design and there were videos and sketches and collaborative projects and printed pieces as well. We had to find a project and redesign it. I choose a magazine cover. Instead of having my models holding a board, I put a white screen over my models and choose drastically different typeface, for the title it is F25 Executive and the subtitle is Caviar Dreams.





8.5 x 11

2013 All Star Program Book

District 27 LITTLE



District 27 Little League Branding Book This is a non-profit organization that I’m proud to say I’m a member of. Youth sports are the foundation for productive members of society. Baseball is an American sport and I’m also proud to be one. The stripe design with a flying eagle and the logos typeface is Neutraface and the general type is Helvetica. District 27 LITTLE



2 13

8.5 x 11 & 11 x 17

Program Book and Wall Calander 2013


District 27 LITTLE


District 27 LITTLE


District 27 LITTLE


Jimmie L. Timms District Administrator

Waterbottles, Coffee Mugs and Baseballs

Infographics about photograph y

An infographic is a way to present information by using graphics. I always have people asking me questions about the DSLR system and it has the general overlay of the camera in which I choose to use Noteworthy for my typeface. The second infographic is the statistic of photography in the 21st century, in which I choose Courier Bold for my main typeface and I also used Engravers MT and American Purpose Stripe 1.

Photograph y

Mantiques Grand Opening

This is where antiques meet a man. Dear heads to old toy cars Mantiques is the place to go. More photographs once requested.

2011 Edge of LA Wine Festival

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Nature Photograph y When someone works a nine to five job they need some sort of release that keeps their head on their shoulders a lot of people have hobbies. My relaxing time is to do nature photography. Nature doesn’t complain and says its butt look big or please Photoshop my zits out please. Photography is a tool in which you study light.

Rebeccas portfolio draft 2  

portfolio draft 2

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