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03/2011 : Issue 3


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Contents the fashion journal . Endeavour House, London, LX9 9GH . 0208 786 4000

Rebecca Fordham


- Fashion and Media News :


- Trend Predictions :


- Company Interview ‘Push PR’ :


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Rebecca Fordham Katy Lansdowne Rebecca Fordham

Lucy Funnell

Lucy Funnell

Tamique Thomas (designed by Rebecca Fordham) Georgia Weaving

Current jobs : Charlotte Craven

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sue s I h c r The Ma I’m t f i g d e a welcom sure

Editor’s Notes

It’s been a hectic first few months of the new year. Fashion weeks have been and gone, the late night show streaming has been completed accompanied by endless cups of coffee, and THE looks have been decided upon for your reader’s spring summer wardrobes. Plus that dreaded article has finally been submitted and the MAC freebies you picked up at LFW acted as a helpful reminder that all this unwanted stress is so worth it! The madness is gradually dying down but for you, it never stops. However call me a fairy godmother, or every young journalist’s dream, but this month I have aided those tired heads as well as reviving that writer’s block by providing you with the latest scoop for both your loyal readers and yourselves. As fabulous writers, photographers, designers and interviewers you don’t need me to tell you how to do your well deserved job. But you may find the latest news from the industry, the hottest jobs in the city AND essential dates for your diary all rather useful. And as you hit the anti-climax of show season and frantically flick through newspapers searching for your lost inspiration, I arrive as accurately timed as a taxi in the rain with the March issue. This month I bring you a break-down of the key looks come September, the best sites for you to scope this month and the latest events that you’ll soon be receiving press passes to. No need to thank me, it comes with the job, which is to aid yours. Although if you felt like showing your gratitude, a little visit to the site and subscribing wouldn’t go amiss... Happy writing!

Rebecca Fordham -Editor in ChiefFollow me on Twitter @RebeccaTFJ

a c c e b e R Five

Meet Sarah Silv erstein, our new talented illust rator


NEWS -A new site iCorrect is launching this month to give celebrities a chance to correct untruths printed in the media - David tang is behind the site and stars such as Bianca Jagger have already logged on -Google reveals a new online quarterly magazine - the businessfocused title Think Quarterly offers a “breathtaking space in a busy world” -Hearst has finalised the purchase of a handful of titles from French publisher Lagardere - these include ELLE Decor, ELLE outside France, Red in Britain and the Netherlands -Accountancy Age stops its print magazine - the publication will now only be available online -Launch editor of Pick Me Up, June Smith-Sheppard is set to leave the magazine. She is setting up a media consultancy entitled The Fabulous Consultancy -Rupert Murdoch launches an iPad newspaper The Daily - it hosts impressive graphics, videos and live updates but costs 99 cents a week -The News of the World are to launch a men’s magazine following the success of women’s supplement Fabulous - the 56-page publication will be released monthly but if successful, it could become weekly -More IPC media titles could be sold off - Marie Claire, Horse and Hound and NME may soon be available

-Lee Horton, former sports editor of The People was jailed for fraud - he paid himself more than £370,000 for non-existent stories -Editor of The Daily Express Peter Hill is to step down - he will be replaced by the current deputy editor Hugh Whittow -Managing director of The Guardian’s News and Media Tim Brooks is to leave after four and a half years - the GNM said the position will be made redundant as part of an “ongoing reshaping of the business which includes a rationalisation of the management structure” -Local News Glasgow has closed after 14 years due to lack of advertising - the free monthly independent could not generate sufficient funds to keep going -The News of the World phone hacking scandal may have reached more public figures - the Metropolitan Police reveal there are more victims than initially thought -Glamour magazine has fallen 5 percent in circulation in the second half of 2010 - figures fell to 500, 591 -British Press Awards 2011 nominees released - the ceremony is to be held on 5 April in London -The Independent’s i newspaper set to hit target of 30 percent circulation increase month-on-month - figures were boosted by an ad campaign




-Dior cuts all ties with Galliano due to his “odious behaviour” – the brand is still set to present their a/w 2011 collection in Paris Fashion Week -Emma Watson has released third and final collection for People Tree – The Fair Trade collection is filled with gingham prints, denim hotpants and summer dresses -Yves Saint Laurent’s creative director Stefano Pilati is releasing his eighth manifesto this month on the streets of London – the seasonal issue is filled with images from his collection so that everyone can “pick up the essence of the message” regardless of money -Emma Watson unveils a collaboration with Alberta Ferretti – the Pure Threads eco-friendly collection consists of two dresses, a shirt, a long skirt and a pair of denim shorts -Will Kate be wearing McQueen? – speculation brews as to whether Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen is designing Kate Middleton’s wedding gown -Georgia May Jagger has designed a capsule collection for Hudson – released this month, launching in Selfridges the designs see different rock chick jeans styles -Clare Waight Keller leaves Pringle – after five years at the label Miss Keller leaves as she is expecting her third child -The ELLE Collections app will launch this month – it’s dedicated to the season’s top ten designer collections, and it’s free -Kate Middleton’s dress sells for £78,000 – modelled by her in a university fashion show, the sheer bandeau dress is now somewhat iconic -Pamela Love designs a jewellery collection for Topshop set to launch in April – being the first American designer for the UK brand, her pieces “evoke the spirit of America” with skulls, swords and talons -Arizona Muse shoots a campaign video with Yves Saint Laurent -Versace launched January Jones Eyewear Collection - The Mad Men star is the inspiration behind the new designs -Carine Roitfeld will serve as a guest editor and stylist for Barney’s department store in New York - she’ll design a window display for the autumn unveiling -Henry Holland hosts a charitable evening this month for Cancer Research - he gathered celebrity friends and designers together for a night of auctioning -Lily Allen and sister Sarah launch their designer dress collection based on Lucy In Disguise vintage pieces - they worked with a design team to blend different aspects of their favourite garments to create 18 frocks

s n o i t c i d e r Trend P Think Katy Perry me ets Judy Garland. Lemon sorbe ts, candyfloss and gingham

ck ng 2009will be ba ri Sp of ts in pr ri The safa . Think al, geometric feel ib tr re mo a th wi but d print s opposed to leopar zigzags and stripe





Sportswear Not quite Adidas str ipes and a fluro head band but more glamorous, sh apely, with block colou rs and high performance fabrics


2 1 0 2 r e m m u S g n i r p S Following Valentino’s wa y with the fabrics watch out for dainty delights, embellishme nts and oh so sheer dres ses


Print wasn’t ion season if there sh fa be t n’ d ul wo It brace 12 however will em and print! For S/S 20 rd prints, paisley oa rb ke ec ch th wi colour ! florals-of course


Through the powers of our forecasting team and our heightened fashion sixth sense, we have compiled five key trends that we believe will grace the catwalks come September. Here’s what designers are working on right now for their spring/ summer 2012 collections. Roll on 16/09 so we can smile with glee as our predictions come true...


Company Interview:

Push PR

we take a look into the world of fashion PR through Emma Hart, who works for one of the UK’s most dynamic fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agencies, What does a regular day Has it changed how you do working in fashion PR entail? business significantly? Today we met at 9am for a team meeting where we go through clients, who’s had coverage and what’s happening. We’re currently working on our press day, a day where we do a whole show of our clients. We had a team meeting to plan what’s happening with that, discussing goodie bags and doing brainstorming session. At 10am we go through all of the weekend newspapers to see where our clients have been featured. We correspond with our clients throughout the afternoon to see what else can be done. If clients have not been featured, we phone journalists up to see if we can get something promoted. We have a journalist meeting over lunch, followed by lots of emailing and general following up. We send samples on a daily basis, sending them to different shoots and meeting with celebrity stylists. Fitting everything in is quite challenging.

How useful is social networking in the business?

It has been very successful and extremely useful in terms of people finding us for new business.

How important is it to secure Yes, very much so. It’s also a deal with a top publication?

changed the way we promote our clients. We use Facebook and Twitter a huge amount, as well as online magazines and blogs, to target the media on behalf of our clients to gain them (and ourselves) exposure. It’s changed PR hugely in the last 6-12 months. We have our own online media PR team to utilise our online networking community and promote clients, to ensure we cross all social media networks.

What magazines do you work alongside?

We mainly target women’s glossies - Marie Claire, Company, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Vogue - as well as all the weeklies - such as Grazia, Stylist, and More! magazine. We target all the key newspapers and the weekend supplements, including the Telegraph’s Stella magazine. We cover a huge spectrum of printed media, and we target all the online versions of such magazines. Guardian online is a huge target for us, as are all of the online versions of these magazines. Ten

It’s very important for our client to be featured in the right publication. We make sure we target the right ones, so our remis is to get our clients into key magazines.

“It’s about maintaining relationships and keeping in good communication” How do you maintain sustainable relationships with the media/key publications?

By keeping in touch with them, keeping them up-to-date, meeting up with them on a very regular basis, phoning and emailing them, and always having something to show them. I’ve been in PR for 12 years so I’ve built good relationships with the people we work with, fashion directors and journalists alike. It’s about maintaining relationships and keeping in good communication.


Who have been your most Are there any busy or How best would a journalist quiet periods in the year? go about working with you? successful clients? It’s hard to say really, seeing as we’ve been going for nine years as an agency. All of our clients are successful in their own ways. We look after EC One jewellery stores, who we launched with. They now have two stores in London, and we’ve seen them go from being fairly unknown to having Kate Moss as a client and regularly appearing in the glossies like Elle and Vogue. We’ve found that celebrities are extremely useful for promoting our clients. We work with Holistic Silk relaxation and travel accessories - when we started with the founder, we had a meeting in her kitchen. Fastforward 9 years, she’s in Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, and is known and successful internationally. Being able to expose clients to consumers through the media makes people more aware of brands, making them want to buy them. This is the power of good PR.

It used to be that you’d have some periods that were less busy, but we’ve found that this isn’t so true anymore. With the addition of online we have people we can target day-in, day-out. The edition of blogs and online magazines keep us busy all year round.

Just get in touch, talk to us about our clients, and ask the questions you want to know the answers to. We work with a lot of journalists; they often get in touch with us to ask us what we’re working on. The best way is to drop us an email which can be found on our website.

What do you look for in your What would you recommend clients that makes them stand as a starting point for a recent out? graduate who’s pursuing a We look for ambition, drive and career in fashion PR? a clear vision of where they want their brand to be. Keeping up good communication is very important.

Who are competitors?



In terms of naming a specific agency, we couldn’t name one because it varies depending on the client. There are a lot of fashion PR agencies of different sizes, so we don’t have any direct competitors as such. We’re all trying to do the same thing really - trying to get our clients into the right magazines. How do you know what a Whilst it’s a competitive industry, publication wants in their we all look after different clients.

Work experience. Showing that you can do everything, showing that you can be super proactive and super energized. Knowing your stuff, doing your research, knowing what you want to do, being up on trends and brands, and having a good grasp on the industry is extremely important. Reading, reading, and more reading! Show that you’re 100% willing to break into this industry. If you are passionate enough about it and prepared to work hard then there’s no reason why you can’t be successful.


It’s really about talking to them. You get to know what certain publications want. We work very closely with them to know what’s coming up, such as features, and we’ll work to get samples from our clients to pass on. We look to all the trends for the next seasons and compile extensive trend reports.

Can you sum up Push PR’s objectives in a sentence?

“ To create hard hitting, inspiring campaigns that encourage businesses to excel and grow ”

ELLE - “Sexy, Stylish, Spirited”

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Consumer Alerts

Who’s Moved Where : The Argus (Brighton) / Freelance Update Matthew Gaw has now left his role as Deputy News Editor of The Argus (Brighton). Matthew is available for feature commissions covering all aspects of family life. He has extensive experience of news and feature writing for regional and national publications. He can be reached at and his blog can be viewed at www. . Matthew can be found tweeting at Baylis Media Gareth McPherson has now been promoted to Group News Editor at Baylis Media. He was previously Senior Reporter and works across the Slough & Windsor Express Series. Gareth can be reached on +44 (0)1628 678 231 and garethm@ DARE Magazine Natalie Firth, Publisher of DARE Magazine, is now on maternity leave. Lucinda Lane is covering as Acting Publisher and can be reached at llane@


Channel 4 / BBC Matt Frei is joining the UK’s Channel 4 as part of the main presenting team. He will also serve as Channel 4’s Washington, D.C. Correspondent. Matt most recently served since 2007 as an Anchor for BBC World News America based in D.C. He has also presented Americana on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Matt can currently be reached at Updated contact information will be alerted in due course. Company Stylist and Presenter of MTV’s Plain Jane, Louise Roe will be starting a new fashion column at Company magazine from the August issue. Each month she will be looking at one high street store and choosing her favourite picks from it, plus answering a reader’s fashion query. Enquiries can be sent to Company’s Fashion Director Oonagh Brennan, who can be reached at oonagh. Readers can tweet their questions at www. and www.


The Independent Sarah Morrison has recently joined The Independent as General Reporter. She can now be reached on +44 (0)20 7005 2462 and s.morrison@independent. The Guardian Jess Cartner-Morley has been promoted to Head of Fashion at the guardian. She can be reached on +44 (0)20 3353 4614 and jess. Rosie Swash, who was a Music Writer for the guardian and, has been appointed Fashion Website Editor. She can be reached on +44 020 7353 4303 and rosie.swash@ Prima Amisha Surani has been appointed Deputy Features Editor at Prima magazine. She is interested in real life and celebrity related features. Previously Commissioning Editor at Best magazine, she can now be reached on +44 (0)20 7312 4120

Consumer Alerts

March 11 Heat Lucie Cave has been appointed Editor of heat magazine. Lucie has spent over seven years at heat, joining in 2003 as a Freelance News Reporter. She rose to the position of Executive Editor in 2008 and stepped up as Acting Editor earlier this year. She can be reached on +44 (0)20 7859 8656 and Marie Claire Jennifer Kearns, Senior SubEditor at marie claire, is now on maternity leave. Chief Sub Editor Susan Henderson is the best contact in her absence and can be reached on +44 (0)20 3148 7509 and susan_henderson@ipcmedia. com Men’s Health (UK) Joe Mackie, Features Director at Men’s Health (UK), has been appointed Deputy Editor at Runner’s World. He can be reached at joseph.mackie@ . Senior Features Writer David Morton is Features Editor and can be reached on +44 (0)20 7339 4439

Track journalists movements with Gorkana’s Consumer Alerts. Find out whose leaving, retiring, moving to a different magazine, and who has gone freelance. Sign up for alerts at

Red Karina Dial has been appointed as the new Bookings Editor of Red magazine. In the meantime Clare Pugh will be managing the bookings desk, and can be reached on +44 (0)20 7150 7640 and redbookings@redmagazine. Karina is replacing Emma Meysey-Thompson, who is leaving Red to go freelance. Emma, who was also previously Bookings Editor at ELLE (UK) can be reached on +44 (0)7931 913 193 and emmameysey@ LOOK Catherine Everett is now Commissioning Editor at LOOK magazine. Catherine was previously Assistant Features Editor / Books Editor at Good Housekeeping. She will be looking after real-life features, internationals and lifestyle reports, as well as the Life Consultancy pages, which encompass everything from health to travel and finance to fitness. She can now be reached on +44 (0)20 3148 6683 and


Grazia Deborah Castle has returned from maternity leave to continue her role as Picture Director at Grazia. She can be reached on +44 (0)20 7520 6464 and deborah. The Sun The Sun’s Consumer Editor Jane Hamilton has now gone on maternity leave. In her absence Reporter Caroline Grant can be contacted for consumer issues on Meanwhile Sunemployment stories will be handled by Jenna Sloan on jenna.sloan@the-sun. Freelance Update - Tanith Carey Where Has My Little Girl Gone? How to Protect your Daughter from Growing Up Too Soon is the first practical guide written for parents by Tanith Carey on how to deal with the early sexualisation of girls. It was published on 20 May. To commission, arrange interviews in the run up to the Bailey Review or to review a copy, contact Leisa Nugent at Lion and Hudson at or Tanith at


dy lrea a t ’ ven hen u ha is site t ! Filled o y t If of th sing ou s in d r a s w he re mi st ne his is ’ you the late siness t site with l and bu lower ’s l i reta hion fo s a fa w

Top 10

Fashion Capital is exclusively for insiders. Create your own profile and view the latest fashion events, business deals and current designer collections

Independent Fashion Bloggers is a great site for any freelancers. Full of blogging tips and fashion events this website has a real community feel This is net-a-porter plus more! Offering exclusive boutique items from all over the world this really is a wesbite you’ve never seen before. There is also an innovative blog to read whilst you buy

and the rest



Blog of the month

“Something Nuh” Evita Nuh is the fresh face behind popular fashion and lifestyle blog ‘The Creme de la crop’. With the coherent writing style and breathtaking photography you’d be forgiven for thinking Evita is older than her 11 years, or as she proudly exclaims “almost 12”. Evita began writing her blog from the tender age of 9 reasoning that she’s got “just a bit too much love for fashion and photography.” This is clearly evident. After browsing There’s the pea green coat! through her posts you will notice Evita doesn’t just follow trends, but sets them. Who else could get away with polka dot leggings, a pea green coat and a 1920’s pilot hat? An eleven year old sweetheart still full of innocence who blogs simply because she loves to dress up. Evita is from a humble background, listing her father as one of her idols and describing her homeland, Indonesia, as “one of the most beautiful tropical countries in the world.” Although Evita is not yet sure if a career in fashion is for her, there is no doubt this young fashionista has a bright future ahead of her as she sets to launch her new minibusiness at For more information check out Evita’s blog at:


Upcoming Events Undressed: 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion

Running untill March 2012

Designers in residence

V&A Museum

This exhibition looks at the history of private and intimate clothing. It explores underwears function in decorating and manipulating the body. The pieces are displayed thematically and are shown alongside contextual images from the V&A’s archives.

Running until January 2012

The Design Museum

An annual exhibition organised by The Design Museum to help upcoming designers gain recognition. Designers in Residence asks four recent design graduates to work with the Design Museum to create new work in response to a specific brief. The designs are then showcased through a temporary exhibition.

Enchanted Palace Running untill January 2012

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is transformed into the Enchanted Palace by acclaimed theatre company Wildworks. They have collaborated with a host of big name fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest and Stephen Jones.

Tommy Nutter The Rebel on the Row Running untill October 2011 Fashion and Textiles Museum

This year the Fashion and Textile Museum pays tribute to a tailoring legend. Backed by Cilla Black, Nutter has kitted out the likes of Mick Jagger, Elton John and, most famously, three of the four Beatles for the cover of ‘Abbey Road’. This event highlights the greatness of fashion within the 60s and 70s.

Adornment and Identity

Running untill November 2011

e! e s t s u m a y l e t Defini

The British Museum


Arts & culture

Daphne Guin ness Running till January 2012

From Catwalk to Cover Running untill February 2012

Fashion and Textile Museum

This is an excellent opportunity for fashion focused individuals to gain an insight into the power of the catwalk. Visitors will get the opportunity to look at some of the more unusual catwalk moments, captured by photographers working behind the scenes of the worldwide prestigious shows.

London Street Photography Running untill September 2011

Museum of London

Explore London street life through the ages. This free exhibition gives a fascinating snapshot of life in London between 1860 and 2010.

Fashion Institute of Technology New York

We can’t wait for this! Art for the Nation: Sir Charles Eastlake at the National Gallery Running untill October 2011

The National Gallery

This exhibition illuminates the life and work of the gallery’s first director, Sir Charles Lock Eastlake (1793–1865), a man described by one contemporary as ‘the Alpha and Omega’ of the Victorian art world.

Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the court of Milan Running untill February 2012

Devotion by Design : Italian Altarpieces before 1500 Running untill October 2011

The National Gallery

‘Devotion by Design’ explores the function, the original location and the development of Italian altarpieces during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.


The National Gallery

This is the first exhibition focusing on Leonardo Da Vinci that is dedicated to his aims and techniques rather than his achievements as a scientist or inventor. In particular, the exhibition concentrates on work he produced as court painter to Duke Lodovico Sforza in Milan in the late 1480s and 1490s.


r o F s e t a D y r a i D r u Yo


Mqrch / April

Keep up to date with what’s going on and when with this handy events diary. Fashion weeks around the globe, important events and seminars. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Modea Ready-To-Wear Fal Paris, France (2nd-9th)

Tokyo Fashion Week Autu Tokyo, Japan (21st- 27th)

How to Succeed in Fashion London (30th) Alternative Fashion Week London, UK (TBA)


Hong Kong Fashion Week Hong Kong, Hong Kong (

Mercedes-Benz Fashion W Berlin, Germany (TBA)

Don’t Miss

Modea Paris Haute Coutur Paris, France (TBA)


Picture Credit:

Fashion Week nts, veStockholm xhibitions, E Stockholm, E s, ow h S Sweden (TBA eminars, Seminars, s, Events, S hows, n io t ib xh E rs S Shows, ents, Semina ibitions, v E s, n io it Exhib s, Exh Events, Show xhibtions, s, n io t ib xh E E inars Shows, vents, Events, Sem E ars, Shows, in m e S s, t n e Events Ev Exhibtions, s, ow h S s r Semina




n Today

k S/S (4th-7th)

Week S/S

re F/W

S/S A)


Spring / Summer

May Urban Fashion Week Japan Tokyo, Japan (TBA) Barcelona Bridal Week Barcelona, Spain (10th-13th)


Graduate Fashion Week London, UK (TBA) Introducing Art For Art’s sake V&A, London (11th)

Introducing Fashion Shows V&A, London (21st)

Full Figure Fashion Week New York City, NY (TBA)

Milano Moda Pre-Collection Spring Milan, Italy (27th)

Modea Paris Precollections S/S Paris, France (TBA)

September London Fashion Week S/S London, UK (TBA) Couture Fashion Week New York City, NY (TBA)

Milano Women’s Wear Milan, Italy (21st-27th) Paris Fashion Week S/S Paris, France (27th-5th)

Ethical Fashion Show Paris, France (TBA) London Fashion Weekend London, UK (TBA)

Can’t Wait!

Twenty one

Should be really interesting


London Vacancies Art Editor - Psychologies Award winning women’s magazine Psychologies are looking to employ an Art Editor to assist the Art Director in enhancing the visual content of the magazine and it’s initial design concepts. The role will involve developing the overall visual style of the magazine, designing pages, and finding pictures or illustrations to accompany text. An ideal candidate will have excellent design skills, in particular with Indesign CS4, and have previous experience in commissioning photography and illustrations.

Vacancy of the month!

To apply for the vacancy, send three examples of your design work, a CV and covering letter to stating the role in the title.

“Dress for the job that you want, not for the job that you have”

Assistant Features Editor - Good Housekeeping Perfect for any budding writer looking to join a highly successful features team. Candidates will be experienced in writing and editing, but be equally happy interviewing case studies and commissioning freelancers.

Jenny Dickinson - Elle Deputy Editor

To apply send a CV, covering letter, 5 feature ideas and a brief paragraph on who the Good Housekeeping reader is and what she wants out of life, to

Deputy Chief Sub-Editor – Company Company magazine is looking for an enthusiastic Deputy Chief Sub-Editor with previous experience subbing or working at a senior level for a monthly magazine. You will be working in a team of two so good communication skills and flexibility are essential. To apply, email your CV and a covering letter explaining why you should get the job to

Twenty two

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September 2011


Idea s Beau . Wee ty.R k Entertainment Editor– Psychologies shop .LULA An opportunity to be the Entertainment .M a L Editor of women’s magazine Psychologies has OOK cs.GR arisen. You will report directly to the editor, Cele .Intern but will work closely with the features and art b teams, sourcing all entertainment content for Ann rities.In shi aW Desi the magazine. The role also involves creating Utilise your cont V i n a ct and maintaining good relationships with key s! OG tour. gn U publicists and entertainment figures. Candidates E.D Tips.F S t y le.Sh esigne must have experience within a similar position, rs.Jo NewWritero–esBest and should be able to bring with them strong . C Showbiz bs. l s relationships with leading agents and PR’s. o . t I h n tervfor a es.TA Asrare treetopportunity iewfors TLE H position as a showbiz writer A To apply, please email your CV and a covering A R . ccessweekly magazine. PER Catw a competitive letter to stating the vacancy role in o ries.Swill haveS Ba A alks. Ideal Not candidates the title. es.Tsense, hopp ZA keen news an unrivalled renbook Rowcontacts and at ileast ng.Id A R.. d s . . S Visit eas. two F years ashioshowbiz/Sreporting www.f p ashionjou . B h Jour ers.P elsewhere. n W Theyeawill experience for more u t jobs y n . e hofantastic R e have interviewing Intealso k e t v . o ho socialLUevents iews rnsskills and senjoy L h p A i p .M a parties..Wr .H Phot cs.G iter.A oshop s.Front R and R Row o A cce w.Fayour send CV toZIA .Fash .MToacapply, s s h .GRA ion W .Not GRA Z ZIA Week. IA.N eek.LU es.Tr Picture Desk Assistant - Harper’s Bazaar LULA otes. W .Not LA.W A 9 month internship with Harper’s Bazaareek e T . s r L . ULA .Trend Write ends.S rit magazine assisting the picture desk, willT r e . s.S/S r.Acc n /S.B involve helping out with the day-to-day ds.S T Writ e e . h s / e B r S s . P Acces Aecrcefs ect eIanuttyern ories eauty . running of the department and general B e a sories Posituivtye.Rattitud sories .Revi .Shop administrative duties. Ideal candidates R view .Shopp eviewse towar.Sdhs othppe positieonws.Hi ping.I should ideally have a post-graduateedegree in photography, a total of 6 months Ideasworks.HighstWillingingto.Idleeaarn a.Highstr ing.Ide ghstreet reetH s. Jound entheusetiaHstAic as. Jou HA experience in magazines, and a great. Jo u s r A t reetH nalist KnowledRPE rnalis RPE rnalis telephone manner. A RP .Fashi ge abRouSt the magat.Fzianesh RS B t.Fas J o u ERS on.Ne BAZ ion.N AZA To apply send your CV andranacovering l i s A w P t ews. A R.A B a ssionate absou.It A BAZ .Fash A letter to R Z th e in n d I us . try A te A n i Inter AA R.A/W on.NeBwes.indisApeRns.aA/W rviews.C /W.Tops terviews. h ble v C I Internship Style iews.Cat .Topshop nterview .Topshop atwalks.F op.Style. S . . e Featu Shoes.Clo walks.Fea .Style.Sh s.Catwalk Style.Sho atures.VO hoes t e o TATL res.VOGU thes.TATL ures.VOG es.Clothe s.Features s.Clothes GUE. s.TAT .VOG .TATL ER.N E.D ER.N UE. D e LER s UE.D ER.N ew Y ew Y e i g s n i g e n . r N ork.A s.Jobs ork.A ers.Jo e nna W .M ag nna W bs.M ew York. signers.Jo intou azines.E intou agazines Anna W b Twenty four r.T ips.F LLE.C r.Tips.F .ELLE intou ashi ashi .Ce ele

A R. es.V a W .Fron tes.Tr oppi BAZ walks sign. R.N . O i . P n A n t e F A n g t h Jour /W.T GUE. our.T otogr Row ds.S/ .Ideas A R. eature ew nalis opsh .Fash A Desi ips.F s S a . p h e ion W .Beauty Journal /W.Top .VOGU rs.P Revi t.Fas op.St gners ashio hion ews .Rev ist.F shop yle.S .Jobs. n Cu hotos e e k . . i N H A.W ighstr ews. hoes.C M agaz pboard hop.M .LULA ews.Hi ashion.N .Style riter. eet.H Inter lothe ines.E .LOO acs.G .Writ ghstr ew RAZ Access A RPE views. s.TATL LLE. K.Int RAZ er.Acc eet.HA s.Int IA.N essor Catw ER. Cele e RPE RS IA.N ories. r n s b . h i N S r B o e i ities. ps.F tes.T s.Sh RS ips.F otes.T hopp AZA alks.F ew r I Y o e ront rend ing.Id ork.A nDes nt R rends. opping a A t u R r ..A/W es.VO nna ign.P gn.P Row s.S/S eas. ow.F S/S.B .Id .Fash .Bea hoto Jour GUE Wint hotog ashio ea . T o p n g u i r Fash aphe on W ty.Rev alist.F shop. .Desi our.T raphe n We uty.Re ionAC rs.P eek.L iews ashio Style gners ips.Fa rs.Ph ek.LU n uepssentialhogu ULeAworld .ofHig n.Ne .Shoe .Jobs. shion otosh LA e to th .M a E boar toid s h h f a gazianch mondth.LOTFJ bropin.gsM you th.Write stshreeiotn jourwnas.liInsm. s.Clot M agaz Cup op.M boar hes.T ines teriov acs.G ER. news,es.EtoLp jobs fOrKom.I acs.GRe larte.Astccemedia.HAand f a sh d i R . n A e E .New LE.C nthtere industr sss,oriand PER ws.C TLE LLE .LOO A y, tr Z e nd h f R e .Feat lp theelebbreitst .No es.ShopeaturSesBAtoZ atwalk .New .Celebr K.In ures. Anna ies.In Front tes.Tr ping AA R s.Feat York. ities.I . V e I D .A/W OGU Wint esign Row. nds.S deas. ..A/W ures.V Anna nD ou /S .P Fa Jo E O W . nalis Topshop .Designe r.Tips.Fa hotogra shion W .Beauty urnalist .Topsho GUE.D intou p.St .Rev t.Fas .Styl . rs.Jo shion phers F esign e e a k s h . i y b e L e h i l . High ion.N .Shoe s.M a Cup Phot ULA ws.H on.N e.Sho ers.J stree ews s.Clot newgasz, in board oshop .Writ ighstr ews.I es.Cl t e.s...E er.Ac eet.H nter othe .LOO .M a essor o.Hn AaRnd jo.Iunrtneravlism hese.T s t L n e c PER upcoimewing vATLE LE.C K.In s.GR cessor A RP views Faisesh.Si Trend hoppi S BA s.Catw R.Ne elebrit ternsh AZIA ies.Sh ERS .Catw s.S/S ng.Id Z..A.currenatlksjob liswtinYgo s, ies.In ips.F .Not oppin BAZ e . eats,u s/s rktr.Aenn ds...Design ront R es.Tren g.Idea AA ter.A Beauty as. Jou A R..Arevie.Fw ccesso .Revi /W. res.V na W .Pho ow.F ds.S s. Jou r n a e l y.Rev ries.Sho ws.High ist.Fas Topshop OGUE intour rnal ..Ttihpsefa hers iews pping street hion.N .Sty .Dew Wee uty.R w w s . . . i P Ideas Highstre .Ideas. .HA RP ews. le.Shoe gners.J Fashion hotos k.LULr theevie . Jou ho&p. ente A..Wg... et.HA Journ ERS Inter s.Clo obs.M C u r a ptobdoaa y Mraecportin rite view thes A RP nalist list.F R B a A P g a Z E s.Ca .TATL egzisinteesr. arsdh.LioOn s.GRA ERS .Fashi RS B ashion A A R shion BAZA on.New AZAA .News. ..A/W. twalks. ..E.rRw..oNrld oEfLLfE.C OK.In ZIA .New A R.. s.Inte R..A Interv Topsh Featu ew Y elebr ternsh A / r o i s o W r ew p it e r A/W .Inter /W.T views ip view opsho .Catw .Topshop s.Catwa .Style.Sho s.VOGU k.Anna ies.InDe .Tops alks.F .Style. lks.Fe es.Clo E.De Wint sign. Catw hop.St s.Catw p.Styl alks.F yle.Sh alks.F e.Shoe eature Shoes. atures. thes.TA signer our.Tip es.Cl eatures oes.Clo eatures s.Cloth s.VOG Clothes AVnOGeUssenTtLEiaRl resa.Jdobsf. or s.Fa othes UE.D .TATL E.De ..New M ag .VOG thes.T .VOG es.TA . T signteressenYor A azine T U U L .Desi ATLER E.De TLER E.De ER..N esigners EtRh..Neequin t ia k s l .Ann .Jobs. signer gners ..New signer . w J . e o . N w b M s Y e . agazin a Wint New .Jobs.M a w York. s.Jobs.M York.A s.Jobs.M York.An M agazin foarks.Ahnio n agazin nna W agazin na W es.EL na Win es.ELL York.A gazine Anna bs.M nna W s.ELLE Winto es.ELL intou es.ELL intour.jTourLEn.Caelisttour.Tip E.C agazin lebrit ur.Tip r i E E s.Fas . . p T C i . s . n i C p C e . t F l s o e i e e a e . e s u l l b F s s s.InD hion ur.Tip r.Tips rities .Fashi ebritie ashio ebritie hion .ELL

The Fashion J ournal

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The Fashion J ournal An essential read for the quintessential fashion journalist

The Fashion Journal  

The Fashion Journal is a B2B magazine specifically for fashion journalists, bringing them all there is to know about the fast-paced, competi...

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