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Bruno Expressive Solutions


“Most of what we get from looking

at our own projects is in our mind to start with, not on the paper itself. The study of perception enabled me to construct a more objective, natural, direct view of communication; more objective because it is built up according to laws of perception that you can share without being a designer.�

Bruno Monguzzi’s sense of composition and photographic elements add to his typographic pieces, leaving audiences in awe. A man of few words, his pieces have a personality that do all the talking. He breaks boundaries with a controlled chaos and complementary colors. Design is more than just a word to him, it is his life.

“Superficial and stylish graphic designers tend to reduce their syntax to a temporary gospel and spread it everywhere on everything. Good design solutions, however, are probably timeless.�

“Although visual language is somewhat universal, there are peculiarities that enrich and qualify the language itself.�

Colophon: Designed by Rebecca Johnson Century Gothic Regular Typographic Design Fall 2012

Artist Highlight: Bruno Monguzzi  
Artist Highlight: Bruno Monguzzi  

Class project from Fall 2012