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Dear Community, Five years ago, when I began my tenure as Superintendent of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, I was sure of two things. First, we needed to do what was right for our kids. Second, we couldn’t do it alone. We started listening: to our kids, to our parents, to the staff and to our community. Through our listening, we began to build on what was working and work at what wasn’t. We closed some schools, including my own beloved alma mater, Creston High. We confronted serious challenges, like chronic absenteeism and graduation rates, but faced them head on. We encouraged and supported our kids to become partners in their own education through a reinvestment in arts and music, incorporating creative, hands-on learning experiences, and introducing restorative justice and positive behavior interventions. We are seeing real results. Chronic absenteeism is down by 30%, security incidents are down by 11% and graduation rates are up by 12%. We couldn’t and didn’t do it alone. And we are just getting started! Our community, led by you as the donors to our Student Advancement Foundation, made and continue to make the seemingly impossible, possible. You have invested in our kids and our staff through your time, advocacy and financial gifts. We are here today because you believed in us, even when others were giving up. I thank you. Together, we will do what is right for all kids. I can’t wait to share with you the next steps of our journey. Thank you for being part of the ground floor of this transformation.


Teresa Weatherall Neal Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Dear Friends, This isn’t your typical annual report. Normally, the financial snapshot is a one-page insert at the end of the report. A summary of how much money was raised and how much was spent, without much context about what those numbers mean. For 2015/2016, we’ve pulled the financials apart and broken them down. Each section includes the stories, the photos, and the results that better illustrate the meaning behind the numbers and their real value for GRPS and its students. What you’ll find within is the true core of who and what we are as an organization. We show you what it is that drives our work—what we believe in: POSSIBILITY:

Every student has the potential to be an educated, self-directed and productive member of society.


In Grand Rapids Public Schools—its students, teachers, support staff and leadership.


Every child deserves meaningful educational experiences and opportunities to reach his/her highest


potential. The students and GRPS cannot do it alone and that through community support and partnerships, we can work together to ensure these opportunities for all students of Grand Rapids Public Schools.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: A strong public education system is the foundation of a strong community. As a fundraising organization, we are justifiably preoccupied with numbers. How much it costs to meet student and district needs. How much can we raise—and how little can we spend to do it? But we are about so much more than our numbers. We care about those numbers because we have a vision: to help the students of Grand Rapids Public Schools learn, develop and thrive. Every day, we see the impact of our support on the future of our students. Thank you for believing with us in the possibility, the people, the potential, in partnership and in public education. Together we can and do make a difference for the teachers and the principals, for the students and their families and for our entire community.

In gratitude,

Deb Bailey Board Chair

Michele Suchovsky Executive Director

Student Advancement Foundation

Annual Report 2015/2016

Contributions Gifts that support the work and operations of the SAF

Becoming a Rising Scholar Ambitious high school students invested hundreds of summer hours in classes, internships and enrichment activities through believe2become’s Summer Learning Academy. Reaching their goals, 110 students were recognized during a special ceremony at GVSU’s Loosemoore Auditorium last March. During the ceremony, SAF awarded each Rising Scholar a new tablet to support their continuing educational journeys. Rising Scholars is a partnership program of Grand Rapids Public Schools, the Student Advancement Foundation, and the Summer Learning Academies of believe2become.

Playing to the Audience “When I play my instrument I feel so calm—that’s why I love it.” –Emmanuel, Burton Middle School. GRPS held two-day, intensive band, orchestra, and choir festivals for middle and high school students last school year. The students participated in small group skills clinics and a stage performance learning from professional musicians from throughout Michigan.

“Students who study art in school have higher SAT scores.” - VAUGHN,



“It is critical to the growth and development of musicians that they have the opportunities to perform and receive feedback. That is the purpose of GRPS’ district-wide festivals and clinics.” - Maggie Malone, GRPS Director of Fine Arts

E . (2000)

SAT Scores of Students Who Study the Arts: What We Can and Cannot Conclude about the Association. Journal of Aesthetic Education, 34

Addressing the Literacy Gap Through a donor advised grant from the John & Nancy Kennedy Foundation, GRPS and Grand Valley State University are partnering on an intensive summer reading program to engage struggling readers in grades K-3. During the month of July, teachers led students in classroom work and a field trip to a bookstore, where students practiced choosing books that align with both interest and reading ability. Incorporating recommendations from Governor Snyder’s 3rd Grade Reading Work Group, the Summer Literacy Program brings teachers, families and the students together to meet specific reading goals for vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Making Recess More Fun At Stocking Elementary, the school lacked outdoor fun and playground equipment for recess. Recess is a critical time in the school day for children as it provides unstructured time to engage with other students and to refocus student energy. With a $1,000 mini-grant, the school purchased balls, Frisbees, sidewalk chalk, even bubbles! Items were used during recess and at Stocking’s year-end, schoolwide celebration. SAF’s Principals Student Support Fund provides discretionary grants that help with individual students urgent or essential needs, or that help support a school environment that is conducive to learning.

“Thank you so much for supporting these ‘extras’ that are so difficult to fund and so important to children!” –Stocking Elementary Principal, JoAnn Riemersma



$868,022 TOTAL REVENUE -$1,239,490

Annual Report 2015/2016


Gifts received during MindShare and the Foundation for the Future Luncheon


Shining a spotlight on Coit Creative Arts Academy, SAF celebrated its second annual Foundation for the Future luncheon on October 14, 2015. A GRPS theme school, Coit infuses the creative arts into every aspect of the school day. The Coit Honors Choir opened the luncheon, charming the audience of almost 500 with a rousing rendition of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”.

Coit Principal, Jason McGhee, described what he and his students share: the same passion for learning and ambition to succeed. Inspired by the students, teachers, and leadership of Coit and GRPS, the community responded by raising more than $110,000 to support our kids’ pursuit of a strong, successful future.

A timely and powerful program! We all left inspired and motivated to be a part of a positive change for kids in our community. Everyone was moved.

-Maria, 2015 Foundation for the Future Luncheon guest



$364,621 (net) FEES & OTHER INCOME:

$6,847 TOTAL REVENUE – $1,239,490

TRANSFORM. That was the theme of MindShare 2016, and transform it did—celebrating how education transforms us all. GRPS students, teachers, and administrators all shared personal triumphs. From the new jazz band program at Union High School to GRPS’ Director of Fine Arts Maggie Malone’s inspirational personal story, guests journeyed with SAF discovering the power of education to transform lives. Each of the 600+ guests were then called to consider their own transformations and how they might pay it forward. Coming together, the community raised over $315,000 at MindShare 2016.

Mindshare, more like mind blowing! I got on stage nervous but I took control and it felt amazing. I want to thank all those who believed in me even at those times I didn’t quite

believe in myself. Tonight I got to share a poem I wrote with a bunch of amazing people.

-Ottawa Hills High School student, author and artist, Luvenia Riley

Photo Credit by: Bryan Esler Photo

Over 6000 volunteer hours through the Student Advancement Foundation alone, valued at over $141,000!

e. m i t f o ft i g The

Fees Other Income


Each June, Deloitte gives back to communities across the U.S. through national Impact Day. “On Impact Day,” shared one volunteer, “we leave our offices and actively engage with our community.” This year, the Grand Rapids office partnered with SAF to lead a day of service at Mulick Park Elementary. Over 50 volunteers gathered early in the morning, ready to work. The team tackled painting, tree-trimming, brush-clearing, planting, mulching, and organizing the school library. One specialized team led students in Field Day activities, to celebrate the last day of school.

Annual Report 2015/2016


Sports, Great



2015/2016 GIFTS




In 2014, GRPS middle school athletes scored 7% higher on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized tests than their non-athlete counterparts.

“Middle school sports are important. When you play sports, you get to bond with new people.” -Dahlia, University Prep Academy On February 9, 2016, Dahlia shared her inspiring story at the official public launch of GR8 Sports, Great Kids at Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy. Dahlia is a seventh grader and three sport athlete at University Prep Academy, excelling at soccer, track and field, and wrestling. She is just one of over 5,000 students from GRPS who participate in K-8 athletics. Almost half the children in the U.S. must “pay to play” sports, and those students are four times more likely to quit the sport due to costs. The financial requirement is especially hard on low-income families. GR8 Sports, Great Kids rallies the community to eliminate that concern by offering after-school sports at no cost to students or their families. The February launch of GR8 Sports, Great Kids was celebrated by over 150 members of the community and media.

The GR8 Girls of Grand Rapids! This year over 2,000 girls, ages 5-14, will participate in after-school athletics through GR8 Sports, Great Kids. And cheering behind these girls? The strong, bold GR8 Girls. GR8 Girls is a grassroots initiative of over 50 (and growing!) local women leaders dedicated to raising support and awareness for girls in sports. These women know that girls who participate in sports have more success academically, develop higher self-esteem and are on a trajectory for success in school and in life. GR8 Girls formed as an ancillary branch of GR8 Sports, Great Kids, to ensure that girls have the needed resources to participate in after-school sports.

“Students’ access to physical activities is critical to enhance their health and wellness. It impacts their ability to go to school, to focus, to study and ultimately, to learn.” -S U P E R I N T E N D E N T WEATHERALL NEAL

In March, 2016, the GR8 Girls launched a community-wide advocacy campaign at CKO Kickboxing in downtown Grand Rapids and unveiled a 2016 signature running shirt. Proceeds from the shirt support girls athletics within GR8 Sports, Great Kids, and GR8 Girls advocates proudly wear their shirts, while running with friends, in races, and out in the community.

2 0 1 5 /2 0 1 6 A DV I S ORY C OM M I T T E E Art Gray, Chair Mel Atkins Sr. Kyle Behm Jennifer Boezwinkle Dave Custer Michael Davenport Kellie Dean Roger Jansen, Ph.D.

Kurt Johnson Greg Meyer Dr. Brandy Lovelady Mitchell Walter Moore, Jr. Misti Stanton Adam Sturdivant Michele Suchovsky Jason Zylstra

2 0 1 5 /2 0 1 6 HONOR A RY C OU NC I L Wayman Britt Cheri DeVos Doug & Maria DeVos Steven Ford Ty Hallock David Harris Shelley Irwin

Dave Mehney Peter & Joan Secchia Tim Selgo The Hon. Sara Smolenski Mickey Stanley Mike VanGessel

Annual Report 2015/2016

Program Expenses

Making grants to help GRPS students learn, grow, and thrive.

$14,410 Ottawa Hills High School received a new kiln last school year. At the secondary level, the kiln is an essential tool to meet the standards for high school arts education, including advanced technical knowledge in working with different art media. Students address issues of personal relationships, inequity, violence, and others and explore these issues through the lens of artistic expression. With clay especially, the active process of molding a three-dimensional piece adds depth to each student’s personal story.

Art grant- To purchase and refurbish GRPS kilns.

With an SAF Arts grant, GRPS purchased three new kilns and made repairs to two others in 2015/2016.



$1,218,913 TOTAL EXPENSES: $1,327,655


Literacy grant Providing diverse new reading material to GRPS school libraries.

Esperanza Rising and The Dreamer were just two of the titles provided to GRPS

students with a Literacy grant this year. To encourage families to read together, copies were available in English and Spanish. Library and Media Center staff posted curated lists of available titles on Overdrive, the database of digital reading material, so students could easily use the information to guide their selections—all quite literally at their fingertips. There was an immediate increase in circulation as a result.

“We believe when the family takes an interest in reading, this results in a greater interest in reading for the student.” - CAROLYN EVANS, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum


Math, Science, Technology and Environmental Education grant - To teach the science of our watershed.

Students who learn in active, real-world environments are better equipped for our 21st Century economy. Through the West Michigan Environmental Action Council’s (WMEAC) Teach for the Watershed program, sixth grade students and their teachers explore local rivers and creeks participating in water testing experiments, building rain barrels, and learning about one of Michigan’s greatest natural resources, our water. Led by WMEAC staff, who are experts in environmental issues and protection, students collect and classify macroinvertebrates, record their observations in a field journal, and analyze water conditions. Together, we can prepare our next generation for the challenges facing our environment.

Annual Report 2015/2016

Management, General Fundraising


MEET OUR STAFF Education is the key to changing lives. It starts with a moment and can impact lifetimes. Working with our community to inspire those moments is our great joy and privilege. Together we walk alongside our school district to empower learning and to create those pathways that allows every person in our community to access our creative and vibrant city. PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT

Cara Jones, Director of Donor Relations and GR8 Sports, Great Kids Alyssa Morillo Scheidt, Director of Communications and Grants Michele Suchovsky, Executive Director Lynne Stolk, Administrative Assistant Meghan Bowlby, Development Coordinator Cindy Conkle, Director of Annual Fund







Annual Report 2015/2016

Thank you to our donors

Gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016



Anonymous (2) Amway, Inc. Blue Care Network CDV5 Foundation Cook Charitable Foundation Dean Transportation Doug & Maria DeVos Foundation Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation

Gillett Family Foundation Jandernoa Foundation John C. & Nancy Kennedy Family Foundation Kelly Cares Foundation Klopcic Family Foundation Lake Michigan Credit Union Meijer

S A L U T A T O R I A N Autocam Medical Karl & Patti Betz BlueWater Partners, LLC Brewery Vivant Coldwell Banker AJS- Schmidt Crowe Horwath LLP






$ 7 5 0 0 + Liesel Litzenburger Meijer Fund MSU Alumni Club of West Michigan Andrew & Clare Portinga Revolution Next Inc. Joan & Peter Secchia Steelcase, Inc. Harold & Lori Voorhees Wege Foundation

$ 3 5 0 0 - $ 7 4 9 9

Currie Foundation Ferris State University Fresh Thyme Farmers Market The Barbara A. and Mark J. Gerson Trust Larry & Karen Mulder Foundation David & Linda Mehney

Jeffrey & Jennifer Mesler Timothy & Karen O’Donovan RDV Corporation Spectrum Health Steve & Cheryl Timyan Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

We try to list our donors error free, but sometimes make a mistake. If we have misspelled your name or missed you, please let us know!

Names with a “*” denote GRPS staff

You Are so very Appreciated C L A S S


Alliance Beverage Distributing Deb Bailey Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan C2AE Sam & Janene Cummings Dan Pfeiffer Auto Group DWH Etna Supply Brian Gardner Shawn & Linda Gary Max & Jan Gibbs Barbara Gould D E A N ’ S


Anonymous AHC+Hospitality Rich & Dawn Antonini Charles Ash & Kimberly Clark Stacie Behler Brookton & Clare Behm Dennis & Nancy Bekken BHS Insurance Dave & Mary Kay Berles BISSELL Inc. Scott & Emily Brew Calvin College Martha Campbell Chemical Bank Comcast Mary & Paul Command




Grand Rapids Education Association Richard & Carla Grant Art & Betsy Hasse Mary & Wendy Holtvluwer Susan Johnson Jim & Amy Keane Keller Foundation Wally & Becky Knack Legacy Trust McGarry Bair PC Terry McGovern & Carol Paine-McGovern -



“During my years as a school principal I tried to meet the diverse needs of my students. The SAF walked hand and hand with our school bringing needed resources! We just couldn’t do all that needs to be done for our students without the on-going support of SAF!” – PA M E L A W E L L S - M A R C U S S E

$ 1 8 0 0 - $ 3 4 9 9 Kim & Ryan McLaughlin Miller Johnson Open Systems Technologies Rockford Construction Milton & Barbara Rohwer SignComp Steelcase Foundation Michele Suchovsky & John Gabrosek Steele & Mary Taylor Marilyn Titche TowerPinkster Steve & Amy Van Andel Foundation

Todd & Lauren Walker Warner Norcross & Judd LLP West Michigan Janitorial Williams Group Williams Kitchen & Bath Jim & Sue Williams The Winchester/ Donkey Joyce Wisner Robert & Tracy Wolford Wolverine Coil Spring Co.

$ 1 0 0 0 - $ 1 7 9 9

Custer Inc. CWD Real Estate Investment Craig & Louise Datema Davenport University Dempsey Ventures David* & Stephanie Dublis Ben & Sue Emdin EPS Security, Inc Andrea Essling Carlton & Marilyn Failor Brendan & Liz Geary Grand Rapids Community College Grand Valley State University Jeffrey Gurney Kimberly Hanrahan

Kurt & Madelon Hassberger Greg & Leah Hooks Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors John Hunting Irwin Seating Company Win & Kyle Irwin Roger & Melanie Jansen Jerry Jonckheere Mike & Cara Jones JW Marriott Ronald & Janet Knaus Kathryn Kowalski Blake & Mary Krueger Troy & Lori La Huis Lacks Enterprises, Inc.

David & Amy Leonard Life EMS Ambulance Jack Lukens Quan Mac & Gaetan Gerville Reache Macatawa Bank Pamela MacDougal Don & Kathleen Maine Jon & Mary Ann March John & Kate McGarry Mercantile Bank Mercy Health Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Jon & Carol Muth Margaret & Bob Nault

Annual Report 2015/2016

Ruth Posthumus Rockwell Automation Rubies Salon Michael & Glynn Ann Ruggeri Sherwood & Coupe Family Foundation David & Amy Start David & Kathleen Sylvester The Christman Company

Richard & Anne Noreen Norris, Perne & French LLP Ann O’Keefe Mary O’Neill & Carl Erickson Carol & Onder Ors Performance Systematix Inc. Nancy & Wayne Pierce Plane Moran, PLLC PNC Bank




C L A S S -



Anonymous Applebee’s/ TSF Apple Venture Aquinas College Armock Mechanical Contractors, Inc Rob & Shelly Batterbee Bazzani Building Company BDO USA, LLP Jim & Cheryl Blanchard Blandford Nature Center Bert & Jan Bleke Kim Bode Richard & Ann Bowman John & Virginia Butzer Suzanne Buzzell Dominic & Molly Carbone Carbonic Systems, Inc Cascade Engineering, Inc. Bob & Susan Chapla Comerica Bank Community Automotive Repair Joseph & Martha Crawford Michael Davenport Julia de Jonge, Ph.D. Mark & Mary Jane De Waal

Diekema Hamann Engineering Michael & Nancy Dodge DPS Financial Inc Lawrence & Nancy Erhardt Essence Managing, Inc William & Cecile Fehsenfeld Charles & Julie Frayer Don & Laurie Gardner Suzy Gill Art & Kristin Gray H & S Companies John & Mary Harberts Daniel Heemstra Pauline Hewitt & Jerry Schaefer Hoffman Jewelers Jeannie Hosey & Anthony Travis Huntington Bank Independent Bank Mark & Cindy Janes Larry* & Christina Johnson Nikki Jones* Fred Keller Kentwood Community Church Kids Food Basket


$ 4 9 9


834 Design Mel* & Anna Atkins Jr. Ben Avery Ed & Christine Bardelli Thomas Bauer Syd & Mary Baxter Karol & Kevin Belk BenePay John & Micki Benz Sommar Boese Ronald & Jennifer Boezwinkle Elizabeth & Daniel Bogo Kristine Brady Robert & Kathy Brower Maleika* & Gabriel Brown Nancy Brozek Troy & Jennifer Butler Michael Campbell Bridget Cheney* Robert & Julie Connors Jeff & Beth Cranson Kevin & Meg Cusack Kyle Cutler Debra Damstra Eric & Sharai DeLong Daniel DeWitt & Lisa DeFerrari Tamara Dillon* Amy Donohue John & Louise Edison Dave & Patty Eisler Katherine English-Martinez Bill & Kay Farr Marlin & Ruth Feyen

$ 2 5 0 -

Fifth Third Bank Foundation Donald & Laura Finelli First American Title Insurance Co. William & Mary Ford Judy Freeman & Tom Walker Aimee Garcia* Jim & Carol Gehrke Gene & Tubie Gilmore Beth Goebel Ron* & Melissa* Gorman Grand Rapids Art Museum Diane Griffin Terri Handlin Julie & Geoffrey Hawksworth Lisa Haynes Michael & Dana Hebreard Emily & Art Heilig John Helmholdt* Vernon & Carol Hoffman Richard & Nichole Huismann Aamir & Halima* Ismail Rob Jandernoa Julie Jones Karen & Mark Joseph Joel & Maribeth Kamstra Mary Jo Kuhlman* Edward Kuo Brad & Susan Laffrey Amelia Lentz Rodney Lewis* Laura Longfellow Aaron Lowen Arend & Nancy Lubbers

The RORDOR Foundation Nicholas Thole & Amy Turner-Thole Thrun Law Firm Suzanne Tiggleman Jeff & Julie Towner Triangle Associates Dave & Carol VanAndel Family Foundation

$ 5 0 0 -

Michael Van Haren Varnum LLP Maribeth & John Wardrop Elizabeth Welch Pamela Wells-Marcusse Jill & Sean Welsh John J. Wheeler Charitable Fund John & Juliana White Bruce Young

$ 9 9 9

Kingscott Associates Jack & Rita Kirkwood Dale & Shirley Lausch Ray Loeschner Elizabeth Lueder Tom Manikowski Rodney & Mimi Martin Bill & Pat Mills Mixed Staffing+ Recruiting MLive Media Group Jack & Pat Mulder Nederveld Associates Kathleen & Clarence Ober Old National Bank Otterbase James Peterson Rhett & Jeralyn Pinsky James & Marie Preston Connie & Jeff Redding Karel Rogers & John Verhagen Robert & Phyllis Rood Rowster Coffee Charlie & Angelyn Royce SeyferthPR

Peter & Barbara Lundeen Michael & Heather Lunt Gary Malburg Tempy Mann Joseph & Marilyn Martin Kyle & Alison McKee Thomas Miller Laina & Mike Mills James & Carolyn Morse Nick & Kerry Ottenwess Richard Noel* Larry* & Tracy Oberst Melinda Olivarez Brian & Pamela Page Kennari Consulting Peter & Carroll Perez Tom Pfister & Kelli Langan Pfister Sharron Pitts* Pondera Advisors James & Kathleen Ponitz Chris Rushton & Betsy Haller Eduardo Sanchez* Amy Schmidt Crystal Schultz Raymond Schultz Timothy Selgo John & Cynthia Shinsky Lisa & Mark Shuart Earl & Joan Solberg Richard & Susan Steketee Greg & Audrey Sundstrom Adriana Tanner Georgia & Marc Therrien

Mary Shaver Smith, Haughey, Rice & Roegge SpartanNash James & Terry Stelter Adam Sturdivant & Robika Garner Donna & Clark Suchovsky The Berean Group, LLC Vander Mill Mary Boll & Tom VanWylen Carl & Sandy Ver Beek Via Design Andrew & Lana Voelker Patrick & Laurie Webster Wege Foundation Whitecaps Community Foundation Wolverine Building Group Susan Wyngaarden Lynn & Peter Yardley Edward & Ruth Zeilstra

Long-time SAF advocate, Sue Chapla shared a story about the new and growing GRPS elementary strings program with a few of her closest friends: Women Who Care of Kent County. The group meets quarterly to learn about local nonprofits and after Sue’s passionate appeal, the Women voted to establish a Violins & Strings Fund at SAF on behalf of the district’s youngest budding musicians. -

Sue Chapla and Women Who Care

Patti Trepkowski John & Cheryl Tully Susan Valcq Douglas Van Eerden Joelle Vandervelde Lauren Warner Teresa Weatherall Neal* & Dennis Neal James & Barbara Weaver John Wert Amanda Williams Tom & Amy Williams Doug & Jill Wilterdink Patricia Wunder*




Anonymous (5) Sarah Abel Katherine Afendoulis Ronald & Kristen Aidif Beth & Tom Ainsworth Nancy Albers Andrea Allen Vanessa Allen* Andrew Alvesteffer* Valerie Ambrose Julie Anderson* June Anderson* Virginia Anderson David Aremu Brandy Arnold Christina Arnold Paul & Deborah Asmara Steven Assarian Melvin Atkins Audu Engineering Consultants Luis & Amanda Aula David Baak & Betty Zylstra Jamee Bacinski* Julia Baehre Rothwell Mayda Bahamonde-Gunnell* Carl & Claudia Bajema Tony Baker Corey Balkon Viki Barber David & Mary Bardolph Sharon Barkwell Keith & Kathy Barth Alice & Mark Bennett Jeanne Bentley Thomas & Vita Bergers Judy Betz Helen Beuker Dana Bialk* Jason & Christa Bird Joe & Peggy Bishop Sharon Blackwell William & Bobbi Jo Blanton Blue Flame Thinking Ben Boerkoel Colleen Bolthouse Ann Bont Zachary Boswell Sallie Bowie Cathy & Paul Boyer Kathleen Brach Jonathan & Grace Bradford Kelly Bradford Mary Brandon Otto* & Jodie Brannum Kevin Briggs & Carol Karr Sarah Brodhead Jennifer Brown Rodney Brown* Ellen Bruinsma Cinovia Buchanan Joan Buchanan Joan Budden Dana & Robert Burch Todd Burd* Tracey Burke Elizabeth & Bob Burnson Dan Buskirk George & Nancy Buth Lisa Buth John & Debra Byl Ronald Caniff Sandra Carroll Janelle Carter* David & Cara Cassard Milinda & Rafael Ysasi Castanon Mary Challa Katryn Childs* Simon Chow & Martha Marcero Chris Miller Richard Chrisman Sandy Cilek Dan Clark Jacqueline Clark Lynn Clark Diane Clayton-Triggs* Bruce & Nannette Clearing Sky Christensen CKO Kickboxing David & Jeanne Clemo Kelly Cleveland Anna Clifford Nancy Clodfelder Clothing Matters William & Cheryl Coderre Trisha Cody* Bernard Colton* Comprehensive Engineering, PC Jill Conrad & Christopher Hufnagel Bette Contreras*


$ 2 4 9 Linda Conway Angela Cook* Brenda Cook* Matt & Carlie Cook Bob & Ann Cooper Mary Ann Coroneos Janice Courts Candace Cowling & Klaas Kwant Kimberly Crane Harvey Crawley* Brian Crissman Shannon Cunningham Pat Cwayna Erik Daly Maureen Darling Marjorie Darooge David Ray Cheryl DeAvila Rev. Deborah McCreary Herman & Jane* Degroot Jeff DeJong* Jill & Mitchell DeJonge Robert Delamar Martha DeLong Gwynne DeLongpre Toni & Sam DeLuca Scott DeMeester Peggy & Jerry Depersia Margaret Derrer Ed & Ruth DeVries Jen Dewald* Bob & Jayne DeYoung Joseph DiBenedetto Shari Dick Bruce & Patricia Dillenbeck Nancy Dobry Mary Jane Dockeray Gregory & Katherine Doerr Kip & Carrie Doezema Karen Douglas Jeff Drajka Deborah Dubbink Jeff & Chelsea Dubey Angel Duff Carmen Dunbar* Michael Dunlap Judith Dunten Patricia Duthie Susan Dykema* Dan Ebright David Edsenga Bethann Egan Marla Ehlers Representative & Mrs. Vern Ehlers Elizabeth Topliffe Steve Ender & Karen Gislason-Ender Paula Englin Jean Enright Elisabeth Erhan* Robert & Carolyn* Evans Elizabeth Evans* Mitchel Faber* William & Angela Faber Marisa Fahnenstiel Jim & Gail Fahner Ken & Clare Fawcett Sara Fazio Matt Fegan Carmen Fernandez* Todd & Erin* Fettig Amanda Fielder Louise Finkelstein Charlene Firlik Barbara Fisk Marybeth Fitzgerald Mark Fitzpatrick DPT Solutions Kathy Florentine Constance Flynn Krista Flynn Kimberly & Clifford Frantz Alison Freas Lisa Freiburger Julie Friberg Mark* & Jennifer Frost Sharon Fuller Chamberlain* Stephenie Gaastra* Shirley Gagnon Allen Terence Gaule* Kevin Geary Patrick & Patricia Geary Laura Gibson Jane Gietzen & Sue Cleland Catherine Giguere Helen Gillespie* Christine Gilman Linsey Gleason Christine* & Timothy Gochenour Janet Gockerman

Goodrich Quality Theaters Barbara Goodspeed Kristin Gootjes Benjamin Gott Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Grand Rapids Public Museum Denise Gravelyn Phillip* & Vanessa Greene Aaron & Stephanie Griffin Patti Griswold Maurice Groce C. Ryan Grondzire Deb Grow John & Kathleen Gruizenga Claire Guisfredi Tom & Marcia Haas Meg Hackett Marc & Andrea Haidle Maureen Hale Susan Halteman Dan Hammersmith Seth & Jennfier Hanenburg Onilee Hansen-Mills Robert & Patricia Harberts Marcus Harris* Scott Harris OD & Tuppin Hauschild Chris & Alecia Haven Steve Hawks Sharol Hawley* Todd Heiman Nancy* & Philip Henderson Henrickson Nauta Wealth Advisors, Inc. Amy Henrickson Ann Hepfer-Isaacson* Jacklyn Hernandez Lynne Hernandez Margarita Hernandez* Todd Herring Kevin & Lynne Heyne Janelle Hill William Hill Thomas Hillegonds Janice Hilliard Mark & Candace Hinshaw Michelle Hoekwater Michelle Hoexum Kenneth & Sandra Hofman David & Ruth* Holland Mary Hollinrake Martha Holmgren* David Hood David & Leslie Hooker Robert & Judy Hooker Louise Hospodarsky Chester Huff* Michael Huff Shannon & Stuart Hunt Karen Hunter Rob & Stacy Hunter Ryan Huppert* & Dawn Heartwell* Lynn Huston Edith Evans Hyde Eugene Idziak* Doug & Karen Irvine Joyce Irvine* Shelley Irwin Spencer Ivory Terrence & Jennifer Jackson Emily Jacobson Phil & Cherry Jacobus Catherine Jandernoa* Kevin Jeakle Jeff Jelke Jennifer Wardrop Dean & Kaye Jensen Byron & Karen Johnson Dale Johnson Janice Johnson Kurt Johnson* Renard Johnson Andy Johnston Julie Lensink Jennifer & Don Kallil Eric Kamstra Margaret Kangas* Kathy Lutley* Peggy Keane Sandra Keelean Dustin & Tessa Keena Jeralyn Keeney Ruth & Carol Kelly Kathy Kibbe Betty Killoran Anthony King Maureen Kirkwood Ranay Klaasen Amy Klinkoski* Kenneth* & Susan Klomparens

“The theme of transformation was terrific in framing hope for our children and their future, as well as for inspiring more support! Go SAF, GO GRPS!!!� -



Annual Report 2015/2016

Christopher & Amy Knape Adriane Koehne* Douglas & Louann Kohlbeck Susan Kohloff Donald & Loretta Konecki Erek Kooyman* Mary Lou Kosty* Miranda Krajniak Patricia Kramer Margie & Todd Krause Kevin & Molly Krauss Michael & Lisa Kreager Rhonda Kribs* Mike & Diane Kroll Brad Laackman Lucy & Robert LaFleur William Laidlaw & Kathy Muir Laidlaw Daniel & Laura LaMore Laura LaMore* Madelaine Lane Leanne Lange* Catherine Langereis Marilyn Lankfer Maria Lara* Carol Lautenbach Arnold & Kristin Lee

“The experience of helping 160 GRPS elementary students see their first Big Ten college campus AND experience the excitement of a tailgate and a college football game is Priceless! GO GREEN!”


J e r r y J o n c k h e e r e W e s t M i c h i g a n S p a r t a n s

Chi Lee Lizbeth Leeson Jessica Lehti Brian Lennon Darrin Lettinga Gregory Lewis Tim & Ping Liang Richard & Sue Liberatore Ann Liefer Lifestyle Kitchen Studio Lighthouse Property Management Sheryl Lilly Pamela Lindsay* Deborah Locke Randolph & Lynn Locke Cheryl Lofton* Tom Logan Norma Lopez* Michael Loughman Dolly & Mike Lowe Marcia & David Lucas Rashelle Ludolph Elias & Ruth Lumpkins Jessica Maat* Amy Mabin* Neticia Madrigal* Jennifer Magalski* Janice Maggini Janelle & Christopher Mahlmann Abby & Jay Manchesky Beatriz Mancilla Linda Manica Bill & India Manns Shante Mara Lynette Martin Mary Martisius Kenneth Matthews* Jill May & Jennifer DeHaan Vincent Mayfield* Susan McCarthy

Jane McDaniels Jason McGhee* Tom McGovern Charles Mcgrath Paul & Dorothy McGraw Cheryl McKay* Kyle & BriAnne McKee Mary McLoughlin Ryan & Ginta McNally Greg McNeilly Margaret McPhee Nancy McQueen Meanwhile Bar Davey & Carrie Mehney Gary & Marlene* Mescher Kathryn Meuser* Greg Meyer Jason & Kate Meyer Jeffrey & Joanna Meyer Susan & Jeffrey Meyers Pete Michell Janet Milanowski* Patrick Miles Brian & Megan Miller Frances Miller Lisa Minnella* Mac & Becky Missad Brandy Lovelady Mitchell & Marc Mitchell Melissa Mitchell Richard & Roslyn Moe Monsma Marketing Corporation Sean & Sara Mooney Ciciley Moore Alyssa Morillo Scheidt Kaitlyn Morin Dennis & Linda Moroz John & Gretchen Mousel Ruth Moxon Terra Muckenthaler Margaret Murphy Ruth Naylor Betty Neary Mark Neistat Harold Nelson & Marlene Vitasinki Lee & Barbara Neuman Trudy Ngo-Brown Elizabeth Nickels Colleen Nisbet* Maureen Noe Judith North Celia Obrecht Juan & Mary Olivarez Julie Ondersma Carol O’Rourke Lynn Otzman Deb Owen Cheryl Owens Dean & Nicole Pacific Amanda Palmer* Sharon Panozzo Melissa Paramo* Brian Parker Steven & Molly Parker Moira Parks Pamela Parriott Kathleen Partogian Linda Patterson Deborah Pebley* Cynthia Peck* Peninsula Trading LLC Debra Perry* Kristin Perry* Megan Persons* Peggy Peters Marcia Brown Peterson Mary Peterson Donyale Phillips Jennifer Phillips* Soroya Pierre-VanArtsen Brian & Susan Pinkston Stanley Ponstein Penny Porcelli Nerli Jen Potgeter Karen Potter Sara Potyraj* John Preston Monica Price Whiteside* Sarah Quirk Michelle & Chris Rabideau Maura Race Jessalynn Radden* Marsha Rago Joel & Nancy Rahn

Sarah Rainero Thomas Ralston Greg Ramey* Lupe Ramos-Montigny John Randall Tara Randall Alexis Rangel Elizabeth & Charles Ransford Patricia Reagan* Shelby Reno Bruce Reynolds Shanna Reynolds & Jason Jacobson Jesse Richardson Anthony & Jane Richtsmeier Susan Riddle JoAnn Riemersma* Tara Rietberg* Dale Robertson Sherwin Robinson Nick & Nicole Rodammer Diane Culver Roodvoets Janice Roorda Trevor & Linda Rubingh Allison Rudi Mike Rundhoag Peter & Jessica Ruppert Margaret Ryan Roberta Ryman David & Kathy* Sak Megan Sall Angela Sanborn Shawn Sandner Micalene Savage* Melissa Sayre Bonnie Scarlett James & Carol Schachermeyer Elizabeth Scholten Ann E. Schomberg Jennifer & Brad Schottke Jennifer Schuitema Dan Schulte Patricia Schuuring Evelyn Searl Paula Sedrowski Dave & Dottie Seibold Wade & Beverly Seley David Selmon Sharon Seys Susan Shannon Dick Shaw Kathy Siegenthaler Francina Silvey* Thomas Sinas Elizabeth Skaggs Maureen Slade Sharon Slager Bert & Terese Smith Helen Smith* Kathy Smith Carol Soet Oxana Sourine Tom & Linda Southwell Mindy Spillane Janet & Kurt Staal Misty Stallworth* Frank Stanek Daniel & Cheri Stanton Misti Stanton Rebecca Wilson Stein Christy Steketee Sharon Stiansen Wendy Stock Jim & Karen Stokes Lynne Stolk Lindsay Storey* Cheryl Stowe* Jami Lynn Stinson* Robert & Melanie Strobel Maria Suchowski Daniel & Laura Sullivan Mary Sumners Alison Sutter Sarah Swaney Sandra Swider Swirls, LLC Jacqueline Taylor Kristen Taylor & Christian Gaines Gretchen Tellman Partridge Allyson Terpsma Terra Susan Terrill* The Image Shoppe Gaelle Thibault

Greg & Wendy Thoman Bruce & Brenda Thompson Douglas & Alix Thompson Julia Titley Deirdre Toeller-Novak Amy Topp* Carol Townsend Bruce Townsley & J.M. Karpinen Leroy Tucker* Earnest Trice* Rhoda Troost Marla Tulett Corey Turner Peg & Mike Turner Peter Turner Barbara & Arthur Tutas Under The Vines Bethany Underwood Carmen Vaca Guzman Jaime & Kirk Van Essen Jim & Diane Van Hoven Chris VanBergen Kathleen & Edward Vandam Nancy Vander Laan Shannon VanderHeuvel Joan VanderTill Katie VanDoeselaar Ann VanDusen William VanVugt & Lynn Heemstra Peter & Susan Varga Richard & Christine Verburg Rebecca Verker Emily Verwys Ryan Verwys James & Gail Vidro Joseph Vloedman Kathleen & Phillip Vogelsang Mary Wagner Michael Walden Mike & Theresa Wall Becca Walsh Wolfe Connie Walters Scherron Walton* Evelyn Waltz Carole Warren Roberta Warren Deb Warwick Julie & Kyle Way Vicki Weaver Jolan Webster Bill* & Tracy Weibel Skot and Barbara Welch Judy Welch Mary K. Welch Wendy Wenner Melissa & Tom Werkman Rolleen Westfall Christella Wheeler* Judy Whipps Larry White Robert & Deborah White David & Anne-Lise Whitescarver David & Lindsay Whitfield Arvin & Joyce Wierda Troy Wilbon* Jeff & Julie Wilburn Daniel Williams Elizabeth Williams Jason Williams Nic Winsemius Barbara Wisse Derek Witte & Jordan Hoyer Kara Wood Michael Woodbeck* Michael & Marla Woodward Lauren Wright* Rebecca Wrigley Janet Wyllie Gilbert & Barbara Wynn Kathy Wynsma Nga Xhang Chuck & Cathy Yared Valery Young Janet Zahn William Zaske Hillary Zeiser Kalli Zielbauer* Zip Xpress, Inc. Ann Zoellner Kathleen Zuiderveen

There are

Many Ways you can










In addition to our impact areas, the SAF also tailors grant making to meet unique needs within Grand Rapids Public Schools. G R 8 S P O R T S G R E A T K I D S GR8 Sports, Great Kids supports free, after-school athletics for elementary and middle school students in GRPS. L I T E R A C Y


The Literacy Fund supports building and sustaining classroom libraries in GRPS elementary schools, ensuring students have access to diverse and vibrant reading material throughout the school day.

Serving as the strategic fundraising partner of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, our purpose is to raise, grow, and steward funds and other community resources to support the schools for the benefit of students.


The General Fund provides for the ongoing needs of GRPS and its students. SAF prioritizes General Fund grants that address needs falling within our five impact areas: Arts Education, Environmental Education, Literacy, Math Science & Technology or Physical Wellness. General Fund dollars are raised though events, like the Foundation for the Future Luncheon and MindShare, and through direct written appeals.


M I S S I O N :

V I O L I N S & S T R I N G S F U N D Established in 2016, the Violins & Strings Fund provides instruments and related equipment to maintain the elementary strings program in GRPS.

Unrestricted Fund Balance 2016 2015



Temporarily Restricted Fund Balance 2016 2015 $1,920,093


Permanently Restricted Fund Balance 2016 2015 $461,673


J O A N P. S E C C H I A B R E A K I N G B A R R I E R S E N D O W M E N T F U N D

The Principals Student Support Fund provides discretionary grants that help with individual student’s urgent or essential needs, or that help support a school environment that is conducive to learning.

Established in 2013, this endowment fund helps students to develop budding interests and talents by removing economic barriers. GRPS students participate in enriching opprtunities like college preparatory experiences, intenstive theatre classes, or other special training or programs.


Annual Report 2015/2016




2015-2016 Deb Bailey, President Maria DeVos, Vice President Charles Ash, Secretary Brookton Behm, Treasurer eMily Alemán-McAlpine María Álvarez de López Mary Bouwense Ben Emdin

F O U N D I N G Peter Cook Doug & Maria DeVos Rich & Helen DeVos Fred & Linn Keller

Wendy Falb Ph.D. Carla Grant Art Gray Mark Janes Joe Jones Amy Keane Rebecca Knack Madelaine Lane Paul Lee

Dr. Brandy Lovelady Mitchell Quan Mac Liesel Litzenburger Meijer Carol Paine-McGovern D. Andrew Portinga Julie Towner Todd Walker Maribeth Wardrop Teresa Weatherall Neal

S C H O L A R S David & Linda Mehney Fred & Lena Meijer Charles & Stella Royce Peter & Joan Secchia

Peter Wege John Wheeler

111 Library NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 P: 616.988.5430 | F: 616.988.5419

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GRSAF 2015/16 Annual Report  
GRSAF 2015/16 Annual Report