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My Musical Story Reflection By: Rebecca Cyr In reflecting on my musical story thus far I have come to learn many things about myself that I hadn’t thought of prior to this experience. Something as simple as reflecting on the last time I had encountered music and considering where I was and how that encounter made me feel really opened my eyes. Whether I am listening to music on the bus, at a park, in a school, in the car, on the radio, in a public environment; I never stop and think about how that particular musical encounter at that given time is affecting my identity, my thoughts, my interests, or my beliefs. Sometimes I feel as though when I am listening to music in the car that is where music impacts me the most, as there are no distractions. It is just me and the music. The last musical encounter I had that stood out for me was when I was in the car listening to a tribute by Paul Brandt for the Humboldt Broncos. That particular moment made me feel connected to the music in a way that I have not felt before, as it was for thousands and thousands of people out there who were also tuned in. The overwhelming sense of sadness is what made that moment so memorable for me. In describing my musical interests, I would say that I am in the stage of “still discovering�. I feel as though I am always searching for something new. In terms of my musical interests I am always willing to be more receptive to various genres of music/ musical instruments. Coming from an early childhood background I know a lot about the importance of music on the development of children in the early years and some of how to integrate music within an early childhood setting. However, I would like to know more about terms, writing music, and playing musical instruments. I feel that my knowledge level of music is more basic and not as in

depth so I am hoping to gain new learnings from this class that I can apply to children in the school environment. I have been excited about this course for a while now. I feel that with all my educational experience‌ language, math, science, and visual arts is all we focused on. This is my first course that has to do with the music aspect. I love learning new things and challenging myself. Music I feel is very important for the growth and development of a child, adolescent, and adult. We grow with music. Whether one is musically inclined to play an instrument or sing or not. Music is all around us. So, getting to be a part of a class where music is the central theme is very exciting for me. I also feel that this course is beneficial for me, as I have worked with children in the past whom had ASD, speech and language delays, and aggressive tendencies. I found integrating music in all cases to be highly successful and it was used as a tool to support/engage the learning of those individual students. For me it would interesting to also learn more about integrating music with children who are also sensitive to noise and how you can make an environment work in such a way where music is still utilized. To learn more about strategies I could use or resources I could refer to would be very much appreciated. Moreover, there has been no specific person whom has had an influence over my musical experiences. In reflecting on my favorite musical moment, I found this question had really stumped me for some time. I had to think long and hard before I reached my decision that my favorite musical moment was that of, my first guitar lesson when I was young. In that moment, it made me realize how hard it was and appreciate those who played the guitar so much more. In recounting my past experiences with every subject ever taught to me, I can almost always come up with at least one memory of that experience good or bad. However, in recounting my musical experiences I feel that I have no memories/recollection of learning about

music within my elementary school years, which leads me to believe that this fact on its own is negative for me. I have never told this music story before. The type of music teacher I want to be is one whom is inclusive, passionate, and knowledgeable. As an educator, I want my students to remember their musical experiences as being positive and something they carry with them into adulthood. As I have previous knowledge of the importance of music throughout one’s life. I can now focus on the music I will be teaching and how to approach music in a way that is beneficial for all parties.

My Musical Story Reflection  
My Musical Story Reflection