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Visual Music Choose a song of your choice and visually interpret it through typography. I chose Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles because it is one of my favorite songs. My concept is death and loneliness. Leaves are used to represent lonliness and shapes of people are used to represent death. The book is supposed to represent a journal, a book you write your thoughts and feelings in because of how personal the song is. The package itself is made of blue leather, the book is wrapped in death.

Unbreakable Egg Packaging Package an egg in a package that both functions as protection for the egg and pleasant to look at. I chose to use styrofoam to protect the egg. I carved a hole in two ends of the styrofoam and then put velcro on top and bottom to secure the egg in. The created a band to fit around the egg for the label.

The Cherry Orchard Book Cover The idea behind the cover is that because the main character in the play, Ranevskaya, acts like a child and seems to be so attached to the past and cannot move on to the present. I represented her as paper dolls.To also add that throughout the play, there is an argument about the sale of the cherry orchard the cast lives on, the title is in a shap of a price tag. Almost as if Ranevskaya’s past is for sale.

New York City Yellowpages Book The concept is the typography of a New York phonebook. I began to look through the yellowpages and found that the typography was so interesting. I then layed out a couple of alphabets I had found and some letters I found particularly interesting in a book.

Luxury Package Design Create a luxury package from an item found in a 99 cent store. I chose hair ties. I then thought about anthropology and how women are put on display. Women have to slick back their hair and it is considered masculine. Showing that hair ties can be beautiful to look at may give them another life and a chance to show that women do not have to always wear their hair down. Maybe wearing their hair up is a good statement.

Command Z The project was to create a company with an imaginary product. I created Command Z. A company that sells remotes to enable a person to go back in time and delete events that occurred in their lives. The user of the remote would remember the incident in order to learn from their mistake. Other people would not be able to remember. The brochure is designed in as a calander to represent moving through time.

Wall Street Logo Without putting my personal political spin on the design of the logo, I decided to take an optimistic approach. Wall Street is the heart of finance not only for New York City, but the entire world. Having to succeed means prosperity and optimism for the world especially during times of great economic struggle.The logo itself combines bull horns to represent financial optimism (bull maket economy),

Found Record Redesign I went to a thrift store and found a record by the 80s singer Sa-Fire. In the redesign of her package, because her music is so interactive (in the sense where it just makes you have to dance) I decided to make the album more interactive.The letters in the title are interchangeable because their are held on by velcro. Allowing the user to interchange letters.

Strand Book Covers Book cover series for books found at Strand Book Store. I chose books based on images that had to be collected from the Image Archives at the New York City Library by each student for the semester. Most of my photographs are of New Jersey landscapes so I tried to find books to fit the photographs.


Rebecca Alvarez Junior Portfolio 2010