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Synthetic Turf: Much Better Than The Real Thing With the aid of progressing technology, synthetic turf has been making strides for years and is now available in a number of forms. Synthetic turf is now more readily obtainable and available in several forms although it got its start as a surface for professional sports fields. A Brief Background Artificial grass came to prominence in 1966, when the Houston Astros were the first team to put in the surface on their home field. The baseball would travel significantly faster on the ground because the turf was harder than conventional grass. Artificial grass has become softer and more forgiving since its creation nearly fifty years ago. Turf rather than grass is in thirteen NFL stadiums today. The Advantages There a number of advantages of using artificial turf rather than real grass for a sports field. Lots of money per year in maintenance costs are saved because artificial turf doesn't have to be watered, mowed or maintained like natural grass. The synthetic turf has been built to survive the relentless activity of a sporting event. As an athlete slides feet-first, there will be no effect on the ground because cleats don't dig up the surface. A weekend tournament can be scheduled on the field with every confidence that the turf can handle ten hours of use for two straight days. Rain dries up quickly and will flood the field only during the most intense storm. A turf field offers an even surface null of dips and lumps. Athletes are less inclined to land awkwardly and twist their ankles on turf than on grass. The even turf surface offers athletes the confidence to play with the highest level of effort and not worry where there are inconsistencies on the field. When watered, a turf field functions far better which may be shocking. Even so, it requires far less water than a regular grass field. Using less water for fields is highly desirable for dry climates for instance the desert. Added Uses There are additional uses for artificial turf even though it is most closely connected with sports fields. A dog's play area at a pet kennel is a good use for turf. The surface does not stain and will not hold bad odors. It repels fleas and ticks, increasing the chances that your pet stays free of Lyme disease. There won't be any dirt or mud tracked into your house because pets do not get dirty while playing on turf. Landscaping turf is a fantastic way to keep your yard looking perfect year-round. The turf is not only attractive, but it requires minimal maintenance and will raise the value of your residence. Some people prefer not to use pesticides on their lawn for a variety of reasons. A turf lawn doesn't need pesticides and fertilizers to look great. Dalton Carpet Mart

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Synthetic Turf: Much Better Than The Real Thing

Bettering your putting is the perfect way to decrease a golf handicap. Putting turf helps golfers do that. The turf can be installed indoors or outdoors, and it offers an opportunity for golfers to practice putting any time of the day. To warm up before their round, many courses offer the turf for golfers and true lovers even have it in their home. Something for Everybody While it has only recently become attainable, synthetic turf has been around for quite a while. For practically everyone, there is a kind of synthetic turf. You can find a type of turf to suit your lifestyle, whether you're a professional or amateur athlete, pet enthusiast, landscaping enthusiast or golf diehard. With the aid of progressing technology, synthetic turf has been making strides for years and is now available in a numbe...

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Synthetic Turf: Much Better Than The Real Thing