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I’ve made mental lists of what I will and won’t do to my bridesmaids. Then, I made actual lists. Here’s what I’ve learned in my travels: *Note: this doesn’t mean these things necessarily happened to me, it’s just what I’ve learned

1. Don’t treat your bridesmaids like slaves. They’re your best friends, and often times your family. You have to see these people for the rest of the foreseeable future, and you need to be on good terms with them. Don’t bark orders at them. Ask them nicely and they’ll do it—they want to. After all, they signed up to be your ‘maid. 2. Don’t forget that while it’s your day, they’re just as excited as you are. Let them celebrate with you. 3. Do thank your bridesmaids for everything they’ve done for you. It goes a long, long way to have a sincere hug from a best friend.

I’ve tried to stay within these guidelines planning my own wedding, and when the big day comes, I plan to continue it. What did you do for your bridesmaids? Did you pick out a dress? Did you let your girls decide?

What did you do for your bridesmaids  
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