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To be honest, my first experience with trying on wedding gowns was a total nightmare. I had a big fail whale of a moment. In addition to the lack of staff help and the tremendous amounts of tulle and fluff, my mom and I got into a whopper of a fight. The details aren’t so important, but I’m learning that those sorts of mother-daughter conditions nearly always lead to tears. I ended up trying on itchy scratchy tulle dresses while blotchy and hivey from crying. Not so fun. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to getting back on that horse. I did plenty of online research and put off dress shopping until the last possible minute. (Apparently that last possible minute is seven months from your wedding day. It takes a long-ass time to order a wedding gown!) Finally, the moment of doom arrived. I really was convinced that dress shopping take two would be horrific and would result in me crying. Every bridal magazine is full of pictures of beautiful dresses. Gorgeous concoctions of silk and tulle and organza (I love organza). Just about every little girl pictured her wedding dress at some point. I picture myself in a wedding dress at least once a day. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the challenge. But instead of picturing myself looking beautiful and happy, I mostly just picture myself in tears with a dress that just doesn’t fit. So as you can imagine, I have ZERO desire to go through the dress-shopping process. Luckily, I was in a store full of beautiful dresses, and with some urging from my mom I finally tried on her choice:

And I fell in love. Unfortunately, that feeling quickly dissipated when we learned that the price was way over my budget!

My first experience with trying on wedding gowns  

To be honest, my first experience with trying on wedding gowns was a total nightmare.

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