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How would you describe your wedding? Laid back, intimate or private. What was your favorite part of your wedding? There were so many moments from our wedding day we loved. One thing that we absolutely enjoyed so much was that we were able to spend time with every single one of our guests. What did you save on? We decided against having a large reception. Instead, we had a very intimate dinner at one of our favorite New York City restaurants with our immediate families and close friends. Was there anything you would have done differently, in retrospect? Absolutely not. We had our dream wedding!

What were your top 3 favorite things about your wedding? My wedding dress

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Very intimate, tear-jerking speeches given by our parents and friends.

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? A wedding shouldn’t be a stressful event to plan. The bride and groom must have the ultimate say in who they would like to spend their big day with. In our case, inviting only our immediate families and our best friends proved to be the best idea. The best ? Plan a day that is true to your personalities. If you’ve been married for more than a year, what have been some challenges? Although this wasn’t much of a challenge per se, but realizing that we have to make sacrifices and compromises in helping one another reaching our ultimate potential, goals and self-fulfillment have been some of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned so far.

How would you describe your wedding  
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