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Flowers…Or Not How many of you have heard the old saying that whoever catches the bouquet at the wedding is the next person to get married? (Probably everyone, I’m guessing.) I definitely don’t think that’s true, but it’s kind of fun to think about.

I’ve caught a bouquet. It was at my brother’s wedding and it was right around the time that I started dated. Several people from that wedding were married before me, though I am the next person in my family to get married (with the exception, I suppose, of my dad) since that fateful catch. I’m a girl who loves getting flowers. They don’t have to be big or showy, but I do love a pretty rose or three to sit on my desk or the dining room table. After the aforementioned first ex, I managed to date a string of men who, more often than not, didn’t believe in giving flowers. One claimed it was rude to cut a flower for private enjoyment instead of letting everyone see it in nature. One thought that giving flowers was a sign of umber-serious commitment along the lines of moving in together.

Ribbon and paper roses I’ve made—not the ones I’ll be using in my bouquet Instead, I’ll be focusing on paper blooms and non-floral alternatives. I’ve been experimenting with different papers and other materials to decide exactly what I want to construct our simple non-floral with. We’ve got boxes of wine bottles just waiting to be turned into something pretty, accumulated over the last few years by my tendency to save any potential craft supplies. And, thankfully, I’ve already got a pretty broad skill set to work from between paper, beads, knitting/crochet, and wire work. I’m really looking forward to the end result, which will be mixed-media decorations throughout the ceremony and reception. Would you consider going flowerless if it meant saving your budget? What do you think? Did you include or discard the tosses in your wedding (and why)?

Flowers…or not  
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