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Introduction to Content Audit Check

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WHY IS CONTENT AUDITING IMPORTANT? Content auditing is essential because it organises all the content produced by the company. It determines which content is relevant to the needs of customers and the goals of the organisation. In essence, as Marketing Land puts it, an audit helps assess needs, shape content management, and determine the feasibility of future projects.

Auditing, although it is a time-consuming and elaborate process, can prevent or catch negative SEO attacks as well as improve the site’s ranking. According to Forbes, each time you perform a content audit, you’ll get more skilled in the process, and it will drastically improve the quality of content and your site’s traffic. As part of the SEO Auditing topic cluster, today’s topic will focus on content auditing. You can consider it as an extra part of the basic on-page SEO site auditing checklist. For a quick recall, on-page auditing checks the on-page factors of your website. I have written a post before that focuses on auditing the technical set-up of your site. It is a basic on-page auditing checklist the deals with indexing and redirects, crawl issues, site speed, and search console. This article aims to answer the following questions: 1. What is content auditing? 2. Why is content auditing important? 3. What are the simple steps for content auditing?

Content auditing improves the quality of the domain by removing the low-quality contents and developing some of the remaining because it decreases the likelihood of poor user experience.

WHAT ARE THE SIMPLE STEPS FOR CONTENT AUDITING? As stated by Moz, there are five necessary steps to audit content which are a part of three distinct phases: A. Inventory and audit phase Step 1: Crawling all indexable URLs Step 2: Gather additional metrics B. Analysis and recommendation phase Step 3: Put it into a worksheet Step 4: Work the content audit worksheet C. Summary and reporting phase Step 5: Write the report

CONCLUSION WHAT IS CONTENT AUDITING? According to Moz, content auditing, for search engine optimisation, analyses a domain’s full inventory of all indexable content to determine which content to keep as-is, which content can be further improved, and which content needs to be removed or consolidated. Contently defines content auditing in simpler terms: it is the process of tracking down and organising all content produced by your company.

Content auditing is as elaborate and gruelling as the technical auditing of your site. It is also as important. As an SEO strategist, you should regularly audit your content. On the next article, I will further detail the five necessary steps for content auditing.

Introduction to Content Audit Check  
Introduction to Content Audit Check