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Attention everyone, Voice-First is here! Yes, you heard it right. According to Google, 20 percent of mobile search done on mobile account for voice search. And with the rapid development in voice recognition technology, there’s no other way but for this number to speed up.

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Compared to typing keywords on your mobile or web browser, voice-first interaction provides a more personalised and authentic experience. Imagine waking up and having an assistant who has read the papers for you, check out the weather

today when you ask for it. Voice search is different. Unlike with keyword search you don’t skimp on words, you want to interact as naturally as you can with your virtual personal assistant as you would with a

understanding of search strategies It is no surprise that according to

that will boost your ranking for voice

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Voice-first interaction allows for handsfree control, multi-tasking and lets users give quick commands to the system with the use of effective natural language. The ability of your virtual personal assistant to

offerings. Currently, voice interaction is very much present at home and personal devices, but it is not a far-fetch idea to expect it in business and

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commercial context in the near

advantage on convenience.


In a nutshell, here are some strategies that will help your content reach the top positions. 1. Voice search queries are longer than text search. Think about longertail keywords when optimising your content.

2. Search queries are more natural and come in question format typically triggered by words such as who, how, what, where, why, when, etc. so it is best to use these words.

3. Make sure you aim to meet SEO best practices such as page speed, mobile compliance, content that answers questions or solves problems, use of natural language, website security (properly installed SSL certificates), site authority, etc.

4. Aim for the “featured snippet” spot to increase your chances of being the top result for voice search. Pages that become featured snippets use SEO strategies: writing topic-specific content, anticipating questions and answering it in-depth, optimising for longtail keywords, thinking of synonyms and trigger words, understanding the customer’s search intent, optimising content on pages specific to the customer’s buying journey, using conversational language, using headings, using unique title and description tags for each page, include keywords at the beginning of sentences or paragraphs, using keywords in the URL of the page.

5. Use a Schema Markup. It is an important component you can add to your site to help you rank in voice search. With Schema Markup on your site, Google automatically makes marked-up information searchable by voice assistants.

Of the above, the Schema Markup could be the least practised probably because of the code that comes with it. Schema tells search engines what the page is all about (details such as company contacts, business hours, products, etc.). By adding a schema markup, you make it clear to search engines what your site is all about. SEO specialists can now add schema markup without the expert coding skills through Google Tag Manager (GTM). This page tells you how.

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SEO in the Voice-First World  

SEO in the Voice-First World  


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