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The Custom Audience is defined as a group of visitors that were able to meet Google’s pre-defined condition. This includes the audiences that can be created for new visitors, past purchasers, returning visitors, as well as users who visited a particular section of a site. It was also known that the custom audience is determined or created by Google. As soon as this is Google has recently rolled out a new report feature

built, it will then be published by Google in the

in its Analytics. The new feature is designed to

Analytics and will start to appear in the Audience

analyse the custom audiences of a website.

Report. The report will then display the following

Although a lot of digital marketers and website

metrics. Acquisition – These metrics reflect the volume of

owners are now aware of the new feature, many SEO experts view the recent move from Google as a

users that a specific audience is sending a

quiet rollout since it came without an official

particular website. This also includes data

announcement. Google, however, explained that

suggesting how the audience works to

they have been notifying the users as soon as they

consolidate potential new businesses.

log into Analytics.

Behavior – This provides information on how well

In an article published on February 1, 2018, Search

a website is capable of engaging a specific

Engine Journal shared an actual image (shown above)

audience. The data presented in this metrics is

of the notification that the qualified recipients have

based on the pages per session, time on site and

received. It can be seen that it comes with the “SEE

bounce rate.

REPORT” that when clicked triggers another

Conversions – This metrics measures how well a

announcement shown below.

particular audience performs when it comes to goal transactions and completions. Given the set of information it provides, the new Audience Report can be considered as a helpful tool for site owners and digital marketers. This is because it will assist them to determine how a specific audience is or is not performing as well as know how much time and budget they should spend on marketing towards that said segment of visitors.

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New Audiences Report Introduced in Google Analytics  

New Audiences Report Introduced in Google Analytics  


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