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Wind One wind turbine at a time

Together we can save the planet from pollution One Wind Turbine At A Time

By Rebecca Bailey

One wind turbine at a time

16 August 2011 Mr Tony Burke Minister for The Environment Dear Mr Burke, I am a year 6 student at St Margaret’s School, and for my unit of inquiry I am investigating the environmental and community impact of wind power. The information I have gathered has the ability to drastically reduce the worlds use of fossil fuel, and save our environment from pollution. I have written this letter to inform you of what is happening, and how the climate is changing. It is imperative that you know about climate change and what is happening in the world. I have come up with a way to save power and that is to get everyone to get wind turbines as you will save money. You can create your own wind farm and you will save money. You can buy turbines in different shapes and sizes to find the perfect match for you to use in your home. Wind turbines are environmentally friendly and harness the energy of wind, for low cost and zero pollution. My company supplies honest and contemporary information to help all of us save the planet. If we don’t do something about the earth it will always stay the same and no one can help to make the planet better. Together we can save the planet from pollution One Wind Turbine At A Time

By Rebecca Louise Bailey

2. Summary This booklet contains information about Rebecca’s Wind Turbine Power Company’s (RWTPC) a comprehensive plan to move Australia towards clean energy. It is a plan for all Australians who care about the environment. RWTPC plan to cut pollution and drive investment in cleaner energy sources such as solar, gas and wind. Along with new energy sources like geothermal and wave energy. At present RWTPC is focussing on power generated by wind. This booklet is designed to help you learn more about Wind Power and the great work that RWTPC is doing in saving the world. One friendly power station at a time. This cost to the consumer is nothing, zero, zilch, nata! Yes that’s right nothing! Because the wind is free and we just catch it and harness its energy, your energy bills will the same or less than usual.

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3. Statement of the issue or Problem The problems are many and we hear about them on the news every night Global warming Ozone layer depletion Forest destruction Reduction of fossil fuels

Melting Ice caps Carbon pollution Loss of native habitat Increase power costs

Solving the problems We cannot go back to undo the mess we have got the world in, however we can decide what we want to do in the future and how we want to do it? Global warming is the effect that all the smoke and pollution, often called green house gas, has on the environment and the ozone layer. If we all converted to wind power the strain on the earth could be drastically reduced. Melting ice caps the pollution is warming our earth too fast, and as a result the ice is melting at an alarming rate. Antarctica is spilt into two ice sheets east and west which is separated by mountains. The eastern Antarctic ice sheets are extremely cold and stable which means that is not ready to change. It is believed that the sheets would hold down temperatures across the vast continent which means that it spreads to a large space. If we destroy Antarctica, we will never be able to rebuild it, or regenerate the life that lives within it. Ozone layer is a gas that occurs in our atmosphere naturally. The ozone layer is mostly concentrated in the upper atmosphere. It is located in stratosphere which is miles above the Earth. The protection the Ozone layer provides to the earth, means it plays a vital role to humans and all life. People’s activities since decades ago have been producing chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons which is a chemical that effects the earth. Why is their a need for your power station? Well their are 52 power stations in Australia, too many of them are burning fossil fuels and polluting our beautiful earth. If we give people a better, safer, friendly option for their power, they will choose it. RWTPC plan to build wind power stations that will provide energy for whole cities. Starting in Berwick and then Melbourne, then all of Australia.

What environmental factors are important and what finite resources will this help save? Turbines: I will need turbines to sell to people. This will help people to start using wind power other than any other power. Wind power costs nothing and you will save your money by switching to wind power. Wind power: I will need wind to get the turbines to work. Wind will help by getting the turbines to work. The wind power will spin the turbines round and that generates power and that is called wind power. Soon we will run out on all our resources so I suggest that people change and make a difference to the world before it’s too late. There won’t be any more resources and we are the ones that are going to be paying for it when we get older.

4. Statement of goals and objectives How many homes will be powered? 5 to 20 KW. You divide 200000 divided by 7= 285714 homes will be powered by wind. You divide 2000000 by 7 because in an mw there are 1000000. What CO2 savings will there be? Their will be heaps of savings because you are using wind and wind is a resource in the world and you don’t need to pay for wind. How much do wind turbines cost? Wind turbines will vary depending on the cost and what type of machine. The location of the project, assessment and other factors. This includes construction, expenses, legal consultation, maintenance and repair. Most of the commercial-scale turbines installed today are 2 MW in size and cost roughly $3.5 million to install. The cost for a scale wind turbine is ranged from 1.2 million to 2.6 million per MW of a nameplate capacity installed. Carbon footprint You can see on this chart that a wind carbon emission is far less compared to the other energy generators. Coal’s energy intensity is 3.01. Soon we will run out of resources like: coal, gas, and water. This graph compares all the things that we use and is telling us how much we use. Also the graph compares

all the things form three different countries.

1. Description of the project

My design In my model I will design a background to stick on my cardboard. The background will be made out of recycled materials so we can be environmentally friendly so that we can save paper and not use as much as using a new piece of paper. Some recycled paper will be used to stick down for the bottom of the model. So it can sort of look like a real wind power model. I would like my model to look 3D so people can look at it and see how much I have done for the last sessions. I will make the turbines out of an ice cream container and cut the container out. It will be coloured in black. The bottom part was wrapped around in foil and that is to stand on the box. I will make the turbines different sizes so that my wind farm will have different turbines so it is suitable for people to buy a turbine for themself.

2. List of required resources To make my model I will need the list below:  Cardboard to use as my base so I can make the model  Moss for the ground to make it like a wind farm.  Paper for the background to make it look like their are more wind turbines in my wind plant.  Paper clips to clip things down onto the model.  Texas to decorate the paper by doing headings.  Fake grass to use for the ground as well as the moss.  Glue to stick things down.  Cellophane for the bottom of my model.  Black marker to colour the turbines in.  Ice-cream lid container to make the wind turbines.  Spilt pins to spin the turbines round.  Glad wrap tube

7. Budget Denmark wind power plant: To build the Denmark wind power plant in 2003 it took 20,000 people to build the Denmark power plant and people had a turnover to about 3billion euro. Euro is the official currency to euro zone. The money is also used in France. One of the biggest turbines was manufactures in vestas and siemens wind power which is in Demark. The Danish wind turbine industry is the world’s largest wind turbine. Phillipe Jack has gotten together with the Italian group to develop the first designer wind turbine for home usage. The turbines come in two designs. They will cost $3, 495, and 25. Jack Phillipe is a great designer and he has created many designers. The Hydro-Electric is establishing a wind farm on King Island at a total cost of about $2.5 million, a move which will further enhance Tasmania’s image as a clean producer of electricity.

8. Justication and supporting evidence Why do you know it will work? My wind plant will work because I’m going to help people by telling people how to set their turbine up. My wind plant will be bigger than heaps of other peoples. I will put the

price now as more people will be able to afford a wind turbine. Mine is going to be closer as I can’t find a wind power plant near where I live. Customers who come we will show you where everything is and we will inform you with what’s going on. 

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Before you buy your turbine you must make sure that you’re turbine is suitable for you and your garden. If you don’t set it up right it will not work and you will not be able to use it. You will probably need a planning permission to help you sort out where your turbine is going to go. Before you start to install your wind turbine you will need to decide whether you want to stay connected to the electrify supplier if so you will buy energy from your seller and you can buy it back from them. If you are going to mount your wind turbine on a tower make sure your lightning is protected in a place. Have fun setting up your turbine.


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