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Rebeca Quiroz Portfolio Urban Planning + Design Student University of Missouri Kansas City

Gardner Farm-to-Table Mobility Hub Rebeca Quiroz Villacis Dr. Frisch Mobility Hubs Board 1

Gardner Farm-to Table Mobility Hub

Permeable Plazas

2040 Site Plan

New Buildings

2040 Hub

Covered Market






Sidewalks C

Impervious Surfaces

Affordable Housing 3 Farm-to-Table Restaurant


Local businesses, Offices + Parking


Model 1




Mobility Hub 6 + Local Amenities Train Station + Ameneties




4 6

Existing Landmarks

Aquatic Center


Johnson County Fairgrounds


Farmer’s Market


Johnson County Library


City Hall


1” = 80’

BNSF Railway Co.


Quarter Mile Radius

7 F

° Model 1”=20’

MARC strategically chose locations for Mobility Hubs in the Kansas City Metro. Gardner’s mobility Hub intersects on historic Main and Center Street. The hub provides accessibility to the bus line, bike and car share, and commuter rail. Locals and visitors receive aesthetically pleasing, seamless transfers between modes of transportation. The hub is walking distance from local Farmto-Table amenities.

Gardner Farm-to-Table Mobility Hub Gardner Farm-to Table Mobility Hub

Rebeca Quiroz Villacis


I used the Urban Street Design Guide (NACTO) and Gardner’s working Main Street Corridor Plan for the street redesign on the quarter mile radius on Main and Center Street

I took the Johnson County Fair 4-H leaf clover dimensions and Madrid’s Atocha Train Station as the inspiration for my mobilty hub building

Mobility hub idea #1

Mobility hub idea #2

Final Mobility hub idea #3

The design incorporates the vision I heard from Gardner’s planners in a charrette we hosted at UMKC, it incorporates Gardner’s Main Street Corridor Plan, and accentuates the local culture and assets.

From Grey to Green

Contextual map of the Kensington Node and green public spaces on Lehigh Avenue of Philadelphia, PA.

The node design ignites old railroad tracks and vacant land into green public spaces. The Kensington Node provides its diverse ethnic neighborhood ADA accessible paths to parks and nearby light rail stations.

Troost and Armour I ran research on existing conditions to design new housing and economic development. Armour Boulevard, a part of the Parks and Boulevards network, has historical homes and landscape that provide an attractive walk or ride. Troost Avenue is an important throughway of Kansas City with a majority commercial and mixed-use land use. The intersection of these two throughways create a space for pedestrian activity, thriving businesses and exciting new housing.

Troost and Armour

The design incorporates public spaces, mixed-use development, and prioritizes pedestrian safety and activity for an attractive and vibrant community on Troost and Armour.

Signs as Wayfinding

Signs as Wayfinding

Signs as Wayfinding

Comparative Urbanism A study and comparative analysis on international metropolitan areas, urban cores, street grids and layouts

Comparative Urbanisms

Sequences: a study on Wayfinding The path led me past human-scaled buildings, quaint store, and houses infused with local history and modern architecture. Many walk through the neighborhood, but there is scarce seating. To encourage outdoor activity and walking, my intervention included outdoor seating and planters to enjoy the quiet community garden or people-watch with your pet dog.

Ink on Mylar

Typology in Kansas City

A study on Typology and Morphology of building types and their interaction with space Ink on Mylar


Urban Design Portfolio


Urban Design Portfolio