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Rebeca Andrea Nekane

2n ESO

Andrea Rebeca Nekane


Active Neat Decent Realistic Elegant Adventurous


Realistic Equitable Bilingual Excellent Confidential Artistic


Neat Enviable Kind Active Natural Emotional

Sagrada Família There are a lot of tourists visiting this monument by Antoni Gaudí. It’s very famous. It’s not finished yet.

Pedrera It’s a famous building. Some people live there.It was designed and built by Antoni Gaudí. It’s modernist. A lot of people visit it. It’s expensive to get in.

Parc Güell • Parc Güell is a big beautiful park. It’s free to get in. A lot of things you can see there were built by Antoni Gaudí. There are a lot of tourists. You can jog around the park, and practise sports.

Passeig de Gràcia • It’s a very long and wide street. In this street there a lot of expensive shops. It’s in the Gràcia residential area. It’s a very famous place and we like it very much!!

Montjuïc fountanis • They are in Montjuïc, near the mountain. They are lit in different colours at night. A lot of tourists visit them and take photos. They have different shapes. They are very beautiful!

Barça’s Museum • It’s near the Camp Nou. There are a lot of memories about the history of Barça. For example: photos, T-shirts, cups and another things. You can go to the changing room. It’s expensive to get in.

Tibidabo • It’s an amusement park. It’s in the mountain, in the outskirts of Barcelona. There are many attractions: a roller coaster, the Hotel Krüeger... It’s very fun and there are a lot of people!


descriptions the best monuments in Barcelona, and our name.