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By Matías pernas Ies san Fernando

My family: My dad and my mum are really friendly and really hard workers. I’ve got a sister. Her name is Elena. She is smaller than me and she is very funny. She has got red hair and green eyes. I’m the eldest brother. I’ve got short black hair and blue eyes. I’m neither tall nor short.

Well let’s start with the story: I am an average student but my city is quite a different thing. It is full of cemeteries and everybody likes that… except me. I hate cemeteries but my parents don’t understand why.

They say cemeteries are so cool and they say that all the time. It’s so boring! But one day everything changed…

Zombies thought ours was the best town in the world so they woke up. They started to walk and sing all around the town. And they didn’t know why people were running and screaming - “help help!!”

And guess who was the only person who wasn’t scared… it was me! I don’t like cemeteries but I am not scared.

Finally the zombies were alone in the town. They occupied the town. The most authoritarian zombie became the mayor. The strongest zombie was the firefighter.

The zombie children were the students and the smartest zombie was the teacher.

My sister and I work with zombies because they are so funny. But my parents don’t like it. Therefore I am writing this story from Argentina the furthest place away from zombies.

Ah! The zombies from my old town are now my friends in tuenti.

The zombie´s return  

A town is invaded by some funny zombies

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