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By Santi Barber & Polox IES San Fernando

Polox is a machine. He has grey metallic skin grey hair and green eyes.

He has a robodog called Sorty also with grey metallic skin and blue eyes.

Polox had an idea…he wanted To go to the Moon and he did it.

He had always wanted to go to the Moon!!!

In the Moon Polox and his dog met some monsters of different colours: green, orange and blue.

The monsters didn’t know the grey color and they were very surprised.

Peter fell in love with the queen of the Moon.

The enemies of the colored monster kidnapped their queen

With the help of Sorty, Polox released the Queen after a big battle.

Polox married the Queen of the Moon. He became the King of the Moon. They had a lot of children: the princesses of the Moon.

Polox and Sortie  

Robots fly to the moon and met a Queen

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