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Practical repurposing

THE IDEA: Recycling old furniture for new purposes around the house is a great way to minimize the financial and economical cost of upgrading your bathroom. Old dressers and nightstands are great for towel and toiletry storage, and often just require some sandpaper, paint and elbow grease. If you don’t have a spare chest of drawers laying around, a quick search of local classifieds is sure to reveal a plethora of low cost and free choices. ADDED BONUS: Repurposing old or spare furniture for bathroom use means you’re likely not concerned with keeping it in original condition, so you’re free to try all sorts of paint and stain options until you find something you love.


Handy accessories

THE IDEA: Built-in benches, caddies and shelving make bathing more convenient and enjoyable. While disposable plastic caddies and shower seats are common in family bathrooms, premanufactured stone and wood pieces offer a permanent and secure solution to storage and seating in the shower. We say minimizing clutter while improving the overall appearance of the bathroom is a win for any homeowner. ADDED BONUS: Built-in benches, shower caddies and shelving can blend perfectly into your bathroom’s existing design, and don’t necessarily require a new shower unit.

Making your bathroom more functional should be as enjoyable as it is practical. The Re-Bath process is designed to do exactly that. We start by pairing you with a design consultant to guide you through the entire remodel process, and to make sure you’ll love the finished result for many years to come.



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Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.

Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.