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Here are the dos and don’ts for reaching the best results!

THE HOTTEST TRENDS IN FAUCET FINISHES • Two-toned finishes are returning • Matte Black in combination with finishes such as: Chrome, Stainless, and Gold • All Matte Black • Satin Brass, Aged Brass, Unfinished Brass • Satin Gold • Champagne Bronze • Copper With so many choices, the trickiest part of mixing metals is knowing how to create a delicate balance to achieve a mixed metal look without looking too crazy. Mixing metals is such a hot design trend because it adds depth to the room and looks beautiful. 1 It gives the room balance. 2 It creates a “collected” look. 3 The result is a unique

and personal feel.

(Your bathroom deserves better than looking like everything came from one collection in a hardware store)


• Pick a dominant metal. This metal should be the finish used for the majority of the features in your bathroom. The best place to start is by choosing a metal finish for your favorite hardware, faucet or light fixture and using that as an anchor in the bathroom. • Choose one or two supporting metals. Combinations to try; Bronze with Copper, Gold with polished Silver or Gold with Chrome. When choosing an accent metal, Black is always a safe bet. You can frame mirrors, your shower enclosure, and art with Black as your accent to use with almost every metal finish. Repeat each metal at least twice. • Pay attention to color. Warmer metals will work best in bathrooms that also have a warm color palette. For bathrooms that have shades of greens, blues and violets, it would be best to use cooler metals like nickel and chrome. For more neutral color bathrooms in shades of earth tones, use a mixture of both warm and cool metals to create a sophisticated appearance.


• Overdo it. Sometimes less is more. Make sure you don’t have all the metals in one room. In general, you don’t want to use more than 3 metal finishes in any one room. Bathrooms are small spaces and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Select one metal to use most and then incorporate different metals with door handles, mirrors, faucets, vanity knobs or light fixtures. • Incorporate different finishes. If it has the same function, always use the same finish. For example, the sink faucet should be the same metal as the tub spout and shower head. • The bathroom will look best if mixed with a combination cool and warm metals. Don’t be limited by old rules. Examples of cool metals include chrome, stainless steel, nickel, pewter (and to a lesser extent–black) while warmer metals include brass, bronze, gold, rose gold and copper. There are so many great combinations. A bathroom has plenty of opportunities to mix metals, from the plumbing fixtures to the accessories. The most important thing to remember is that it’s all about keeping a balance and paying attention to your color scheme.



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Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.

Re-Bath Effortless Issue 3 2018  

Bathroom design inspiration by Re-Bath.