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- FLossTRAdAmUs, Who pLAyEd A bANG-Up pULp iN ApRiL oF 2008, WiTh A LivE pERFoRmANCE FRom FELLoW Chi-ToWNER Kid sisTER.

the drink specials no one could afford it. Without the good promotion and the national brand no one would have tried it. Without a great venue and bar staff, no one would have come back, and without great DJs and guests we wouldn’t have anything to talk about when we got there. “I am constantly fighting to give them the best possible experience. I also talk a lot - especially when I am drunk. I think I am honest to a fault when it comes to our patrons. I ask for support when we need it. I complain when they don’t. I guess I am a bit of a baby like that. That might make me look weak sometimes but any promoter who thinks their support comes from some internal charm is fooling themselves.”

bEsT momENT AT pULp?

“The first time I discovered the DJ booth was sturdy enough to stand on and the rafters could hold my body weight.”

WoRsT momENT?

“Probably last week when George unplugged the DJ equipment while I was spinning. There must be something worse than that but I can’t think of it right now.”

bEsT NiGhT?

“Toss-up between Diplo and Flosstradamus/Kid Sister.”

mosT EmbARRAssiNG?

“One night I passed out while I was DJing. I slammed down a bottle of blueberry vodka in about half an hour. I remember stumbling backward, grabbing Eagles [Desert Eagle, guest DJ at PULP that night], putting my arm around him, then slinking to the floor.

bEsT dRUNK Food iN yboR?

“Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza from that place right next to the Bodega. The pizza place with no A/C. Or cheesy bread from that other pizza place across from the ally behind Czar. Wow. I better learn some street names.”

bEsT hANGovER mEAL? “Saganaki at Acropolis.”

piZZA oR TACos?

“That is actually the hardest question you’ve asked me. Those are the only two foods I really like. It’s like choosing between Steak and Egg (my cats).”

ANd FiNALLy, ThE mosT impoRTANT QUEsTioN ... Why WoULd ANyoNE WiLLiNGLy CoNsUmE so mUCh JoosE!?

“JOOSE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE INTOXICATION DELIVERY SYSTEM KNOWN TO MAN.” Trading the Weekend Warriors for a far more dedicated weeknight variety, PULP is now every Wednesday night. Same club, same DJs, almost the same drink specials. How about trying a Thursday hangover on for size?



“At that point Laura, one of the bartenders, ran up to the booth and put on the next track then ran around the club looking for Justin to finish my set. They rolled me under the table and finished the night. Around 3:30 they dumped a bucket of ice on me. I promptly threw up in the empty bucket and two members of the bar staff dragged 170 pounds of dead weight to the backseat of my car.”

This past March, renowned DJ and producer Diplo (who is the responsible party for bringing baile to the masses, and is probably best known as the producer of M.I.A’s debut album) played what PULP promoter Paul Geller confirms as “the best guest DJ set ever at PULP, hands down.”


Diplo chimed in to recount his experience, and pimp his folks’ bait shop. REAX: You were born and bred in Florida and have probably been involved in the club scene since you were in diapers. How’d Tampa play up to your expectations? Do we dance good? diplo: Was cool. I’m very east side, New Smyrna/ Daytona, but used to head west to see great bands like Assück perform. Shows how old I am! You guys danced pretty well … could have done a bit more windmills, though,


In March of 2008, PULP went local. After killing a handful of guest spots at PULP, Geller invited Tampa’s own Crate Brothers (aka MES and Oprah Spinfrey) to take over the decks in Cyberia. Playing yin to Pauly’s yang, the Crates immediately owned their new residency, playing everything from old-school hip-hop to ‘80s crowd-pleasers. It was, apparently, an educational experience. CRATE bRos pREsENT:

10 THINGS WE LEARNED AT PULP 1. How to mix. 2. After dropping

the Promise Ring’s “Deep South” at 1:30 a.m. and clearing the dance floor in record time, I realized that no matter how much I love Braid, Knapsack, Mineral, Sarge, etc., I will NEVER play any “emo bangers” after midnight.


3. Mom jeans ain’t just for moms anymore. 4. Just ‘cause you love something, it doesn’t mean the party will. If, after the fifth time you drop a new track, the dance floor stays empty, keep it on the iPod. 5. When you “make it rain,” someone has to “clean it up.”


Popular belief states that drunk kids will dance to just about anything. That statement is simply not true.

7. If you preface a request with the phrase

REAX: Best moment of the night (that you remember)? d: Playing Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” with 2 Live Crew over the top.

“I respect what you’re playing but … ,” the cards will not fall in your favor. If you think Rick Ross sucks, say it. If you hate that I’m playin’ Jordy, tell it. But don’t follow that up with a request. Cause chances are, you’re gonna be gettin’ the gas face.

REAX: You comin’ back? d: Yeah … I love to support Florida. It’s always a bit difficult to get kids excited about new music, but FL has the best energy and I want to keep blowing up the scene.

8. Some ladies that you didn’t think could dance to some reggae can, in fact, dance to some reggae. 9. Club kids have no sense of timing. Don’t request “I Follow You Into the Dark” when I’m playing Mobb

I remember how excited I was living in Orlando years ago when I was still in high school and the underground was huge. Let’s keep it going there. And, my parents own a bait shop, so I’ll be there catching shrimp until I die. Check it out! (

Deep. Yeah, we love Death Cab just as much as the next guy, but pick your battles, son.

10. Pauly is “that dude.” As much as I’d like to engage in some friendly ribbing regarding said promoter’s penchant for moccasins and flashlights, he runs a tight ship and rolls with a talented crew. That guy truly cares about the kids that come out to dance. JUNE 2009 REAX MUSIC MAGAZINE


REAX #37  

REAX - June 2009

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