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InkJoy Pens Product Research Creative Notes Campaign Feat. One Direction

Creative Brief

InkJoy Pens Creative Brief Client/ Client Contact Information:

Debbie Funk | 801-425-8229 |

Project: Develop a strong campaign to help Paper Mate’s InkJoy pens stand out amongst other pen products during this upcoming back-to-school season.

Prepared by:

Reason Robles | 909-437-2310 |

Step One | The Background/ The Overview: This campaign will be launched during the upcoming Back-to-School season. The season is the biggest for sales of all pens my Paper Mate and its competitors. This will be the first Backto-School season where Paper Mate will be featuring their new product InkJoy pens. InkJoy pens introduce a new form of writing with their latest advanced ink technology. They are based off of the roller-ball pen design but provide a butter-like writing experience. The new product also comes in a variety of bold colors making the pens stylistic and modern. The main reason for this campaign is to deliver the message to consumers that there is a new form of writing experience available with the new InkJoy pens and that they do not only make writing effortless, but they are modern and stylish; everyone must have one. It is important to portray the pens as “cool” during this Back-to-School campaign.

Step Two | The Objective: What is the purpose of this campaign? This campaign should promote the sales of InkJoy pens. Out-of-store advertisements should provide a “call-to-action” that either brings consumers to stores to buy InkJoy pens or triggers a recollection of the ad when the consumer is already in a store for an alternative reason, prompting consumers to then purchase InkJoy pens. In-store campaign props/advertisements should be eye-catching, large in scale, and interactive. They should be “over the top,” so to speak.

Step Three | The Target Audience: Who are we talking to? The majority of our target audience consists of middle school and high school students (teens and preteens). Both demographics are usually very concerned with their overall image and are

greatly influenced by fashion, music, and teen idols. However we must not forget the parents of these children because in the end they are the ones paying for all the back-to-school supplies.

Step Four | The Message: What is the single most important thing to say? InkJoy pens are not your ordinary pen because they write smooth and create an effortless writing experience and will prove to be the most “cool” and fun” accessory for students to have as they go back to school this year.

Step Five: What are the supporting rational/emotional ‘reasons to believe and buy?’ Rationally, InkJoy advanced ink pens make it easier to write. InkJoy is a quality pen that you can buy for not much more than your regular ball-point pens. For just a dollar or so more, consumers can get quality, long-lasting pens in a variety of colors. The style and colors of the pens make it easy for consumers to feel like they are personalizing whatever they write on, giving the consumer a shallow emotional tie to the personalized writing tool.

Step Six: What else will assist creative development? The following is basically how Paper Mate paints a picture of InkJoy. The image also includes an example of the InkJoy and Paper Mate logos as well as the preexisting color scheme and visual identity of the brand:

Step Seven | The Schedule: What do we need from the creative team? When do we need it? April 25th | Initial creative review of rough pencil sketches reflecting ideas for a campaign May 4th | Review revised creative: Digital rough drafts; half sized, true to InkJoy color scheme May 22nd | Final internal creative presentation with complete mock-ups in correct medium for each area of campaign June 15th | Client creative and media presentation; Full size, full cover. Hand or computer generated granted the area of campaign July 5th | (Digital/print/video/other) final material delivers to broadcaster/ publisher

Client Services Checklist: Do we have sufficient reference sources: previous ads, brochures, competitor ads, books, videos or websites? Do we have contact info/ links to people, research or recourses that can help the creative team? Do we need a supplement brief/ info for a long format, social media, direct response, or new communication? What are the client requirements versus client preferences? Is is clear from the client what must be in the communication, and what might be in the communication? What are the client requirements versus client preference? Do we represent the client’s issues, concerns, wishes?

Secondary Research

Bringing it all Together

InkJoy Pens Product Research Who Would Purchase/Use InkJoy Pens: The demographics of the people who will use this product range from elementary children to retired seniors. Everyone can and does use InkJoy pens, however, for this specific campaign Paper Mate is expecting the majority of their sales to thrive off of the middle school and high school demographics, as well as their parents (mostly mothers).

Where These People Would Purchase InkJoy Pens: Because the range in demographics is so large, InkJoy pens will be available at most grocery stores, office stores, and stores such as Walmart or Target, making it more conveniently accessible. However, the only stores that will be receiving displays are Walmart, Target and the office stores: Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples.

What InkJoy Pens Would be Priced at: Currently, Paper Mate is charging about $5.49 for a 4-pack of pens while their closest competitors are all charging around $4.49 for a 4-pack. For this campaign Paper Mate will honor previously implemented pricing.

Where in the Store InkJoy Pens Would be Located: The main stores that Paper Mate will be utilizing for campaign have designated pen isles with advanced ink sections. InkJoy pens will be present there as well as one of the main isles close to the front of the store utilizing a large display.

How the Product Will be Promoted: The product itself will be promoted through the promotion of the band One Direction’s presence in the new campaign. In-store promotions will include a large display for InkJoy pens as well as directional and decorative signs for pen isles, all utilizing the image of One Direction. A contest, awarding the winners a “meet n’ greet” with the members of One Direction, will also be used to promote InkJoy pens in and out of the stores. The contest will be advertised in magazines targeting middle school children (ex. Tiger Beat) and high school children (ex. Seventeen). The Contest will be advertised in a commercial airing on TV channels targeting the specific demographics (ex. ABC Family, Disney Channel, MTV, Cartoon Network). To make sure these demographics purchase InkJoy Pens and don’t just enter the contest, Paper Mate will mention in these advertisements a limited time edition One Direction pencil box only available at the stores specified above.

InkJoy Pens Product Research Research Objective: To identify what factors will distinguish the advantages of Paper Mate’s InkJoy pens from other pen products and what factors will attract members of the designated demographics to purchase InkJoy pens during the Back to School season.

SWOT Analysis of InkJoy Pens: Strengths


InkJoy has created a fun, vibrant, and stylistic image for itself.

InkJoy is a brand within a brand: Paper Mate. This can cause confusion among consumers.

InkJoy has the identity of a reliable brand because of its lineage from the Paper Mate brand.

The body of InkJoy pens look like regular ball point pens, making it hard for consumers to distinguish the difference of their advanced ink product versus other pen products.

InkJoy is the only major brand of advanced ink pens that can be found globally among different stores.



Appeal to specific demographic using celebrities that they identify with.

Competitors offer the same product for as cheap as a dollar less per pack.

Pen sales greatly increase during Back-to-School sales.

Competitors have started to build a stylistic identity for their advanced ink pens.

Sales of single pens. Interactive in-store displays. Sales of multiple pens of a single color sold in packs.

Certain competitors have introduced the sale of separate single pens.

Concept Statement for Marketing Campaign: We will be launching a Back to School campaign for Paper Mate’s InkJoy pens. The campaign will be directed at junior high and high school age groups and will incorporate the presence of teen idols in the campaign to attract those age groups. We will heavily utilize in-store displays and advertising, as well as televised, printed, and social media to get the campaign across to teens and preteens.

Positioning Statement for InkJoy Pens: InkJoy pens are not your ordinary pen because they write smooth and create an effortless writing experience and will prove to be the most “cool” and fun” accessory for students to have as they go back to school this year.

Product vs. Brand:

Product: InkJoy is a pen offered in a variety of sleek and modern designs housing a palette of vivid ink colors to help consumers express what they need through their writing imagination. Brand: InkJoy pens are stylish and practical.

InkJoy Pens Product Research What the Competition Charges: Foray and G2 Advanced Ink pens are the most closest in comparison when it comes to price to InkJoy Advanced Ink pens. Both brands typically charge $4.69 for a four pack while Paper Mate currently charge $5.49 for a 4-pack of advanced ink pens.

What Consumers are Willing to Pay for Advanced Ink: The average consumer is willing to pay anywhere between $4.00 and $5.99 for a smoother writing pen. The amount they are willing to pay depends on the style of the pens, the quantity, and the color(s).

Our Pricing Strategy:

For this campaign Paper Mate will charge $5.49 for a 4-pack of InkJoy pens and $10.49 for a 10-pack of InkJoy pens. Paper Mate will charge $12.49 for the limited edition One Direction Pencil box containing 5 InkJoy pens.

Wholesale vs. Retail:

This campaign thrives on strictly retail store sales because of the exclusivity of the campaign. The specific InkJoy pens that will be incorporated in this campaign will not be available for wholesale, however the regular packaging of InkJoy pens will continue to be available wholesale distribution and will continue to be based on Paper Mates standard wholesale pricing prior to the campaign.

Price Comparison InkJoy Advanced Ink: 4 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.49 8 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.49

Foray Advanced Ink: 4 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.69 8 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.99

G2 Advanced Ink: 4 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.69

Uniball Advanced Ink: 3 Pack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.49

Where InkJoy Pens will be Introduced: InkJoy pens will remain in the stores where they have already been introduced but the exclusive accessories of the campaign will only be introduced to the stores: Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples.

SWOT Analysis of Foray Advanced Ink Pens: Strengths The in-store marketing for Foray pens are done very well. All types of Foray pens, including advanced ink, are offered for sale in singles and with no packaging. All forms of pens are offered in a variety of vibrant colors, not just the standard black, blue, and red inks. When in Office Depot it is not clear to consumers that Foray is an in-store brand.


Weaknesses All Foray pen products are currently an Office Depot in-store brand and are not available at any other store besides Office Depot. Foray is not just an advanced ink product; the brand offers several types of pens. All types of pens have the same body, which can be confusing to consumers when trying to purchase a specific kind of pen.


Foray has a strong image that could thrive in stores other than Office Depot if the brand decided to expand beyond an in-store brand.

Office Depot is currently merging with Office Max and the future of their separate in-store brands are to be determined.

Foray can advertise outside of the store utilizing both electronic and print medias.

Because competitors are not instore brands they get to utilize different medias outside of stores for advertising.

Ink Joy Pen Marketing Campaign  

by Reason Robles This is a fictional back to school campaign in which I conducted secondary and primary research and then executed advertisi...