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TP Lesson Plan Name: Rea Panou Length: 50’

Class Profile:

Week: 12 Level:Upper-Intermediate

Day: Thursday Date:29/03/2012

A group of 6-8 learners most of whom are Greek. After completing a 30’ unseen lesson

with them the conclusion I have drawn are the following: The group loves to use their L1. Every chance they get, they stop using English and switch to Greek. Secondly, I noticed that it is a group that gets bored easily and generally it is hard to please. If they are not interested in the lesson, they shut down and they do not participate. Lastly, it was obvious that the group does not follow instructions easily even when they are thoroughly given and overall they are not particularly willing to participate. Also, they tend to get the teacher’s role in order to explain instructions to their classmates always in L1. More specifically, Fotis: Greek. A disruptive student who always tries to attract attention. Uses L1. Tends to interrupt other students and monopolise the conversation. Nikos: Greek. He has problems with pronunciation, but he is fluent and his level of English is good. Sevasti: Greek. She lacks motivation and uses L1 a lot. Maria: She is a silent learner. She talks only when addressed to directly but her level of English is good. Maria: Greek. A very strong student, willing to participate and very motivated. Niki: Greek. A quite strong student as well, participates a lot and seems to be motivated. Roula: Greek. Mostly silent, needs an extra motivation in order to participate.

Lesson Aims/ Objectives for students


Primary Aim:

Writing Task. Ss will be shown a sample film review and after the sample is analysed in terms of genre, content language, they will be asked to produce a similar review.

By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to write a film review.

Secondary Aim: Ss will be given the chance to practice Skim reading to get the gist of the text and Scan reading to spot specific information in the text.

Ss will have to read the text quickly in order to check their predictions. Ss will have to read a text carefully in order to extract specific vocabulary from the text


Target Language Examples

Concept Questions




When sth is slow-moving does it move quickly?

thrilling When sth is thrilling is it boring? intriguing

When sth is intriguing does it keep you interested?


When sth is predictable can you tell what will happen in the end?


When sth is average is it excellent or good?


When sth is disappointing is it successful?

Source Aids/Handouts : Landmark, Advanced, Student’s book, Unit 9, pp.71-72, Oxford. Adapted handouts.

Resources and Images: movies_start_from_alphabat_t.html

Linguistic assumptions: The learners, being upper intermediate, have already been exposed to a variety of genres concerning writing and they will have the chance to revise writing a review.


Anticipated Language Difficulties


Ss may have difficulty in coming up with a movie to write a review about.

T will provide information about some classic movies to help Ss.

Ss may be unfamiliar with the format and the purpose of a film review.

T will try to elicit and present the layout and the purpose of the review.

Ss may encounter problems when writing the review themselves, concerning grammar and vocabulary. Ss may have difficulty using the checklist to assess each other work.

T will be monitoring Ss work and assisting them if necessary. T will guide Ss through it showing them how to use it.

Timetable Fit: This is an upper intermediate class who will benefit from exposure to different writing genres in order to be able to cope with their production as well as their comprehension.

Board Plan(s)

Projections Picture PowerPoint Presentation

Brainstorming Ss ideas and vocabulary


CELTA Lesson Plan

Name: Rea Panou

Date: 29/03/2012

PROCEDURE Teacher Activity

Learner Activity

Warm Up


T projects a picture on the WB and asks Ss questions about it.

Ss respond to T’s questions and talk about the picture.

Set the context. Activate Background knowledge Elicit topic vocabulary






2’ – 3’


Pre Writing

T gives Ss HO1 with sentences concerning the organization of the text. T asks Ss to work in groups and guess the order in which the information will appear in the text. T writes Ss predictions on the WB. T asks ICQ’s to ensure understanding. T gives Ss HO2 (sample film review). T asks Ss to read the text quickly in order to check their predictions. T elicits way of reading. T receives Ss feedback

Ss work in groups, discussing about the order of the information.

Leave room for prediction Give Ss a reason for reading the sample review.

HO1 WB Projector

Ss→ Ss

2’ -4’

Ss report their predictions to the T.

T→ Ss

Ss read the text quickly in order to check their predictions.

Practice Skim reading Ss check their predictions


S→ individual work

2’ -3’

Ss report their answers to the T.

Task Feedback


T→ Ss



While Writing

Post Writing

Ta asks Ss questions concerning the genre, audience and purpose of the text. T asks Ss to read the text again in order to extract specific vocabulary from the text. T tells Ss to work in pairs in order to help each other.

Ss respond to T’s questions Ss work in pairs to extract the topic vocabulary.

Elicit/Present layout of the film review

WB Projector

S1→ S2


T receives Ss feedback and presents new vocabulary items.

Ss report their feedback.

Task feedback Present new vocabulary.




T asks several questions about the sample text concerning the organization. T asks Ss to imagine that a magazine has asked them to write a review about a film that they have watched. T asks Ss to work in groups in order to produce a film review. T may give Ss info about movies if they have trouble thinking about one (HO4). T asks Ss to imagine that they are the

Ss work with the text and respond to T’s questions.

Guide Ss to form and content of the writing task.

Ss think of a movie and produce a film review.

Practice writing a film review.


Ss→ Ss T→ monitoring and assisting


Ss read each other’s reviews and assess each other’s work.

Task feedback Discuss and assess the


Ss→ Ss T→ facilitating

5’ – 7’



editors of the magazine. T asks Ss to exchange their reviews. T gives Ss a checklist (HO5) to be used to assess both film reviews produced. T asks ICQs to ensure understanding.

layout of the review. Lg feedback


Lesson Plan 9  

Evidence Class Profile: A group of 6-8 learners most of whom are Greek. After completing a 30’ unseen lesson Secondary Aim: Ss will have to...

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