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Web & Social Media 1: Design Times Tools, processes, and techniques used in the production of digital media including illustration, image manipulation, and layout of text, graphics, video, and interactive media.

Firstname Lastname • Period X • May 17, 2019

Favorite Project 1

Favorite Project 2

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Semester 2 Projects

Ironman Text & Photoshop Dispersion

Your Favorite Project This Semester

Through ACA TestPrep I have learned numerous tricks that helped me with construction on Photoshop and Illustrator

Marvel Mockup

This mockup was the beginning for what would later be my about me app. The overall sturcture is very beginner, you can see my growth throught this project.


Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

Figma Mockup

Figma, in my opinion, was more complex yet easier to use. This mockup was in fact the about me app I had mentioned before. I loved the construction of this app. It was quite fun

Reanna Granados ~ Period 7

In this project, we recreated the name plate text for the movie “Iron Man�. We used layer styles, layer masks, and a blend mode to create the visual effect of scratched but shiny surface of the Iron Man suit. I am greatly satisfied with the overall outcome of this project.

Semester 2 Personal Logo

This project was quite quick. i liked the fact that I could incorporate my Snapchat bitmoji. It came out pretty good.

May 17, 2019



y life as an only girl in a family of four proves to play a huge part in how I present myself. From the time I was a chubby baby, chewing on her fingers and carrying around her favorite “Boo” doll, to now a senior graduate in preparation for joining the military. I have shown to be a girl with high standards and tough skin and thanks to the fostering of my family I feel I can achieve anything really. In my younger years I had it all. My family was functional and I grew up with all my loved ones close to me. But as we grow, we learn what loss and pain is. Let’s start off with the year 2014 because


Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

this is the year that everything changed. I was 12 going on 13 when my best friend and favorite person exited my life. The loss of a parent will forever haunt you. I went through numerous stages of depression. It was hard to get me out of bed most days. I became sick of my own actions and decided I needed to change. I didn’t want to be moping around all day, half dead. I wanted to be my regular self again. This was when I turned myself around. I grew and found myself again. It was hard but I pulled through. I knew I needed to be there for my brothers and for my mom. In a way I’m glad that everything happened

Reanna Granados ~ Period 7

May 17, 2019

because, 1. I know everything happens for a reason, and 2. I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m proud of myself for being tough enough to get through my loss. I was only 13 then and even that didn’t stop me. As the years progressed I bloomed and though at times I faced most crucial hardshps I pulled through. The chubby little girl I once was is in someways still me. The same, ambitions, the same strength, the same everything ( except stature of course. ) I continue to live my life in the best way I can make it and even if things aren’t always in my favor, I put the effort in to change things. It’ shard to say exactly

what the future holds but in my head I see myself living my best life in Verona, Italy with a house right next to the water. I am finally able to take care of my mom and brothers. With that, I am able to enjoy my life and relax. Now with my goals set I need to focus on the future and strive for any accomplishment I put my mind too.




Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

Reanna Granados ~ Period 7

May 17, 2019

Semester 1 Projects

Line Art project

My Line Art Illustration is based off of a picture that was taken while my family and I were downtown. This assignment was used as an introduction to the tools used in my Web and Social Media Design class. A variety of lines and curves ultimately make us this project. It was quite stressful due to the time limit I was under. Although I did not finish the project completely, I am still satisfied with the overall outcome.

Charactoon 1

This Charactoon is a fox. It was executed exactly like the Wolverine Charactoon. A tutorial was provided for this project and even though there was a step by step example it was quite difficult to get everything in the right places

Block Style Illustration

This is my Block Art Illustration. It is based off a picture of a wind chime that is hung in my home. It is constructed of of numerous shapes and blocks using layers. This is another one of my favorites. The process of finishing this piece was a smooth one. I also finished this project the fastest.

Charactoon 2

This is a Wolverine “Charactoon” . There was a tutorial provided for this project which ultimately helped to execute the right lines, curves, and shapes.

Dirty Water Drop

This is a dirty drop of water was illustrated on Adobe Illustrator. It was assigned to expand our knowledge on the tools that are used in class. It was quite easy, due to the fact there was a step by step guide we could use. Compared to my other projects I have to say this is one of my favorites and one of the easiest to complete.

Personal Logo

This is the personal logo in which I created for my “business.” There was a variety of logos I had made which ultimately made it difficult to choose however in the end, this one seemed to stand out the most.


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Year-long Reflections From the start of this year to the end, Web and Social Media Design 1 has been a class that I enjoyed. The projects presented to the students have been quite interesting and entertaining. Examples include, The Line Art illustration, Block Illustration, Charactoons, as well as a Personal Logo. These projects, which were perfomed in the Adobe Illustrator App, opened the door to online design for me and my fellow students. It was quite difficult in


Web & Social Media 1: Design Times

the beginning due to the fact that I had no experience whatsoever with online design or any design really. Even through the difficulty however, I pulled through and continued to learn. The next projects were performed on the Adobe Photoshop App. Those projects being, the Iron Man logo, Dispersion as well as some others. These projects were next level in difficulty but they somehow seems more fun to do. Over all, this class has taught me a lot.

Reanna Granados ~ Period 7

May 17, 2019


Web and Social Media Full Year Portfolio  

Web and Social Media Full Year Portfolio