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September 27, 1865 By:  Anaa  Malik,  Ahmed  Salem,  Hee  Won  Kim,  and  Eissah Aminzada

Issue No. Seventeen

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In todays issue we  will talk about last  nights Oscars, Local  news, and new  issues arising in  Padua. 

proof that anyone can get married?

Katherine Minola, Padua’s well known shrew,  has recently, and surprisingly, been wed. Baptista  Minola, her father, had concluded that Bianca  shall not be married, until her sister does. At first,  there seemed no hope. Who would marry this  well known ruffian shrew? The man who intends  to tame her, of course, Petruchio De Luca. 

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Lucentio has a doppelganger?

Recently Lucentio  Romano’s  faithful  servant  Tranio Rossi was found to be acting as Lucentio.  While  Lucentio  disguised  himself  as  Cambio  to  get into Baptista Minola’s house, Tranio took his  place as Lucentio. Surprisingly the two look very  alike.

Lucentio De Luca and Katherine Minola’s disastrous wedding.

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Taming of the shrew oscars given out!

In yesterdays  Oscar  awards,    Padua’s  very  own  Taming  of  the  Shrew  received  over  2  Oscars  for  the  actor  and  actress  role  plays.  The  director  received  an  award  as  well.  The  books  mind  blowing scenes, such as Katherine’s speech at the  end won it its victory!

Tranio disguised as Lucentio

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Taming Of The Shrew




Wedding ends in disaster

Proof anyone can get married?

Katherine Minola, Padua’s well known  shrew, has recently, and surprisingly, been  wed. Baptista Minola, her father, had  concluded that Bianca shall not be married,  until her sister does. At first, there seemed  no hope. Who would marry this well known  ruffian shrew? The man who intends to  tame her, of course, Petruchio De Luca.  When they first met Katherine instantly did  not take liking to Petruchio, but he insisted  upon the marriage of them both. Katherine  denied and declined Petruchio many a  times, but Petruchio did not take notice and  extemporaneously planned the wedding for  Sunday afternoon, where Petruchio and  Katherine would officially be husband and  wife. Would the two fiery shrews survive  over a day as a couple? Would they go  through with the wedding? It seems they  did. Wedding.

With great tarry Petruchio finally arrived in  outrageous clothes and with a wanton  behavior. He quickly warranted their love  and took off hastily with the bride, not  staying for his own wedding dinner. Grumio  Marino, his servant, stated that upon their  ride home Petruchio fell off his horse and  fought with Grumio till poor Katherine had  to come stop the fight. They got home and  he once again fought with his servants for  not feeding him the right food, and he  scolded the tailor for not stitching the  sleeves right. It seems Petruchio is more a  shrew than Katherine!   Tamed?

The Collector, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | Page 2 | he two were recently seen in Lucentio and  Bianca’s wedding reception. Katherine  appeared calm and very unlike herself.  Many were questioning. What has Petruchio  done? At the reception, three newly wedded 

As seen in the  wedding, this is  Katherine’s dress  for sale! from 200  crowns to only  190! get this steal  at your nearest  Barney! Hurry  before it gets  sold! ­Hee Won

an agreement, that the man who’s wife  answers to their call and comes at their  heeding shall get 100 crowns. Witnesses say  that all three men agreed and then one at a  time, they sent for their wives. The first  wife did not agree on coming and stated he  PAGE come to her! when Bianca was asked she  said she was busy and could not come.  Then when Katherine was asked she  followed Petruchio’s wish and arrived at his  command. Many were shocked and then  Katherine stated, in a speech, that woman  should obey their husbands and be the hand  that lifts up their foot. People could hardly  believe that a person so fierce, ferocious  Oscar Awards handed out! lion could have suddenly become a calm,  In yesterdays Oscar awards. Padua’s very own  peaceful dove! Petruchio seems to be the  Taming of the Shrew book received over 2 Oscars  new tamer of shrews, he has customers  for the actor and actress role plays. The director  already! Hortensio Russo, after leaving the  received an award as well, its mind blowing  contest for Bianca, joined a new found  scenes won it its victory.  ‘school’ of Petruchio’s on how to tame a  shrew! It seems Katherine’s wedding wasn’t  a disaster after all. But now who will tame  Best Shrew Male and Female Petruchio?  This award went to Katherine as best shrew  ­Anaa Malik female and Petruchio as best shrew male.  Katherine was given it for her amazing  performance in the capture of her dear sister  Bianca and Petruchio for his performance in the  fight with the tailor. Petruchio:



Taming of the Shrew Oscar  Awards Given Out!


Best supporting actor male Went to Tranio for his brilliant performance as  pretending to be Lucentio and staying faithful to  him while creating lies to protect his master and  make sure he gets married to Bianca.      Tranio:

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Best actor in a Leading Role Male and Female.

Cambio and Lucentio.  and Bianca won best actor  in a leading role female for her breath­taking  performance as a beautiful  sweet girl who makes  people melt at her smile:  Lucentio(at left) Bianca(at right): PAGE

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Best Director: The next award went to Shakespeare as best  director for his brilliant script writing.

Gaining 4 awards for the Oscars is an  accomplishment but it is unsurprising that this  phenomenal story would receive over 2 Oscars.  This story deserved its awards for its comedy,  plot and amazing characters. This is true  entertainment! -Anaa Malik


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Lucentio Romano has a  doppleganger? Recently, Lucentio Romano’s  faithful servant Tranio Rossi was found to  be acting as Lucentio. While Lucentio  disguised himself as Cambio to get into  Baptista Minola’s house, Tranio took his  place as Lucentio. Surprisingly, the two  look very alike. It was later discovered that  the purpose of Lucentio dressed as Cambio  going into Baptista’s house was to meet  with Bianca Minola. Lucentio’s original  plan was to study when he came to Padua,  but then, he saw Bianca, and fell in love.  Bianca was well known for her beauty so  she already had many suitors. But Lucentio  just had see her, so he thought of an idea.  Lucentio’s idea

Lucentio(on left) as Cambio and Lucentio(on right)  as Lucentio

He decided to dress up as a  tutor and teach Bianca. However, this  wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.  There was another tutor named Litio, who  was actually Hortensio Bianchi with the  same objective as Lucentio. While Lucentio  taught philosopy to Bianca, Hortensio  taught music. Lucentio told Bianca why he  was there teaching her while reading her an  exerpt from a book. Hortensio taught  Bianca a new scale to let her know that he  had feelings for her.While all this was  happening, the ever loyal servant, Tranio  met with Baptista as Lucentio. But, he is  also met with a competitor; Gremio Conti,  an old man who is in love with Bianca too.  These two list out everything they have to  Baptista in order to convince him that they  are worthy of marrying Bianca. Gremio  offers everything he has to Bianca, thinking  that Tranio wouldn’t be able to match what  he offers, but Tranio lies and offers even  more than Gremio. Now the obvious suitor  for Bianca is Tranio because he made it  sound like he had much more than Gremio.  So Baptista agrees to marry Bianca to  Tranio, whom Baptista knows as Lucentio,  if Tranio’s father comes. But since  Vencentio Romano wasn’t at Padua at the  moment, Tranio uses his ingenious brain  and decides to get a merchant to act as  Vincentio. Tranio later meets with  The Collector, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | Page 5 | Hortensio too. Together, they see the real  Lucentio and Bianca kissing. Tranio acts  enraged and forswears Bianca and her love.  Hortensio, who believed that Bianca would  love him, also forswears Bianca. “I firmly 

her as one unworthy all the former favors  that I have fondly flattered her withal”,  Hortensio says. Lucentio and Bianca  marries in secret afterwards.So the clever  Tranio got rid of two suitors by disguising  himself as Lucentio. But his real identity  PAGE was revealed when Vincentio Romano came  to Padua to check on his son. Vincentio  immediately recognized Tranio and  demanded to know what he was doing in  Lucentio’s clothes. Tranio pretended not to  know Vincentio and when Lucentio and  Bianca came back from their secret  marridge, he ran off with with the  merchant.Everyone was shocked to find out  that Tranio was acting as Lucentio. But in  the end, all went well, and there was no  harm done.


­Hee Won  


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Leonardo Linger.

Royal Family Caught For Justice A shocking discovery in Italy when the  royal family the Lingers have been accused  of robbery. Reported last Tuesday Father  Leonardo Linger and his wife Fiona Linger  have been reported to have stolen almost 10  thousand Euros. The Lingers have been  wealthy for centuries and have owned banks  for many years. On the 21st of July it has  been discovered that large sums of money  mysteriously vanished from the  Shakespeare bank. As reported no one has  found any evidence of people in the vault  were all the money is kept but day after day  the money has been disappearing. This all  changed when investigators saw Leonardo  driving away with bags. In the bags they  found more money from the bank that  money was just about to be stolen. Many of  the citizens who kept their life savings in  these banks were surely disappointed. As  one citizen described it as a breath taking  incident. “I thought I was able to trust these  banks but I guess I was terribly mistaken.”  We have tried to talk to Leonardo or his  wife but they remain blank as the citizens.  As we speak now many citizens are rushing  to the banks owned by Leonardo and  -Eissah Aminzada withdrawing all their money they kept in  the banks. We are all definitely sure that the  Lingers family will be soon be bankrupt  and Leonardo will be placed in prison for  robbery. All of the Lingers fortune will lost  their money. This is a picture of Leonardo  Spearen Times, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | Page 6 | Lingers 

Padua’s update.

Written By: Eissah Aminzada





How Can I Tame My Lady ? Tame a Shrew How can I tame my lady is a unique article that helps any young man with his wife. As you all now there is a shrew in Padua, who is the most ruthless, Heartless women in all of Padua. This shrew is known as Katherine Padua. This shrew known as Katherine Minola lives in Padua with her beautiful sister Bianca and her wealthy father Baptista. I thought no one in all of Padua would marry such a horrid person but it seems that there is one strong, fearless man. Who is determined to steal her heart. It seems as though this man Petruchio believes he can tame her into being a mature and responsible women. Now in the present Petruchio has managed to do what we thought was the impossible. When I interviewed Pertuchio for the first time I was interested into learning his methods of taming. In so that I can do the same to my wife someday as well. He told me that the process in taming her was difficult but manageable. Petruchio told me that he had to starve her from food. He also kept her awake without sleep for five nights. He took everything away from her but treated her as though she was a queen. In the end he managed to turn her from a wicked witch into a thoughtful and kind women she has totally changed as though she is not even the Katherine I once knew quoted by Petruchio. For SPEAREN all the TIMES, men 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | Page 7 | who had read this article. Take this article in mind for one day you might find it in use.




Bianca Minola and Lucentio  Romano Marry Recently after Bianca Minola’s sister, Katherine Minola, has decided to wed, we were informed of the great news that Bianca Minola and Lucentio Romano has decided to wed. Their wedding should be in the upcoming days according to reports. There is also a fantastic and very romantic love story to their wedding. Lucentio Romano is a boy from a very rich family that has come to study in Padua. He had heard the news and fell in love with Bianca the very second he laid his eyes on her. He was in love with this great woman of supernatural beauty. Lucentio was also told that they needed suitors to teach Bianca. He then has a plan with his servant Tranio Hernandez. Since no one knew who Tranio or Lucentio actually looks like they would switch spots and roles of daily life. Tranio later was told to give Lucentio as a present. He would be disguised as Cambio, the suitor for Bianca. Tranio also would have to pretend like he wants to marry Bianca. Tranio then has a talk with Baptista Minola, Bianca’s Father, about how he should marry Bianca. Baptista agrees and accepts Lucentio as a gift suitor. Meanwhile Lucentio was now secretly wooing Bianca against another fake suitor known as Hortensio. They would each try to make Bianca fall in love with either of them. Lucentio wins the competition because Tranio had convinced Hortensio to give up and Hortensio had later decided to marry a rich widow. Luciento had once described Bianca “Tranio, I saw her coral lips move, And with her breath she did perfume the air. Sacred and sweet was all I saw in her.” Shakespeare, pg. 43. This story not only involved one disguise but two. They had later hired a man that would act as Luciento’s Father, Vincentio. They needed this man because the father has to approve of their wedding. It has worked and now all the Minolas have been wedded.

Bianca and Petruchio’s Wedding

-Ahmed Salem

The Collector, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | 123-456-7890 |

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Signor Gremio Conti is looking for a wife!

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- Hee Won




Sports Section Jousting­ Charles II vs Aurthur I

Last night was one of the  most amazing and most  beautiful matches of  jousting. For the people who  do not understand the sport,  jousting is a martial contest  between two knights  mounted on horses. They  joust using lances to try to  defeat or kill his opponent. It  can also consist of a series of  competitions using a variety  of weapons, usually in sets  of three per weapon often as  a part of a tournament. All  contestants had to offer large  sums of money as a prize.  Yesterday night Sir Charles  II played against Sir Arthur I  in a battle full of blood and  danger. It was a cruel and  gruesome battle and it gave  top­class entertainment. It  was a very close match.  Charles had an advantage  because he had a faster horse  but Arthur was skilled and  has battled skillfully.This  champion of fine grace has  never been defeated. The  battle was known as a death  match. Meaning that they  would have as many rounds  until one of them would be  defeated or dead. At the first  Spearen Times, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP round both Charles and  Arthur had used the  traditional lance. Charles’ 

| Page 9 |

Arthur’s armor first but  Arthur had dodged it easily  and neither Charles or  Arthur were defeated. In  round 2 the judges had  SPEAREN TIMES decided on using daggers for  their weapons. Each player  was given 3 daggers each, all  of different sizes. Charles  had picked the biggest of  them all but Arthur had  picked the medium sized  dagger. The second the  horses charged, Arthur had  thrown his dagger at Charles  in a blistering pace, but it  seemed that he had not  aimed far enough and  suddenly the horse was  wildly jumping, because the  dagger had almost hit the  horse. Charles had fallen off  Letters to the editor and normally it would have  been a win for Arthur but the  Luciento and Bianca judges had declared it as  I was reading your newspaper the  cheating and it wasn’t  other day when I was shocked to  counted. For the last round  find that Cambio is actually  each contestant was given a  Luciento! It is a very smart plan  very large axe. The second  but isn’t it considered as identity  the gates opened both horses  theft? I know that no harm was  were sprinting at blinding  involved but he could get sued. I  speed. Arthur had blocked  am extremely shocked that the  Charles’ axe with his shield  police here has taken no action in  and in one swift move had  what has happened. cut off Charles’ head. It was  -Hannah Henry a match never to be forgotten  again. Arthur is still  As I was walking down the river  undefeated with 14 kills and  in Padua, I saw a truely horrfic  21 finishes. and grotesque sight. People were  dumping their leftovers and Trash  ­Ahmed Salem into one side of the river and on  the other side, people were  drinking  from the same polluted  water!  People of Padua would  you please try to keep the river  clean and not spread diseases to  the rest drinking it? Thank you



If you  have  a  complain, an issue or  just  want  to  state  your  opinion  mail  us  with  your  Letter  to  the  Editor  and  we  will  publish  it.  Let  your voice be heard!

QUOTE OF THE DAY A woman moved is  like a fountain  troubled, Muddy, ill­seeming,  thick, bereft of  beauty.

Though tamed, Kate is  not defeated, she is, in  the Elizabethan sense,  now a mature, proper  woman and wife. In this  speech she scolds the  other wives for not being  so. We can all reflect on  this quote. For this  newspaper shows how  people can change  through out Padua and  that even the most horrid  person can become the  exact opposite.

Valerie Di Maria

I was very disappointed when I  was fined because I refused to  clean up after what my horse had  done on the road. I have seen 

Spearen Times, | Page 11 |

yet I am the only one in all of  Padua to be penalized for this?  We have to step it up and take  care, watch your step. Jaramia Volencio

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