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In this issue Momentum 09 Adding value through Direct Sales 14 Supply chain visibility is key


We say no to surcharges!


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In this issue New processing guidelines


What you always wanted to know


Consolidation benefits customers


A thrilling day out


Momentum 09 Plastribution recognised by the readers of EPPM


Adding value through Direct Sales


Katherine White appointed product director


New Ducor polypropylene grade meets demand for transparency


Making a material difference


Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers have it covered


New enhanced finish electroplating grade of ABS from Chi Mei


High gloss, high impact polystyrene from Total Petrochemicals


A purge on costs


Exceeding the demands of film packaging


Supply chain visibility is key


British Plastics Federation Annual Dinner


Expansion at Granic


Conductive plastics


Logistics KTP update


Plastribution to offer Mitsubishi’s Xantar portfolio to the automotive industry


Lumicene Random Copolymers potential


This magazine is printed using vegetable oil based inks on paper that contains fibre from sustainably managed forests. 

Sumika Polymer Compounds


Next generation PEEK polymer from Evonik


We say no to surcharges!


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Product list



Issue 02 – March 2012

Welcome to know-how This second edition of know-how

has been so strong it has been

In terms of high-performance

magazine comes just five months

necessary to include further dates.

materials, we can now offer PEEK

after our brand re-launch that took

in addition to other materials

place at the end of September

As you will read on the following

such as PPS and Nylon 6.10. Full

2011. The brand makeover also

pages, we have also made a

details of our product range are

included creating our new website,

number of changes to our team,

available on our website and

launching ‘Price know-how’ and our

including some new appointments.

in our 2012 Product Portfolio.

maiden edition of this publication.

Following the great success of

As you will read in the following

recruiting our first apprentice, who

From a service perspective, we will

pages it has been a particularly

was a finalist in the 2011 Plastic

be reiterating our ‘No Surcharges

busy few months in our business.

Industry Awards, we have gone

to Process Orders’ campaign,

on to make further apprentice

promoting the fact that we do not

One of the most exciting

appointments and see enormous

apply any additional premiums

developments following the brand

potential for these team members

to process your orders because,

re-launch has been achieving

to develop careers within our

quite simply, as a service-oriented

success in the EPPM Supplier of

business. We will be encouraging

business, satisfying our customers

the Year Awards. As you can read

these individuals in particular

is what we are here to do.

later, Plastribution not only won the

to continue their education on

Distributor sector but also achieved

a sponsored part-time basis.

We hope that you will enjoy this edition of know-how, learn more

a joint first position in the Readers’ Brand of the Year category. Given that

The rest of our team also continues

about the products and services

customers voted for these awards,

to develop skills and knowledge

Plastribution can offer, and how they

we appreciate your feedback and

through training to improve the

can be of benefit to your business.

thank you for taking the time to vote.

service we can offer. There is strong emphasis on technical and product

The ‘know-how’ concept has gained

training, so that we are better able to


further momentum over the last

advise our customers on key aspects

Mike Boswell

few months, and in addition to this

of manufacturing, including product

magazine and ‘price know-how’,

and tool design, materials selection,

our monthly market summary,

process optimisation, specification

we have also launched ‘industry

and de-specification.

know-how’ in which we look to provide information and guidance

The area of ‘eco-materials’

about some of the fundamentals

continues to receive very strong

associated with the plastics industry.

interest, and you can read in the following pages the work we have

Our initiative to advance the

undertaken with Invicta Plastics

knowledge and skills of the injection

on the use of Cardia Bio-hybrid

moulding industry through our

materials, enabling the launch of a

training courses remain ever

range of point of sale accessories

popular, and in fact demand

with increased sustainability.

One of the most exciting developments following the brand re-launch has been achieving success in the EPPM Supplier of the Year Awards.


Issue 02 – March 2012

New processing guidelines from Plastribution and G&A The material-specific processing guidelines will be published throughout 2012 and, with the expertise of John Goff, will represent an outstanding combination of theory and practice.

Plastics are sensitive to how they are

Indeed, their range was soon

processed, and incorrect processing

expanded to cover thermoset

can even lead to poor performance

materials and also more information

of the final application. Often it will

on the injection moulding process.

result in poor visual appearance or

Against this background, it was the

in immediate mechanical failure

obvious solution for Plastribution to

upon the application of stress, but

ask John, and his company G&A

of greater concern is the possibility

Moulding Technology, to produce a

of either impairment of intrinsic

set of processing guidelines suitable

properties or reduction in product

for the requirements of today’s plastic

life with the potential of warranty

processors for inclusion on its website.

claims. Given such a wide variety of manufacturers, materials and

In a collaborative project,

grades, processing guidelines

Plastribution will make available

provide an important point of

processing data sheets for individual

reference to ensuring that key

materials in a format that is both

processing parameters are met.

logical and consistent for injection moulding technicians to use as

Whilst most polymer manufacturers

the basis for processing specific

produce some form of processing

materials, including information

guidelines, these can vary

about material preparation, tooling

tremendously in format, often using

and shrinkage. John Goff Moulding

different terminology and units of

Technology will then use these to

measure. Hence, when injection

create a new range of handbooks.

moulding expert John Goff and his colleague Tony Whelan took the

The material-specific processing

initiative back in the 1980’s to develop

guidelines will be published

a series of handbooks on the injection

throughout 2012 and, with the

moulding of thermoplastic raw

expertise of John Goff, will represent

materials, they had an instant success

an outstanding combination of theory

on their hands.

and practice. In turn, this will afford customers the best opportunity to run efficient processes that manufacture high quality components.


Issue 02 – March 2012

What you always wanted to know (but never dared to ask...) know-how magazine, price know-how and industry know-how have been born out of the realisation that acquiring a market leading position means having a responsibility, and the opportunity, to set the standards for our industry. One of the core values of Plastribution is its expertise - something that all of its suppliers and customers know they can rely on.




Industry know-how is a series of articles that provide essential background to the industry, terminology and practices. In some cases there is a high level of assumed knowledge, in other cases terms of reference lack clarity – Industry know-how aims to provide clear explanation and where appropriate thought leadership to support our industry.

Raw material packaging formats explained

Pallet Wrapping:

There is some confusion as to which materials are supplied in what packaging formats, why this is done and - if required - how it can be changed.

One of the following forms of wrapping is typically used:

A large plastic bag is physically stretched and then placed over the bags on the pallet.

2. Shrink hoods Material

20kg bags

25kg bags

Pallet Size kg

Pallet Size kg

PVC Resin









PET Resin









Gaylords Octabins Big Bags Bulk



















Ocatbins, Otaboxes & Gaylords

Various types of bags are used depending upon type and origin of the polymer. The variants can be summarised as follows: -

This packaging allows quantities greater than 25kg bags to be shipped in one container on a pallet. Weights range from 900 to 1,250 kg depending on material type and supplier. ‘Gaylords’ are designed for use in shipping containers where they offer better stability and more efficient use of space.



Material Types






Mainly Engineering Plastics & ABS

PP Raffia






Bulk Density

1. Stretch Hoods As shown in the table below, the default packaging format is 25kg bags with the exception of PVC Resin and PET Resin (APET).

Types of 20 & 25kg bags

As above with the additional application of heat so that the wrapping shrinks to adopt the shape of the bags on the pallet.

In addition to variations in actual density of different thermoplastics and formulations, pellet/granule geometry will also affect the mass of material that can be contained within a specific volume – the bulk density. Bulk density is particularly important when calculating the volume of tanks and silos so as to ensure that their capacity is suitable for the intended weight of polymer granules.

Quantities less than one pallet Often customers require quantities of less than one pallet and denominations of 25 kg (20kg) are available. A premium is charged to cover the additional costs and this may include:

Big Bags FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) These are woven PP raffia sacks which can be either lifted by means of loops at the top of the bags or are supplied on pallets. The weight of polymer supplied in each bag is typically 1,000 kg. In addition to extensive use for PET and PVC resin, this format is often used in the compounding and recycling sectors.

Bulk Supply Options Bulk is a term used to refer to materials that will be stored in silos. Historically road tankers were used to collect material from a polymer producer’s silo and deliver it directly to a customer’s silo. The need for dedicated vehicles with low utilization (due to return journeys being empty) has restricted the ability of high-usage customers to take advantage of this option. Options to overcome these restrictions and enable access to overseas sources include:

1.‘Rip & Tip’ In this operation 20, 25 kg bags, big bags or octabins are emptied into a road tanker for onward delivery to a customer. In effect the raw material supplier takes on responsibility for materials handling, and so overcomes the issues of geographical restrictions.

2. Sea Bulk

3. Machine Stretch Wrap

< 100kg – courier service, boxes, picking charges

A tacky, pre-tensioned plastic film is wound around the bags on the pallet.

>100kg < 500kg – cost of pallet, pallet wrapping, picking charges, delivery premium (delivery charges from logistics companies are based upon number of pallets rather than weight, with a minimum charge of one pallet).

4. Hand Stretch Wrap A tacky plastic film is wound around the bags on the pallet.

>500kg < 1,000, 1,250, 1,375 - (depending upon original packaging) cost of pallet and picking charges.


Weather Resistance

Risk of Adhesion to bags*










Engineering Polymers









Stretch Hoods













Shrink Hoods




Y = Available. N = Not Available. S = Sometimes Available

Power Stretch Wrap




Pallet Size

Pallet Dimensions

Originally pallets were 1,000kg, although in order to achieve better pallet utilization and transport efficiency, pallets are now typically 1,375 kg (55 x 25kg bags).

These are typically determined to enable a five-bag-per-layer configuration that provides maximum stability.

Hand Stretch Wrap




*The process of heating results in the Shrink Hood becoming welded to the material bag. Not applicable to paper bags

This type of packaging involves the use of shipping containers which are often modified to facilitate filling and emptying. The containers are lined with a plastic bag to remove any risk of contamination. The containers are suitable for ‘multi-modal transport’ (sea, rail and road), and can be also used as storage vessels. A specialist trailer is only required for the final journey to enable the material to be transferred into a silo.

Plastribution is the UK’s leading distributor of plastics raw materials, delivering reliability, know-how and true business partnership to the world’s best polymer suppliers and our UK customers. In the event that you require further information about packaging formats please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Plastribution team for further information by emailing or phone 0845 3454560 © Plastribution Limited. All rights reserved. 2011

knowhow injection DPS final.indd 1-2

14/12/2011 08:22

‘industry know-how’ is a series of

Over the next 12 months

They will be made available on our

articles that shares this expertise

‘industry know-how’ will cover

website (

to provide essential background

a range of topics including: -

and in the pages of Injection World

on some of the common

(, the new

terminology and practices used

● Terminology

free-subscription digital magazine

within the plastics industry.

● Regrind

from Applied Market Information.

● Purging Whether to cover gaps in knowledge

● Blending

Should there be any additional

where high levels of expertise are

● Feedstocks

topics you would like covered

assumed, or to provide clarity where

● Polymer Pricing

please contact us and put our

terms of reference have become

● Supply Chain Management

expertise to the test.

confusing, ‘industry know-how’

● Eco Materials

aims to provide clear explanations

● Impact Modifiers

and, where appropriate, thought

● Conductive Materials

leadership to support industry growth.

● Polymer Blends ● Packaging Formats ● Materials Handling ● Colouring Plastics


Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

Consolidation benefits customers Scotland, North East England and Ireland

Following the decision to consolidate our thermoplastics sales operation at our Ashby-de-la-Zouch headquarters, we have already seen that customers in Scotland, North East England and Ireland are benefiting from being serviced by a sales team which has intimate access to key commercial and technical resources.


Brian Read


Amanda Bunker


Abhi Sharma

Technical Sales Executive

Internal Sales Representative

Customer Service Representative


Furthermore, the decision to


retain local stocks in these areas will ensure that customers can continue to enjoy a rapid response to their requests for product. The level of service will continue to improve as our new internal team, working in conjunction with Brian Read, take over full responsibility for the requirements of customers in these important regions.

The team responsible for Scotland, North East England and Ireland now consists of: 6


Issue 02 – March 2012

And this team will continue to be supported by: 04


Duncan Scott

Distribution Sales Manager

Dionne Keenan Sales Supervisor



‘We very much appreciate the support of our customers through this transition and look forward to continuing our strong partnership into – Brian Read the future’


A thrilling day out To mark Plastribution’s sponsorship and participation as a double finalist at the Plastics Industry Awards 2011, it invited suppliers, customers and business partners to a thrilling day out by the Thames in Central London.

The event-packed day kicked-off with

In the evening it was into the tux and

a presentation of the new Plastribution

off to the Oscars of the UK plastics

corporate positioning and brand at

industry at the London Hilton Parks

the London city headquarters of its

Lane, hosted this year by TV presenter

parent company Itochu Corporation.

and comedian Dara O Briain.

Managing Director Mike Boswell took the assembled audience through the

Plastribution was once more well

process it had undertaken over the

represented in the Distributor of the

last 18 months to find “a grown-up

Year category, where it had twice

brand for a grown-up company.”

been shortlisted as a finalist for its work with United Closures & Plastic in

“Our new brand has been designed

Scotland and Perei Group, Aldershot.

to galvanise both our own staff and our stakeholders, allowing us to

On top of this achievement, Lucy

engage with customers, suppliers and

Hickling - a former apprentice and

the industry more clearly,” explains

now full-time employee at the Ashby

Mike. “The Plastics Industry Awards,

headquarters - was named finalist in

an occasion where we typically host

the Apprentice of the Year category.

a small group of guests from the industry, was thus the perfect setting

Although Plastribution was

for its introduction.”

unfortunate not to walk away with an award on the evening, the event was

After a spot of lunch, the guests were

enjoyed by its employees and guests

split into two groups to pursue the

alike and provided a larger, more

afternoon activity of their choice:

formal audience for the presentation

for the more adventurous, it was an

of the new Plastribution brand on the

exhilarating Thames Power Blast on

large screen. “As they say in sports -

Rigid Inflatable Boats - known as RIBs.

it’s not always about the winning, but

Powered by 225HP engines, the boats

the taking part,” reflects Mike.

can reach speeds of up to 50mph as they power down the Thames,

“I am proud of what our team

allowing guests to take in the famous

has achieved this year and to be

sites of London from an entirely

nominated three times for an award

new perspective.

is a great accomplishment. Just as importantly, we were able to use the

A more sedate option for those less-

occasion to mark the launch of our

daring guests was the trip aboard a

new brand and underline our position

private capsule on the London Eye,

as the UK’s leading distributor of

accompanied by champagne, for a

plastics raw materials.”

relaxing view of London from a more elevated position.

Plastribution recognised by the readers of EPPM The subscribers of European Plastic Product Manufacturer (EPPM), one of the leading resources for information on plastics technologies, have ranked Plastribution as the UK’s leading polymer distributor in a telephone survey. The company also picked up the Brand of the Year award based on feedback generated from the same survey.

The EPPM awards recognise

Plastribution shared its leading position

excellence within the plastics industry

in this category with three other

by asking those who can judge it best


– its readers. Contacting over 600 of the magazine’s subscribers in the

“We’re very pleased to present these

course of its research for the awards

awards to Plastribution,” commented

programme, the telemarketing

EPPM editor David Gray upon their

bureau hired by EPPM asked them

announcement . “The quality of its

to rank the names of companies

products, service and staff is talked

provided to them in terms of

about throughout the industry.

preference. Each respondent could only name one supplier.

They made a great splash at Interplas this year, with the unveiling of their

In terms of the Distributor category,

new brand. The new slogan, ‘let’s

companies were contacted who had

make it work’ refers to the dedication

indicated they use the services of a

of their staff to serve their customers

materials distributor.

effectively; dedication which has clearly won them the approval of the

Of the 80 respondents, 27 voted for

EPPM readership.”

Plastribution as their preferred supplier from the list of seven distributors

Commenting on the dual award,

provided, constituting a 33% share.

Mike Boswell of Plastribution said: “To receive awards for both our brand

For its Brand of the Year award, EPPM

and our service is highly appropriate,

asked a total of 180 of its subscribers

as we believe these two factors are

to name a prominent brand within the

intimately combined. We created the

plastics industry.

new brand to reflect the service we provide as a company – no gimmicks, just a grown-up brand for a grown-up company.”

Lights.. camera.. action! Following the successful development of a new brand image in 2011, we are now planning to create a short brand movie to help communicate to our customers, suppliers and the broader plastics industry what our brand represents.

The presentation will particularly

concise understanding of what

emphasise the importance of

Plastribution is and, most importantly,

our three core pillars – expertise,

what this means to them.

innovation and process. The movie will be produced during The brand movie initiative is based

the first few months of 2012 and

upon the realisation that, in a

will then be made available via

competitive environment where

the website and other channels.

there is already a risk of information-

These include some of the industry

overload, it is more efficient to

publication titles that have electronic

pro-actively capture the viewers’

platforms, enabling readers to

attention for a few moments and to

take advantage of these new

use this time to provide a clear and

forms of communication.

Need information on plastics? There’s an App for that... Plastribution will be developing its own range of ‘Apps’.

Initial functionality of the Plastribution ‘App’ will replicate the ‘Product Search’ functionality of the website, giving customers ready-access to a full range of technical data via either the iOS or Android platforms.

Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

Momentum 11

Issue 02 – March 2012

Information at your fingertips: the 2012 product portfolio It has been almost 20 years since Plastribution published its first product portfolio. The concept of assembling all the products that we supply into one catalogue quickly became a popular format in the industry.

In order to make this possible, we

what we do and how we can work

have decided not to print reams and

in partnership with your business

reams of technical data sheets, but

to achieve mutual success.

rather to provide a simple overview of the materials we supply, the

For your own personal copy of our

producers we represent and the

2012 product portfolio simply contact

brand names of the products in the

a member of our sales team, or, if you

portfolio. To support this, we have

prefer, an electronic version can be

created an outstanding database

downloaded from our website

within our new website that allows

you to search for the materials and associated datasheets in a whole host of different ways. In addition, we are also planning to develop an ‘App’ which will give you access to similar

Since those early days so much

data via your ‘smartphone’ or

has changed, not only in terms of

‘tablet’ pc.

the range of polymers we are now able to supply, but we have also

Of course, we are also still really

witnessed a digital revolution that

happy to receive your enquiries in

enables instant access to the latest

person, by letter, fax, phone or email,

information, and the capability

and we will continue to provide

to sort and filter data in ways that

you with a very personal response

were previously unimaginable.

through our dedicated sales teams.

When we set about creating a new

There is also information included

portfolio, we wanted to create a tool

about the brand development

that would be useful and enable

exercise we undertook in 2011,

you, our customers, to be kept

from which you will get a greater

informed with the latest information.

understanding of who we are,


To help you get used to this great facility we have created a user guide in this portfolio, which provides a step-by-step guide to using the online version of the portfolio.

Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

Meet your Customer Service team As a further enhancement to we have included greater functionality which allows you to meet the team responsible for your account. Simply submit your full postcode and, if you are an existing customer, the sales team members responsible for your account will be displayed. If not, the Distribution sales team responsible for your part of the country will be displayed by default. Having found your team you can call us, or simply click to drop us an email. We very much hope that you will enjoy being able to put a face to a name, and meet more of the team that makes your material requirements come true. This is all part of our simple approach to business in which we are open and accountable, which seems only fair when you trust us to supply quality materials, delivered on time in full, in combination with commercial and technical know-how.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Adding value through Direct Sales For some time at Plastribution we have recognised the fact that this part of our business is different to the activities serviced by the traditional distribution model.

providing the link between often quite

For some time at Plastribution we

disparate payment requirements.

have recognised the fact that this

Often the distributor is connecting

part of our business is different to the

the customer with suppliers that

activities serviced by the traditional

otherwise would be inaccessible by

distribution model.

virtue of size, geographic location or commercial requirements.

From a customer’s perspective the benefits include: -

‘Direct Sales’ from distributors has

● Access to a broader

become a significant activity over

range of suppliers

the last decade. Superficially, the situation where products pass directly

● Flexibility to meet

rather than via the distributor’s

changing demand

warehouse to be re-delivered in

established a dedicated team of experts to meet your requirements. In particular, we have selected team members who have the skills, to meet the requirements of a

On the basis of the success achieved so far and the significant potential for

● Possibility to negotiate commercial terms

the question of how the distributor can be a value added component

more precisely, we have already

commercially demanding market.

quantities to plastic processors,

superfluous, and in particular begs

customers who fit this category

knowledge and market information ● On time in full deliveries

from the producer in full truck load

smaller quantities, appears to be

In order to meet the needs of the

continued growth, we have recently reinforced the team with a number of new appointments.

● Options for fixing forward pricing

of this supply chain model. Whilst this is a distinct departure from the

● Emergency inventory

early days of polymer distribution, the activity of distributors in this sector

● Real-time decision making

is both significant and increasing. ● Customised solutions Upon closer examination of the role that the distributor has in this Direct Sales business, it is in reality that of an interface where it is particularly utilising its skills in supplier relationship management and aggregating purchasing in order to offer a service to medium-sized customers. In addition it is managing the financial transaction in terms of risk and


● Commercial information and advice

We are pleased to introduce both our new and existing colleagues who are here to service your full load requirements (they are also keen, willing and able at the same time to meet your needs for smaller quantities of product from across our entire portfolio).

Issue 02 – March 2012

Dave Machin

Direct Sales Manager

‘We are evolving the distribution model to be supportive, sustainable and – Dave Machin secure’ 01


Alison Battison Sales Supervisor

Natalie Rayns

Customer Service Representative



Andrew Diamond

Commercial Representative

Sarah Watson

Customer Service Representative









Lisa Waterfield

Customer Service Representative

Mark Goodwin

Commercial Representative


Issue 02 – March 2012

Katherine White appointed product director Katherine White Product Director

“This is a well-deserved promotion that reflects the outstanding contribution Katherine has made to the success of our business” – Mike Boswell

With effect from November

organisation to take on responsibility

2011, Katherine White has been

for managing its expanding portfolio

promoted to the board of directors

of polyolefin suppliers in 2000.

at Plastribution in her new role as product director. She had previously

In her role as product manager she

held the position of product

also had responsibility for overseeing

manager for the company’s range

the management of the company’s

of polyolefin materials for the last

direct sales team.

eleven years. She is also currently supervising Plastribution’s Knowledge

“This is a well-deserved promotion that

Transfer Partnership (KTP) supply

reflects the outstanding contribution

chain management project.

Katherine has made to the success of our business,” commented Mike

Katherine first joined Plastribution

Boswell, managing director at

in 1995 as a sales coordinator and

Plastribution, on the appointment.

rapidly progressed through the 16

‘Katherine is also Plastribution’s first female executive director, a fact of which we are proud as we believe there are too few women at board level within the plastics industry’

PANTONE 376 EC Process c59m0y100k0

PANTONE 301 EC Process c100m54y4k19

Issue 02 – March 2012

New Ducor polypropylene grade meets demand for transparency

Ducor Petrochemicals has introduced a new grade of polypropylene homopolymer for extrusion and thermoforming applications that require high transparency and improved stiffness.

The new grade, Ducor DX11101, is

Typical applications for the new

principally envisaged as a material

grade will include thermoformed

for thermoformed food packaging

packaging such as high clarity

applications and is defined by its

trays, cups and containers.”

very good optical and mechanical properties as well at its excellent

Ducor Petrochemicals produces a

processability. It is also in compliance

versatile range of polypropylene

with most regulations regarding food

homopolymers, block and random

contact applications (EU, FDA, etc.).

copolymers, manufactured in various standardised and customised grades.

Ducor Petrochemicals is a joint

Its products are environmentally

venture between Belgium’s Domo

friendly, non toxic, recyclable

Group and Israel’s Carmel Olefins

and used in the production of

and has its production located in the

packaging, textiles, films, housewares,

area of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

automotive, electrical appliances

Already well known for their textile

as well as many other applications.

and injection moulding grades, the joint venture partners are seeking

The Ducor Petrochemicals’

to diversify the markets available to

production plant in Rozenburg

their Ducor products by developing

has an annual output of 180kt

new grades such as Ducor DX11101.

per year of polypropylene using a Novolen gas phase technology.

“Ducor DX11101 has been developed on the basis of market feedback

Further information on Ducor

that indicates there is demand for

Petrochemicals and its Ducor

a clear grade of polypropylene

polypropylene grades can be found

for food packaging that will allow


consumers to see its contents and therefore heighten its appeal,” confirms Wouter De Clercq, sales manager at Ducor Petrochemicals. “Our new grade meets this need and is notable for its high transparency, stiffness and processability.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Making a material difference Chris Green

Business Development Manager

“The introduction of these new products illustrates a fundamental acceptance of the need for change in attitudes towards the consumption of polymers derived – Chris Green from oil. ”

Invicta Group, in association with its material suppliers Cardia Bioplastics and Plastribution, is leading the way with the introduction of an exciting range of innovative products incorporating new generation Biohybrid™ materials from Cardia.


The Leicester-based design and

displays, in-store promotions,

manufacturing business unveiled a

charity and personal care products

new range of barware and point-

moulded from Cardia Biohybrid™

of-sale products utilising Cardia

resins combined with traditional

Biohybrid™ sustainable packaging

polymers such as polypropylene.

technology during a special customer presentation held

The articles made with Cardia

during October 2011.

Biohybrid™ resins can contain up to 50 percent sustainable material,

Representatives of several of Invicta’s

meaning that the carbon foot print of

blue-chip customers, including Diageo

the part is significantly lower than that

Plc, The Coca-Cola Company and The

with conventional petroleum-based

British Red Cross came to the event,


which was held at Clandon House in Guildford, Surrey.

They are capable of being processed on standard plastics

On display were 100 new and

processing equipment, accept

existing point-of-sale display,

the same high-quality digital

barware, drinks promotion, cosmetic

printing techniques for branding

Issue 02 – March 2012

Cardia Biohybrid™ is a trademark of Cardia Bioplastics Limited.

and decoration as conventional

Reflecting on the Invicta launch, Chris

Plastribution is Cardia Bioplastics’

materials, and are proven recyclable

said: “The introduction of these new

resin distributor in the UK, while Invicta

in normal plastic waste streams.

products illustrates a fundamental

is one of the UK’s leading design

acceptance of the need for change

and manufacturing businesses for

“The new products, which are the

in attitudes towards the consumption

point-of-sale products with a strong

first of their kind in the industry,

of polymers derived from oil.

track record of providing innovative

constitute a major commitment to

products. In addition to offering high

Invicta’s major brand owners to help

The feedback from Invicta’s

performing point-of-sale products

them reduce their carbon footprint

customers on the day was extremely

and excellent service, they are

and achieve their sustainability

positive, and as a result Plastribution

clearly committed to sustainable

targets,” commented The Countess

and Invicta are now working on

development of their products.

of Onslow, CEO of the Invicta

several new opportunities for low

Group and host of the event.

carbon footprint products.”

Chris Green, Plastribution’s business

Cardia Bioplastics managing director,

innovative products with reduced

development manager, also

Dr Frank Glatz, said: “We are delighted

dependence on finite oil resources

attended the event and informed

to be collaborating with Invicta

and lower carbon footprint.”

the assembled audience about

and Plastribution.

Our partnership with Invicta will enable their customers to purchase

green material developments within the company. 19

Issue 02 – March 2012

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers have it covered ‘Expertise is something that all our suppliers and customers know they – Neil Dowling can rely on’

Bob Martin (UK) Ltd of Yatton, near

Requirements of the sheath were

tines - hindering ease of use. Hence

Bristol, is the manufacturer of head

for it to produce the right balance

the company set about looking for

lice and nit combs on behalf of

of rigidity and flexibility to enable

an alternative material that would

Meda Pharma in the Netherlands,

ease of use (repeated removal

address the performance issues of

marketed under its Prioderm brand.

from and recovering of the tines),

the shroud as well as presenting a

yet durable and robust enough for

more cost-effective alternative.

The latest comb’s unique double-

continued use without splitting.

ended design incorporates tines on

A call to Plastribution provided the solution.

either side - made of stainless steel

Cost of manufacture was also a

and polypropylene (PP) respectively

major consideration. In its original

- with a main body also made of PP.

form, the cover was moulded from

Neil Dowling, technical sales

a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

representative at Plastribution, was Bob Martin’s first point of

In order to protect the comb user from the metal tines when they are

However, Bob Martin had concerns

contact and was quick to identify

not in use, a cover or sheath was

with initial mouldings that they

the issues as ones that could be

designed to fit snugly over the end of

would not provide the required tear

solved with Vistamaxx™ propylene-

the comb.

resistance and were proving to be

based elastomers from ExxonMobil

too “sticky” when removed from the

Chemical. When used for polymer


Issue 02 – March 2012

Neil Dowling Technical Sales Representative

Vistamaxx™ is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation.

modification, Vistamaxx™ propylene-

by 0.9 grams (due to the lower density

invaluable advice that helped us

based elastomers can be blended

of PP/Vistamaxx compound) and

solve the technical challenge and at

with a variety of polymers including

a more cost-effective alternative

the same time reduced our costs.”

polypropylene to achieve the ideal

(the price of the new blend is

balance of flexibility, transparency

approximately 20 percent lower

Further information on Bob

and impact performance.

than that of the specified TPE).

Martin (UK) Ltd can be found

In the case of the head lice and

The Vistamaxx™-based solution

nit comb shroud, Bob Martin and

proposed and implemented with

Further information on

Plastribution trailled different

Plastribution’s support was to the

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based

concentrations of Vistamaxx™

highest satisfaction of Bob Martin,

elastomers can be found at:

propylene-based elastomers with

as a spokesperson for the company

polypropylene before settling on

confirms: “Our experience of working

a 40% loading. The selected blend

with Plastribution was very positive.

provided the best balance of flexibility

At the time we were having difficulties

and tear resistance for the application

getting our equipment to produce

and, versus the original TPE design,

the shrouds with the right degree

resulted in a reduction in part weight

of ‘give’ and Plastribution provided



Issue 02 – March 2012

New enhanced finish electroplating grade of ABS from Chi Mei Taiwanese plastics producer Chi Mei has introduced a new grade of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) resin that is tailored to achieving high quality results with electroplating.

Polylac® is a registered trademark of Chi Mei Corporation.

The inherent properties of ABS

“Moreover, thanks to the modified

make it highly suitable for the

process employed by Chi Mei to

metalising process and enable

produce PA-726M, the material

the continuous production of high

contains fewer impurities that can

volumes of electroplated plastic

hinder electroplating performance

components. Consequently,

and result in a reduced yield rate.”

moulded ABS plastic components are substantially cheaper to

Evaluation tests carried out by Chi

manufacture than metal parts and

Mei on chrome-plated components

also present the major benefit of

moulded from the new material

weight reduction - a particularly

included thermal cycle testing,

important factor for vehicle parts.

to determine its durability under different temperature conditions,

The new material Polylac® PA-726M - is intended for use in automotive parts and components, particularly front grilles, and is already approved for use by some automotive OEMs.

If plated to a high quality, there

and CASS (Copper Accelerated

should also be no apparent

Acetic Acid Salt Spray) testing, to

visual difference between the

determine corrosion resistance.

metal and plastic parts.

The excellent results of the new material in these tests, as well as the

To help ensure high quality results,

impressive visual results achieved on

Chi Mei has introduced Polylac®

trial parts, contributed to its approval

PA-726M - a new electroplating

by an automotive OEM in Taiwan.

grade of ABS that surpasses its previous offering in terms of reduced

“With the introduction of Polylac®

impurities, visual appearance of the

PA-726M, which is now also available

final part and corrosion resistance.

to our customers in the UK, we can offer a new alternative for

“One enhancement of the new

the electroplating of ABS that is

material is its higher melt flow rate,

able to fulfil the rigorous demands

which leads to a reduced occurrence

of automotive applications,”

of streaking in the plated part,”

concludes Martin White.

explains Martin White, who looks after Styrenics and Specialities

For further information visit

at Plastribution. or call Martin White on 01530 560560


Issue 02 – March 2012

High gloss, high impact polystyrene from Total Petrochemicals High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is

Currently, Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene 6351 has been used for visible TV, air-conditioning unit, fan, washing machine and dish washer components.

● Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene

cost competitive when compared

6351 contains much less

to ABS from the point of view of both

rubber, bringing cost-reduction

its formulation and its processing.

solutions for current ABS users.

Normally, HIPS does not need pre-drying before injection moulding, and its processing temperature is approximately 20 °C lower than that of ABS.

For consumer electronics applications, a manufacturer may well consider the following tests:

However, in the case of standard HIPS, its main shortcoming to date has

● Cosmetic check – parts made of

been its low gloss appearance, which

Total Petrochemicals Polystyrene

In today’s consumer society,

has limited its use in many high-end

6351 exhibit a shiny surface;

electronic appliances such as TVs,

consumer electronics applications. ● Drop test – parts made of Total

dishwashers and washing machines not only bring convenience to our

Back in 2008, Total Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals Polystyrene 6351

daily life but have also become

started development work in Asia

pass drop testing, even in the case

part of our interior decoration.

and Europe on a high gloss grade

of large air-conditioner units;

of HIPS, the fruition of which was the In response to this market trend,

commercial introduction of Total

● Screw test – parts made of Total

consumer electronics and appliance

Petrochemicals Polystyrene 6351.

Petrochemicals Polystyrene 6351 pass screw tests with

manufacturers are not only investing in improving the functionality and

Beyond the established benefits of

ease thanks to the material’s

reliability of their devices, but are also

standard HIPS, such as its balanced

high tensile strength.

giving a lot of attention to their design

mechanical strength, good

and aesthetic consumer appeal.

processability and good dimensional

Currently, Total Petrochemicals

stability, Total Petrochemicals

Polystyrene 6351 has been used

In order to achieve a shiny,

Polystyrene 6351 achieves a high

for visible TV, air-conditioning unit,

cosmetic effect for a plastic cover,

gloss finish on moulded parts.

fan, washing machine and dish

acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) would normally be the

When compared to ABS:

with good mechanical strength. However, due to increasing cost

● The gloss finish of Total

toys or e-learning devices.

Petrochemicals Polystyrene 6351 is very close to ABS, and is

Today 6351 is only available

accepted for most applications;

in China, but a European version is due in early 2012.

pressure resulting from feedstock prices, many manufacturers

is also promoting its use in other applications such as refrigerators,

primary option due to its ability to combine a high gloss appearance

washer components. The company

● The Izod impact strength of Total

have been forced to find a more

Petrochemicals Polystyrene

cost-effective alternative to ABS

6351 is lower than that of ABS,

for some of their products.

but its good tensile strength and

For more information, please visit

better elongation help balance its mechanical performance; 23

Issue 02 – March 2012

A purge on costs It is a current fact of business life

Since October 2011 Plastribution has been able to offer its customers purging agents from Aquapurge. The polymer distributor holds stocks of the new Barrel Blitz Universal purging compound within its own warehouse network, while other Aquapurge products are available upon request and with the relevant technical support.

that we are all required to closely watch inventory levels, meaning that customers will often want smaller and smaller quantities with each order. As a result, manufacturers have adopted “Just-In-Time” or “Lean Manufacturing” systems, requiring more and more frequent changes of equipment to different applications and materials. Things are no different in the polymer industry: a growing number of moulders are required to make more frequent tool changes and carry out shorter production runs. Any subsequent change in material

John Steadman

or colour requires the cleaning, or

Technical Director Aquapurge

“purging”, of processing equipment of materials lodged within them from previous runs. Resin lost in purging can often be the largest single cause of scrap material and is also a major category of lost machine time. Purging compounds are designed to make this transition take less time, with less lost resin, and with lower cost. Manufacturers can make more productive transitions if the purge compound quickly and completely removes the previous material from the machine and tooling. Recognising this development, Plastribution can now offer its customers direct access to Aquapurge’s range of purging compounds, including its new Barrel Blitz Universal purging agent.


Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

As with other Aquapurge products, its new Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) purging agent increases the productivity of plastic processing equipment by enabling rapid material and colour changes and the effective removal of carbon. In order to find out more, know-how spoke to John Steadman, technical director at Aquapurge.

to the reduction in rejects caused

This means less machine utilisation,

by specks of carbon or colour, for

lower output for the same or higher

instance, and just focus on screw

cost and, at the end of the day, less

profile, it is amazing how many

profit. Alternatively, by using Barrel

issues in production can be resolved

Blitz Universal, moulders can maintain

by keeping the screw clean and

their machines in the same pristine

constant to how it was originally

condition as they were in when they


were delivered, thereby increasing both their utilisation and output.

KH: Can you provide an example? JS: Certainly! For instance, if you get a build-up of carbon or plate-out, it is likely not going to be uniform across the screw, but will often start at the compression zone and get worse through the metering zone. This reduces the depth of the metering zone, which means that you are trying to force the same amount of material from the feed zone through a smaller

KH: Why should moulders

volume metering zone. This will

consider Barrel Blitz Universal?

either succeed, or you will get a measure of screw slip which results

JS: Barrel Blitz Universal will keep

in an extended screw back time.

screws, barrels and nozzles in pristine condition. Each time a moulder

In either case you get an increase

uses BBU for colour or material

in shear placed on the melt, which

changes, he is giving his machine

in turn results in increased melt

a deep scrub back to its original

temperature, longer cycle times,

screw, barrel and nozzle profiles.

different flow characteristics through the mould, voids, flash, splash,

KH: Why is this so important?

gassing and so on... All of which equals rejects and wasted time!

JS: At the end of the day, getting back to the original screw (see

KH: And ultimately less efficiency?

picture right) profile means more profit because the process is ultimately

JS: Precisely! At the end of the day

more repeatable. But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how it gets

you are hampering yourself with a

there that is exciting. If we forget for

reduction in the processing window

a moment the savings attributable

and extended set-up times. 25

Issue 02 – March 2012

Exceeding the demands of film packaging Exceed™ mPE resin products are

Available to the UK through Plastribution, Exceed™ metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins – the flagship mPE technology from ExxonMobil Chemical – offer the opportunity for unrivalled film performance that can be used to create value not only for film converters but also for their customers.

used to formulate a wide range of

Outstanding film impact resistance

film structures offering unrivalled performance for highly demanding

Exceed mPE reduces end-of-line

end-use applications such as

application failure and the need

multipack collation shrink films,

to provide after-sales support,

compression packaging films and

whilst simultaneously enhancing

food and non-food packaging films.

packaging integrity and improving tamper resistance and evidence.

The unique performance properties of

Dazzling optical properties (gloss,

coextruded films based on Exceed™

haze and transparency).

mPE deliver opportunities to increase value across the supply chain.

These properties include:

The use of Exceed mPE improves print quality, thereby enhancing product appeal, increasing consumer brand recognition and

● Superior film toughness and strength. ● Exceed mPE provides opportunities

facilitating bar code reading.

Exceptional film sealing performance

for significant downgauging

of film thickness, leading to

Exceed mPE increases end-

reduced costs for the converter

of-line packaging speed at

(in terms of raw material, inventory,

no additional cost, potentially

delivery and disposal) and more

postponing the need to invest in

sustainable solutions for brand

new packaging line equipment.

owners and retailers through reduced packaging weight.

For the end-user, outstanding seal performance means enhanced

● Moreover, greater film toughness

packaging integrity and the

and strength means fewer end-

improved performance of sealed

of-line packaging shut-downs

packages such as pouches and

caused by film breakage.

laminated bags for longer shelf-life. It also results in a reduction in form, fill and seal packaging line shut-downs.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Exceed™ is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation

Increasing business value for converters and end-users

A more sustainable flexible film solution

The significant benefits of Exceed

As mentioned, the superior

mPE based films, as listed above,

mechanical properties of Exceed

deliver new opportunities for

mPE based co-extruded films help

increasing value for both film

converters deliver more sustainable

converters and their customers

flexible film solutions. An improvement

versus conventional LLDPE resins.

in film performance helps reduce waste and can mean fewer package

These include the potential to

failures, less content spillage and

reduce working capital requirements

longer packaging shelf-life.

An improvement in film performance helps reduce waste and can mean fewer package failures, less content spillage and longer packaging shelf-life.

as a result of material savings and reduced inventory levels; the

At the same time, it presents the

introduction of a more productive

opportunity for downgauging,

packaging operation through

which helps reduce weight and

more robust sealing properties;

reduces film consumption.

easier handling during distribution because of better mechanical

Further information on

properties and increased consumer

Exceed™ metallocene polyethylene

attention and “pick-up” due to

(mPE) resins can be found at:

enhanced display characteristics.


Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

supply chain

Supply chain visibility is key Lena Fleschhut, supply chain project manager and KTP associate at Plastribution reports on the efforts being undertaken by the company to enhance the visibility of ordering and transportation processes for goods sourced from Asia.

Lena Fleschhut

Supply Chain Project Manager

Supply chain management means

Two of our major suppliers produce

This allows product managers and

overseeing the flow of information

and ship from Asia. Deep sea

the purchasing team to follow

and material between our suppliers,

supply chains such as these tend

the status of orders closely in the

ourselves and our customers to

to have long lead times and are

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ensure it happens as efficiently

more complex because the goods

system. The product managers

and smoothly as possible. Thus,

are shipped in containers. It is our

Pete Tillin and Martin White

greater visibility of the supply chain

experience that shipping lines require

worked closely with suppliers to

facilitates its management.

slots on vessels to be booked early,

understand the order confirmation

considerable time for the loading

and shipping processes at the

Visibility basically means having

process needs to be built in and

suppliersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; end of the supply chain.

up-to-date information about the

sailing times, for example from

whereabouts of material in the supply

Taiwan, are usually around 29 days.

chain available at all times. Visibility

Critical dates in the ordering process, such as date of confirmation of the

is promoted through the availability

At Plastribution we recognised the

order, estimated date of departure

of critical supply information on a

need to manage deep sea supply

and estimated date of arrival have

central system that can be accessed

chains as closely as possible. In

been agreed.

by everyone involved in supply

order to do so, a tool has been

chain management.

developed to increase their visibility.


Issue 02 – March 2012

“Plastribution is able to provide reliable information about lead-times to its – Lena Fleschhut customers ”

Close communication with suppliers

information, average, minimum

lead times, which feeds into the stock

has been set up to follow and update

and maximum length of lead

management processes and helps

those dates on a daily basis.

times can be established and

optimise stock levels and availability

updated on an ongoing basis. This

for products sourced from Asia.

The outcome of these measures are

increases certainty of lead times.

up-to-date and timely information

Our customers profit from our closely

on all purchasing orders and visibility

A secondary benefit is that

managed and secured ordering and

of the status of purchasing orders

communication with the freight

transport processes by material being

in the supply chain. Through close

forwarder, who takes care of

in stock and available when required.

collaboration and communication

containers when they land in the

with suppliers, disruptions also can

port, has also been increased.

be recognised early and can be

Moreover, Plastribution is able to provide reliable information about

alleviated at a very early stage

Close collaboration has been

lead-times to its customers. This all

of the purchasing process.

established in order to reduce lead

forms part of our overall objective,

times from the port to the warehouse

determined to reduce lead times to a

This increases reliability and

or to the customers’ gates. Information

minimum and to design processes that

control of supply further. Through

on the ERP system is also used to

are as efficient and lean as possible

the capture of purchasing order

create business intelligence in terms of

to the benefit our customers. 29

Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012

British Plastics Federation Annual Dinner

Plastribution has been a member of the British Plastics Federation for more than 20 years.

This commitment is not only just

At the end of 2011, Plastribution, along

about representing our own interests,

with guests, attended the BPF Annual

but also takes account of the fact

Dinner which celebrated industry

that whilst many of our customers

achievements of the past year as

do not have the resources to be

well as providing great networking

directly involved with this important

opportunities and after-dinner

industry body, it is vital that their

entertainment in the form of writer

interests are represented.

and broadcaster Giles Brandreth.

In fact, Plastribution chairs the Distributors & Compounders Group, is involved with the Product Safety Committee and is represented in both the BPFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Council and within the Strategy and Finance Committee.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Expansion at Granic

Gestora Catalana de Residuos, producers of the Granic® range of calcium carbonate and talc filled plastic masterbatches, has made two recent announcements that reflect the success of its products since their introduction.

Firstly, at its plant in Tarragona,

success of its products are the high

Spain, the company has

quality and purity of the local calcium

commissioned a second line to

carbonate used within them, making

provide an additional 55,000 tonnes

them the reference filler masterbatch

of production capacity for its

in Europe, and providing the

Granic PE, PP and PS compounds,

lowest carbon footprint alternative

replicating that of its initial line.

with values audited by TÜV.

This will take the total annual

The company has also recently

production capacity of the

announced the introduction of a new

plant - which is just 20 kilometres

grade, Granic® 1025 PP compound,

(approximately 13 miles) from

to complement its existing offering for

factories belonging to some of the

the rafia and pipe sectors in particular.

leading players in the petrochemical

As with all Granic® products, Granic®

industry and 8 kilometres (around 5

1025 is an ecological masterbatch

miles) from Spain’s largest calcium

with a very high content (84

carbonate mine - to 145,000 tonnes,

percent) of selected and treated

consisting of 110,000 tonnes of

ultrafine calcium carbonate at a

compounding capacity and 35,000

very high level of good dispersion.


tonnes of recycling capacity.

The new line is expected to reach full output by March 2012.

It is 100 percent recyclable and just 16 percent dependent on crude oil. The addition rate of Granic® is typically between 5 and 40 percent, depending on the final application,

“During 2011 we sold 49,000 tonnes of

providing benefits such as an increase

Granic®, meaning that our initial line

in productivity, a reduction in energy

is already operating at 95 percent

consumption and an improvement

capacity,” explains Victor Oliva,

in mechanical properties.

commercial director at Gestora Catalana de Residuos. “This much-

Plastribution has been the sole

required second line will provide us

distributor in the United Kingdom

with more scope for production as

of the Granic® range of highly filled

well as the opportunity to develop

calcium carbonate compounds

new products, for instance for

since the start of 2011.

the blow moulding market or the Granic® is a registered trademark of Gestora Catalana de Residuo

automotive industry.” According to

Further information on Granic® can

the company, reasons for the sales

be found at


Issue 02 – March 2012

Conductive plastics Premix controls electrical charges and secures safe refueling? Why?

The answer is simple. Premix offers

are not alone - Premix has taken

just one product. It is a solution.

the challenge and will solve it. Such

For Premix, customer problems

challenges will turn into further

are challenges which must be

success stories among those

solved. Each successful solution

already filed.

gives Premix a chance to launch a new customer success story. What are success stories made of?

Caring, Creating, Commitment

Premix – a provider of solutions It is not possible to become a solution provider by declaration. For decades already, Premix has been

There are no shortcuts to

one of the leading companies in

success. Premix has been

the field of electrically conductive

investing in know-how since

plastics. The road from material

the company was founded.

producer to solution provider has been a long and rewarding one.

But know-how alone is not sufficient. Caring, Creating and

Specialisation has paid off. Some

Commitment are essential factors.

of Premix’s end customers are global industry leaders. Premix’s

Caring means a desire to do more

solutions help facilitate your

– adopt customer challenges,

everyday life. You can fuel your

explore, spend time and have a

car safely at a petrol station, have

genuine desire to find the best

a health examination at a clinic

possible sustainable solution.

or speak on your mobile phone.

Each new solution requires creativity, i.e. ability and will to do something

Premix’s ability to solve problems

differently, something that others

has turned into dozens of success

have not yet come to think of.

stories. Some of these stories can also be read on Premix’s new website.

But the most important thing is

They are well worth reading.

Commitment. Commitment is


an ability to convince customers

Maybe the next story to be told there

throughout the job done that they

will be yours?

Issue 02 – March 2012

Is it time to kick off your own success story? Premix and Plastribution are eager

Market leader in conductive plastics

Compounding business unit

to create a success story for you and your company as well.

Business Units

Headquarters in Rajamäki, Finland

● Electrically conductive plastics ● Static dissipative plastics

The ingredients for a successful mix


are already there. It takes Caring,

office in Schafflund, Germany

Plastics in electronics business unit

Creating and Commitment to

● High frequency materials

succeed. On both sides. The rest is

● EMI shielding materials

work, competence and experience.

● Thermally conductive materials

The fastest way for you to start

● High performance PPE compounds

creating your success story is by visiting Premix’s website, or you can just throw your challenge to Plastribution. We will take it from there.

Unique plastic solutions for telecommunications and electronics industries

New generations, new challenges Premix is a family-owned company where success has always been based on its owners’ desire to do more and to do things better. Now a new generation has taken over the responsibility for the company. The same success principles will remain, but based on visions and means of the new generation. A new success program has been updated and installed. Premix version 2.0 has been completed. Premix has adopted a new way of challenge. More direct, deeper and more efficient.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Logistics KTP update In the last issue of Know How we introduced Plastribution’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Hull University. Its purpose is to better understand the company’s logistic and supply chain activities and the value they can create for its customers and suppliers. In this update, we find out what some of Plastribution’s staff have been learning about stock management, whilst the project’s manager, Lena Fleschhut, picked up an award for her research.


With the review of its stock

One immediate outcome of the

management process forming

course was the formation of a new

a key aspect of its KTP project,

project group to ensure that key

Plastribution’s product managers

learnings taken from the workshop

and supervisors attended a recent

are put into practice. The ultimate

stock management workshop hosted

goal of the group is to manage stock

by Professor Chee Wong from the

as efficiently as possible, especially

Business School & Logistics Institute at

products sourced from Asia.

Hull University. Its aim was to provide them with the tools and processes

Summarising his own learning from

to review Plastribution’s own current

the course, Pete Tillin, product

stock management practices and,

manager at Plastribution said: “I

where necessary, enhance them

found it extremely useful and had not

to improve customer service.

realised how much of a science stock management can be. The key thing

A further objective of the course

for us to do now is to interpret these

was to put stock management

newly acquired skills and apply them

within the context of the company’s

to our business and actual trading.”

overall supply chain activities.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Research award from the CILT


During October 2011, Lena Fleschhut,

and value, and ultimately its

supply chain project manager

relationship attractiveness, can be

at Plastribution, received the

managed. This can be supported

Chartered Institute of Logistics and

by initiatives such as strategic

Transport (CILT) McKibbin Research

material evaluation and formal

Foundation Award 2011 for her

supplier relationship management.

paper entitled “Supplier Relationship Management: a measure to alleviate

According to the judges citation:

supply in an oligopoly market?”.

“Lena argued with much persuasion that a supply chain requires an

01 02

It evaluates the supply chain of a

integrated procurement function that

distributor in order to be able to assess

recognises the strategic requirement

if supplier relationship management

to positively influence suppliers

(SRM) can alleviate the supply

so as to create sustainable and

situation in an oligopoly market. From

competitive advantages. Indeed in

her findings she suggests that the

some instances these relationships are

supply situation for a distributor in an

the distinguishing feature between

Hull University

oligopoly market can be positively

similar businesses that create the

influenced in the long-term if the

leaders in their markets.”

Lena Fleschhut receiving award

distributor’s perceived dependency

Plastribution team at


Issue 02 – March 2012

Plastribution to offer Mitsubishi’s Xantar portfolio to the automotive industry

Plastribution’s distributor role for Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics has been extended to include its XANTAR® (PC), XANTAR® C (PC/ ABS) and XANTAR® E (PC/PET) products, with the intention of exploring new opportunities specifically for the UK automotive industry.

This new agreement reinforces the

Key properties of XANTAR® C

very successful 22 year relationship

products are its low melt viscosity

between the two companies.

and high impact resistance under

Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics’

unfavourable conditions (such as low

XANTAR polycarbonate is a versatile

temperatures or when exposed to

thermoplastic resin that is suitable

chemicals), its high level of purity, high

for a wide range of applications.

stability and bright natural colour.

The XANTAR® product line consists of

It is available in standard, flame-

general purpose and special grades

retardant and tailor-made grades.

including flame retardant grades,

XANTAR® E is a blend of XANTAR®

glass-fibre reinforced grades and

polycarbonate and polyethylene

engineering structural foam grades.

terephthalate (PET) or polybutylene

The XANTAR® general purpose

terephthalate (PBT).


grades are characterised by their high transparency and impact

These products are mainly developed

strength, excellent temperature

for the automotive industry, both

resistance, good dimensional

interior and exterior applications

stability and biological inertness.

and consist of standard and special grades. It exhibits high ageing

Specialised products within the

resistance and has benefits in

Xantar® portfolio include Xantar®

demanding impact situations e.g.

LDS (Laser Direct Structuring), a

the combination of low temperature

range of custom-made PC and

performance and weld lines.

PC/ABS based grades that enable selective electroless plating by

It also displays low volatility during

means of laser direct structuring

processing (low odour) and end-

(LDS) to integrate electric circuits into

use (reduced windshield fogging).

moulded parts, and XANTAR XRM

Due to its excellent compatibility

(Xtra Robust Modified), a family of

with other polyester components

impact modified flame retardant PC

it can easily be recycled with

XANTAR® C is a blend of Xantar®

optimal retention of properties.


polycarbonate and a specially developed high purity ABS.


Issue 02 – March 2012

Xantar® is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation.

Common automotive applications


They therefore match demands

blends are predominantly used in

for fogging, emission of volatiles

automotive interior applications.

and odour in the car interior.

Specially developed grades offer

Specifically, XANTAR® E can be

solutions for demanding applications

used to meet the severest impact

such as, for instance, air conditioning

requirements, whilst XANTAR® C is

and venting nozzles, steering column

available in several compositions to

claddings, dashboard components

match the application’s demand

and interior lighting. XANTAR based

for heat resistance and impact.


materials pass today’s very stringent environmental requirements with

Further information on Mitsubishi

respect to absence of heavy metals

Engineering Plastics’ XANTAR® portfolio

and undesired volatile components.

please visit


Issue 02 – March 2012

Lumicene® Random Copolymers a potential for productivity and environmental gains First presented during the K-Fair 2010, the range of Lumicene® random copolymer products from Total Petrochemicals present new opportunities for cost reduction and additional downgauging of injection moulded products.

A unique range of polypropylene Total Petrochemicals’ polypropylene Lumicene® products are available as five grades with a melt flow

Reasons for using Lumicene® random polypropylene grades include:

index from 10 to 110 g/10 min, depending on the market’s needs.

● Production cost reduction. Moulding productivity: with

Whilst they are probably best known

standard random (ZN catalyst)

for their aesthetics, polypropylene

dimensional variation occurs from

Lumicene has much more to

one injection shot to another

offer versus random (Ziegler Natta

due to variation in shrinkage .


catalyst) polypropylene: superior food compatibility, higher rigidity

With Lumicene® the moulding

by 150 MPa, but at the same

precision is much higher and

time better impact resistance,

the reproducibility between

moulding productivity.

shots is much improved, giving a lower reject rate of

New opportunities for a range of applications

out-of-specification parts.

Also, the higher rigidity allows a

Producers of rigid food packaging,

faster demoulding. Faster cycle

caps and closures, medical devices,

time: reduced cooling and

pharmaceutical packaging, house

injection time thanks to high fluidity

wares and kitchen wares are

and high rigidity of Lumicene®

now able to take full advantage

MR110MC2 (MFR 110 g/10min).

of the new Lumicene random ®

metallocene product range.

● Downgauging (cost and

Lumicene® PP product range

and PVC is another target, with

exhibits 150 Mpa more rigidity,

a strong penetration achieved

allowing downgauging.

in demanding applications such as baby bottle production.


environmental benefit). The

Polymer substitution of polycarbonate

Issue 02 – March 2012

Lumicene® is a registered trademark of Total Petrochemicals.

At the same time, the impact resistance shows a ductile

behaviour at room temperatures.

In short: higher rigidity combined with better impact resistance.

Case study: moulded food packaging tray produced with Lumicene® MR110MC2

● Superior food compatibility Ultra low extractables and

The benefits attainable through

best-in-class organoleptic

the adoption of Lumicene®

properties give the Lumicene®

random polypropylene are best

range the status of universal

illustrated by the costs relating to

grades for food packaging.

the production of a 22 gram,

All in all, this can lead to a potential cost reduction of more than 100 €/tonne for converters and a decrease of the carbon footprint of the produced article.

thin-walled food packaging tray. ● Improved part aesthetics (gloss and/or transparency)

Whereas standard production using a Ziegler-Natta polypropylene (MFI 40g/10 min) has a 5 second cycle time at 235°C, the adoption of Lumicene® MR110MC2 (MFI 110 g/10min) reduces cycle time to 4.45 seconds at 215°C, meaning higher productivity and energy savings. With the 150 MPa rigidity of the Lumicene® PP product, there is a downgauging potential of between 4 and 8%. All in all, this can lead to a potential cost reduction of more than 100 €/ tonne for converters and a decrease of the carbon footprint of the produced article. Superior food compatibility and excellent aesthetics provide additional value. Further information:


Issue 02 – March 2012

Inside knowledge

Sumika Polymer Compounds

Plastribution has been the appointed distributor of Sumika’s Thermofil® range of reinforced polypropylene (PP) compounds in the UK since 2010.

Europe, particularly with regard to the

stiffness to high impact grades,

expansion of its already successful

with Thermofil® HP F610X forming

Thermofil range of reinforced

one of the most recent additions.


polypropylene (PP) compounds. A 30 percent high performance The glass- and mineral-modified PP

glass-coupled PP with outstanding

compounds are designed to meet the

tensile strength, impact strength

evolving requirements of the global

and stiffness, Thermofil® HP F610X is

automotive, household appliance

intended as a replacement for long

and general engineering industries.

glass fibre reinforced polypropylene, glass-reinforced PA and glass-

During October 2011, eight

They can be used as a replacement

reinforced PBT in automotive

representatives of Plastribution’s

for traditional and more expensive

and industrial applications.

distribution sales team headed down

engineering thermoplastics such as

to Havant in Hampshire to visit Sumika

polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and

Polymer Compounds (UK) Ltd and

polyamide (PA), delivering benefits

find out more about the company,

such as weight and cost savings,

During their visit, the Plastribution

its products and their applications.

ease of processing and design.

representatives also found out more

Sumika Polymer Compounds (SPC) was founded in November 2007

Unique product know-how

Sustainable solutions

about the range of glass-coupled recycled PP compounds offered by SPC to the automotive industry. In

after a consortium of Sumitomo Chemical Group (50%), Itochu

The Thermofil range is based on the

many cases these materials, with a

Corporation (25%) and Toyo Ink

company’s expertise in the advanced

recycled PP content of up to 100%,

(25%) acquired both of the former

coupling of polypropylene and glass

can replace virgin PP compounds,

Asahi Thermofil compounding

fibre. Implementing a unique screw

metal, and PA in applications such as

companies in the UK and France.

design and process knowledge, the

engine noise shields, fan shrouds or

glass fibres are optimally distributed

battery cases without compromising

The two sites were renamed to

throughout the compound for superior

performance or cost.

Sumika Polymer Compounds (UK)

performance in terms of strength and

Ltd and Sumika Polymer Compounds

stiffness, temperature resistance and

Further information:

(France) S.A. respectively and

impact strength versus conventional

provide the location for SPC’s

glass fibre reinforced polypropylenes.

Thermofil® is a registered trademark


of Sumika Polymer Compounds

manufacturing and technical excellence centres in each country.

The glass fibres can be combined with mineral fillers for further

Ownership by the new shareholders,

enhanced mechanical properties.

including a significant PP major in

The Thermofil® family of glass-

the form of Sumitomo, has allowed

coupled polypropylene is available

SPC to strengthen its position in

in an extensive range, from high


Issue 02 – March 2012

Next generation PEEK polymer from Evonik

Evonik Industries has recently unveiled an improved polyether etherketone (PEEK) that can potentially double the lifespan of dynamically-stressed moulded components. New VESTAKEEP Ultimate offers a 25 percent higher impact strength compared to other state-of-the-art PEEK polymers. ®

Such a technical enhancement

as Dirk Heinrich, director of business

can help facilitate a whole host of

management for VESTAKEEP®,

high-performance solutions that can

explains: “VESTAKEEP® Ultimate

make the new product the material

shows that there is a long way to

of choice for PEEK polymer in a vast

go before the crest of the plastics

range of applications.

pyramid is reached.

In terms of the automobile and

Our developments haven’t finished

aircraft industries, the enhanced

yet: We are continuing to work hard

properties of VESTAKEEP Ultimate

on improving our products to support

provide greater resilience to higher

our customers to meet performance

stress-exposed components such as



sensors or ball bearings. VESTAKEEP® Ultimate also constitutes Its use as a sealant material for the oil

the latest addition to the full range

and gas industry can mean greater

of VESTAKEEP® PEEK moulding

resistance to high temperatures at

compounds exclusively supplied

depths of up to several hundred

to the UK market by Plastribution.

meters. Meanwhile, when used for

VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers are

semiconductor manufacturing, new

particularly suitable for applications

VESTAKEEP® Ultimate can result in

that are required to meet extremely

greater process reliability due to its

high mechanical, thermal, and

high temperature resistance and

chemical requirements, enabling

particularly low ion content.

the production of long-lasting components that can be used under

Processing benefits of the new

the toughest conditions.

material include greater ease of manufacture of large diameter pipes

For more information, please visit:

as a result of its high melt elasticity.

The introduction of the new PEEK by Evonik is the latest in a series of Vestakeep® is a registered trademark of the Evonik Degussa GmbH.

innovations in high performance plastics that looks set to continue,


Issue 02 – March 2012

We say no to surcharges! Here at Plastribution we choose to continue with an all-inclusive pricing policy. That remains our position today.

Following the fuel crisis back in 2007,

In line with our policy of being

polymer distributors faced cost

easy to do business with, here

pressures from their logistics providers

is a summary of what our “no

when the cost of diesel increased

surcharges” policy means.


dramatically. In order to recover these costs, many suppliers chose to apply order surcharges to cover them.




A specific team dedicated to servicing your requirements


Order processing costs

Timed and same day deliveries

Delivery costs for quantities > 500kgs Fuel surcharges Currency surcharges Packaging Compliance with packaging waste legislation Training Technical backup and advice



Price know-how


Delivery costs for quantities < 500kgs

Issue 02 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; March 2012



Our no surcharge policy de




Exc lud





Issue 02 – February 2012 March 2012

Product list Supplier


Brand Name

Engineering polymers

The Plastribution team is always available to provide advice on all aspects of grade selection including design, processing and properties. So please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your specific requirements. Please remember that, despite our best efforts to do so, it is almost impossible to cover every request for information on the website or through the new portfolios, particularly as new developments are happening all the time. If you should be unable to find what you require, just get in touch on the phone, email or through the website and, if we really can’t help, we will do our utmost to point you in the right direction. Plastribution Limited PO Box 7743, CEVA House, 5 Ashby Park, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Leicestershire LE65 1XY Tel: +44 (0) 1530 560560 Fax: +44 (0) 1530 560303 Email:

44 44












Apilon 52





Cyro XT

Clear Polymer










Xantar C


Xantar E

POM (Acetal Copolymer)








PA6 Prime




TPE – Highly Conductive

Preseal TPE

Thermally Conductive Compounds


Static Dissipative Compounds

Pre-Elec ESD






Raditer E




Radiflam B

PA6.6 Prime (Italy)

Radilon A

PA6.6 Prime (Germany)

Radilon A

PA6.6 Industrial (Italy)

Heramid A

PA6.6 FR (Italy)

Radiflam A

PA6.6 (Industrial) Germany

Heramid I/A


Radilon D

PA6 Prime FR (Italy)

Radiflam S

PA6 Prime (Italy)

Radilon S

PA6 Prime (Germany)

Radilon B

PA6 Industrial (Italy)

Heramid S

PA6 Industrial (Germany)

Heramid I/B


Radilon S


Heramid B



Issue 0202 – February Issue – March 2012



Brand Name



Brand Name













Polyolefins PP Recycled


Purging Agent

Barrel Blitz Universal


Cardia Biohybrid

Biodegradeable Masterbatch – UV Stabilisers

Colourtone Masterbatch


ExxonMobil PP

Masterbatch – Universal

Colourtone Masterbatch


ExxonMobil PP

Masterbatch – PVC

Colourtone Masterbatch

PP Plastomer


Masterbatch – POM

Colourtone Masterbatch



Masterbatch – Polycarbonate

Colourtone Masterbatch



Masterbatch – PBT

Colourtone Masterbatch


ExxonMobil LLD

Masterbatch – Nylon

Colourtone Masterbatch

LLD Plastomer


Masterbatch – Blowing Agents

Colourtone Masterbatch


ExxonMobil LD

Masterbatch – Anti-static

Colourtone Masterbatch


ExxonMobil HD





PP Compounds




PP Compounds









Total PP


Total PP


Total PP




Total MD


Total LLD


Total LD


Total HD


Total EVA

PP Compounds




Functional Polymers


Calcium Carbonate Compounds Granic Masterbatch Slip/Anti-block

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch Colour Universal

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch Anti-block

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch – UV Stabilisers

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch – Slip Agent

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch – Process Aids

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch – Flame Retardant

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Masterbatch – Blowing Agents

Kafrit/Constab Masterbatch

Functional Polymers


Functional Polymers





















HIPS Alloys

Total HIPS Alloys


Total HIPS


Total GPPS


Part of your future

LumiceneÂŽ is a registered trademark of Total Petrochemicals - LumiceneÂŽ is a metallocene based Total Petrochemicals Proprietary Technology.


A route to match the challenges of tomorrow > material savings > energy savings > superior cleanliness

Flexible packagings

Rigid packagings Fibers

Caps & closures


Artificial grass

Medical devices

Plastics help to bring food and water to a growing world population. Polyethylene is the most reliable material for water supply and irrigation. Innovative packaging solutions using polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene guarantee efficiency for the producer as well as freshness and quality for the consumer. To learn more about our polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene go to: Plastics can be recycled and ultimately serve as a source of energy. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s give them a second life!

Baby bottles

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