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Real Ukraine: RealUkraine organizes high quality, customer oriented agricultural tours that reflect the goals and meet the requirements of either groups or individuals.

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Providing high quality agritours and travel services for visitors to Ukraine, we guarantee that each customer and partner will have our exquisite attention so we can achieve the best possible result. Trade missions

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You will always benefit from a well-planned itinerary, where time is balanced between technical visit, meetings, organized special events, sightseeing and free time.

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Known as the 'bread basket of Europe', and already the world's 5th largest cereal exporter, Ukraine is an obvious choice to come.

Crop yields in Ukraine are predicted to increase to 8 metric tonnes per hectare one of the strongest levels worldwide, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Centre (USDA, 2010).

see how Ukrainian farmers work;

see how European and American farmers become millionaires in Ukraine;

see how big the agricultural potential in Ukraine is;

promote the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas in agriculture;

find new business partners;

improve the mutual understanding between countries and cultures;

and of course to see the country which is unforget table, totally unique, with the great history, rich culture and generous people.

Ukraine is one of the countries with a significant share of arable lands in the farm land. The majority of the national lands are good for crop production, and out of 60 mln. ha of their total area arable lands account for more than a half. Land distribution by their types (in 1000 ha) All lands, total

– 60 354,8

Crop lands

– 38 433,7

Ukraine is Europe’s biggest grain producer

Agricultural Ukraine:

RealUkraine is a subsidiary of Dykun Global Consult (DGC), one of the biggest Ukrainian agricultural advisory company with more than 5000 customers. With the help of DGC we can provide you with:

Located at the crossroads of east-west and northsouth trade routes, Ukraine is an ideal platform for exporting grain to both Russia and the EU (CIA, World Factbook, 2010).

Ukrainian black soils 40-60 cm deep in compare with EU 5-30 cm.

The territory of Ukraine is divided into three natural climatic zones: step (350 mm. of rain), forest-step (550 mm. of rain), and forest (650 mm. of rain) flat topography conducive to efficient crop farming.

The country contains 1/3 of the most fertile soils “black earth” (chernozem) globally. Typical farm unit size of 3,000 ha + (10 times the EU average) leads to economies of scale.

- Access to Ukrainian farmers;

Comparative to other parts of the world, Ukraine’s land prices are substantially low and Knight Frank forecasts Ukraine’s agricultural land price to double in 2010 from US$1,200 a hectare. To the delight of investors, it will continue to increase by 28% per annum thereafter (Knight Frank, April 2009). Biggest producer and exporter of rapeseed.

Approximately 1/3 of European crop lands are located in Ukraine.

According to USDA prognoses, agricultural land in Ukraine has the ability to produce 8 tonnes of wheat per hectare.

- Match making with potential dealers; - Market research; - Turn key decisions for beginning agricultural business in Ukraine.

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