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CORE 7 Focus (“You first”) Belief (EveryONE and everything matters) Philosophy (EveryONE has a voice)






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Action (Opening doors for everyONE, everyday)




BTW (Dynamic lifestyle real estate brand) Empower (Understanding, appreciating, investing)


3 GOALS Goal 1: WOW NOW Experience Goal 2: ONE-Stop Everything Goal 3: Top 10% of Agents (150K)

2E’S Efficient Effective

ONE Vision Our Future

We are a tight-knit community with a ‘you first’ focus. With the philosophy that everyONE has a voice, we’re a dynamic lifestyle real estate brand that values finding ways to enhance your overall experience and boost your success. That being said, we would like to welcome you to RealtyONEGroup’s official ONE Big Book of Answers, with everything you need to know in just ONE book. Looking for a quick refresher on our strong, thriving coolture? Need examples of how the RealtyONEGroup brand plans to work for you? It’s all in here. Let’s get started so we can paint the nation gold, as ONE!




7 FOCUS Imagine a place where YOU always come first. We are a tight-knit community with a ‘you first’ focus, meaning we’re working towards our ONE mission to build the brand that will work for you. It begins with a mindset to succeed, with the right people and the passion to achieve those dreams. You are the brand; we’re partnering in your success.

BELIEF We don’t adapt to change — we make it happen. As a company of believers, we’ve made it our number ONE objective to show why everyONE and everything matters. That’s what makes us unique, and that’s why together, we open doors and move forward.

PHILOSOPHY It takes a team and a family of like-minded people who wake up to win and push the limits to create success. This family is built by our agents, franchisees, managers, and employees who believe in the philosophy that everyONE has a voice.

BTW We stand together as more than a company — we are a dynamic lifestyle real estate brand. This lifestyle brand has fostered a unique culture and created raving fans amongst its agents and clients. We are a community of professionals and dreamers looking to make a difference and change the industry, together as ONE.

EMPOWER Understanding, appreciating, and investing: These are the words we live by to empower you. We’re a brand that allows you to invest in yourself, meaning that whenever you need us, we’re here, because we treat you as a priority. We are the ONE brand that is always accessible to support your success, that’s our promise to you.

ACTION Opening doors for everyONE every day takes action, and that’s what we’re here to do. When everybody works together as ONE, we can push this dynamic lifestyle real estate brand to new heights and paint the nation gold!

SMILES With shiny eyes and happy hearts, positivity is the ONE word that drives our dream to achieve. It’s all because of the awesome people who are proud to work side-by-side to accomplish their goals everyday. Our brand is united by passion and the knowledge that everyONE is awesome.


6 + YOU = SUCCESS COOLTURE Coolture. This is the ONE word that defines who we are as a company. It’s a mindset and lifestyle where everyONE is awesome, everyONE has a voice, and everyONE wins; it’s waking up everyday with a positive attitude, believing that you are going to win. Coolture takes many forms, but it always leads to greatness, and that greatness comes from creating a culture of believers. At RealtyONEGroup, we lead with people — that’s our coolture.

CARE The ‘you first’ model treats people with respect and makes them a part of the vision. It’s a 24/7 business, which means transparency and open communication are the keys to unity. We believe in providing number ONE support to follow your vision, because it’s all about empowering you.

COACHING Our ‘you first’ focus has ignited change in the industry, and when you think outside the circle, you’re sure to create a culture of raving fans. Creative coaching hands you the keys to your own success, because we’re here to help cater to your clients’ lifestyle so that you can turn houses into homes.

CONNECT Awesome people are efficient and effective in everything that they do. We pledge to never be a virtual-only company, which is why we offer the technology and faceto-face support that you need. Providing you with the latest tools and technology to connect with your clients is our ONE promise to you.

COMMUNITY It’s all about #GiveONEBack — appreciating the communities where we live, work, and play. Giving back and spreading positivity is our ONE mission that effects change. Helping hands are more than just a symbol; when they come together to complete a circle, they inspire others to do the same. Welcome to the circle. Welcome home.

COMMISSIONS As a part of the #MyWowNow factor, we believe in giving you the crazy commissions you deserve to celebrate your success. With all the crazy commissions, you always win at ONE. It’s a company that allows you to invest in yourself — set the tONE to reach your goals everyday with positive people who wake up to win!


5 PEOPLE, PURPOSE, PROCESS, PROFIT, PRAISE We lead with PEOPLE, empowering passionate leaders with PURPOSE through a PROCESS that yields PROFIT and earns PRAISE — then, it circles back. It’s a system that works hand-in-hand and completes the circle; it’s unique to us and how we tell our story; it’s how we do everything at RealtyONEGroup.


4 HIGH-LEVEL, HIGH-IMPACT, HIGH-TECH, HIGH-TOUCH The 4H’s describe how we do everything as a company and lifestyle brand.

Every new project is looked at from a HIGHER LEVEL, so that it will always have a HIGH IMPACT on your overall experience. Our emphasis on the importance of incorporating HIGHER TECHNOLOGY into everyday activities and transactions is what keeps us connected to ONE another. This way, everything that we do begins with a HIGH TOUCH,

because we know that what we do as a brand needs to matter to you — consider it our ONE last gold touch to finding more ways to support you. Together, we’re accomplishing things that matter.


3 GOALS GOAL 1: THE WOW NOW EXPERIENCE The #MyWowNow experience is what we’re looking to achieve as a brand — you, the top-producing agent, are working towards turning houses into homes while we help you move forward and open doors, together as ONE. It’s a dynamic lifestyle brand that has everyONE asking: “What’s next?!”

GOAL 2: ONE-STOP EVERYTHING Because we believe that everyONE and everything matters, we’re working tirelessly toward our ONE mission to build the brand that will work for you. It begins with a mindset to succeed, with the right people and passion to achieve their dreams. This has allowed us to evolve into a ONE-stop shop, equipping us with the best tools and services to empower you. It’s a 24/7 business, so we’re always accessible to support your success — anytime, anywhere. That’s our promise to you.

GOAL 3: TOP 10% OF AGENTS (150K) Recruiting the top 10% of incredible agents is just ONE of the goals set by RealtyONEGroup from the start. As the numbers continue to grow, so will the brand, adhering to ONE vision to create an even bigger raving fan base. At this rate, nothing can stop us!


2 EFFICIENT It’s true that the most awesome people are the most efficient and effective, which is why ONE big focus of ours is to bring these people together. Efficiency matters in the real estate business, which is how we have been able to build a strong network to growth the national RealtyONEGroup brand.

EFFECTIVE Effecting change in the industry is something we strive for each and every day, and effecting change requires an effective team. Effectiveness leads to success, and our success has led to greatness, which is why the most effective, top-producing agents are quickly joining the nation’s number ONE team.


GUIDELINES WHEN USING SOCIAL MEDIA, WE MUST... • Use online social media to meet consumers’ needs for engagement. • Communicate and engage with consumers using multiple online social platforms and engaging touch points. • Leverage your strong brand and use it as the core element to unite your target audience in all social media platforms. • Foster two-way interaction to encourage interdependency, brand-partner quality, and legitimacy. • Provide consistent and sustained interactions.

CONTENT RULES • Images should inspire emotional responses. • Avoid using stock images, which don’t promote action. • Avoid amateur videos that are not amazing quality. • Posts should be an instigator of conversation, not necessarily engagement. • Ask questions that spark conversations with other community members (engagements with the brand and brand responses are not always necessary). • Always adhere to the Tone of Voice Guide. • Never use images that have not been vetted by a RealtyONEGroup Social Media Officer, or that do not adhere to the Visual Guide. • Always adhere to the Social Media Guide for fonts and colors. Refer to the RealtyONEGroup Social Media Bible for more information about how to implement social media into the success of your brand.

HASHTAGS Across all social media platforms, it’s important that you tie your success back to the RealtyONEGroup brand. Social media allows you to capture the golden moments and open doors to greatness. Check out these hashtags that are unique to us!

#REALTYONEGROUP This links other agents and consumers directly back to us to showcase our brand and who we are as a company.

#FOLLOWTHEONE The ONE pin is most frequently used with this hashtag. It’s the best way to show consumers how we plan to continue painting the nation gold!

#MYWOWNOW This focuses on both the Wow Now factor and the ONE moments that make them happen. This experience communicates to consumers what we’re looking to achieve as a brand.

#COOLTURE This is the ONE word that defines who we are as a company; it lets consumers know that you are a part of a lifestyle where everyONE is awesome and everyONE wins!

#GIVEONEBACK This is the official hashtag of RealtyONEGroup Cares, the community-driven, charitable branch that showcases the ways in which we give back and spread positivity; it’s our ONE mission that effects changes.

#ONEDERFUL ONEderful is an attitude and a style. It’s a way to connect with other agents who understand RealtyONEGroup’s beliefs and philosophy as a company, and it’s a way to entice and excite potential consumers about joining the ONE lifestyle!

#WAKEUPTOWIN An important part of our coolture is waking up everyday with a positive attitude, knowing you are going to win. It creates an environment of winning team spirit and thrives on your drive to succeed.

#OPENINGDOORS This hashtag effectively communicates our ONE goal to succeed with you.


EVEREST ESCROW Everest Escrow believes that expertise and experience are vitally important to their customers. Oftentimes, it is the Escrow Officer that can make the difference in closing a transaction, so we provide personal, professional, and affordable closing services.

ROC TITLE Currently located in Las Vegas, ROC Title opened its doors in October 2015, standing strong as a title service that is dedicated to supporting the local communities and providing agents with ROC STAR service and on-time closings.

ONE HOME WARRANTY RealtyONEGroup has teamed up with the best in the business to create a branded home protection plan that covers many of the appliances and system components found in homes. Having a home protection plan in place goes a long way in building confidence, and ensuring a smooth transaction. It’s just another way we’re the ONE choice in real estate. HAS Home Warranty will provide ONE Home Warranty, a powerful marketing tool for agents that builds client confidence and attracts buyers. In fact, 8 out of 10 buyers prefer to move into a home with a good warranty program, because it helps protect their investment and provide all-important peace of mind.

“It’s exciting to work with a visionary company like RealtyONEGroup that strives to provide agents and their clients with services that improve the home-buying experience. We understand your business, and we’re committed to help you protect your clients and reduce your risk.” • Burke Smith, CCO, HAS Home Warranty “We only work with the best, and aligned with the expertise and agent-centric commitment of HAS Home Warranty, we’re going to be able to provide our own branded home warranty service that is great for agents, great for sellers and great for buyers!” • Kuba Jewgieniew, Visionary and CEO, RealtyONEGroup

MANAGEMENT ONE GROUP Why Management ONE Group? Because they care. As the top residential property management company in Las Vegas, they guarantee the best service, commitment, and experience in the industry!

MOVEMENT MORTGAGE Whether you are investigating the best way to finance a project, seeking the lowest interest rates, or need advice on the size of a loan, Movement Mortgage pledges to be there for you every step of the way. They have earned a reputation for putting their clients first, and will be sure to assist and guide you through all the details of any task. Recognized by INC. 500 as two of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, RealtyONEGroup and Movement Mortgage are partnering together and proving that their agent-centric focus is the number ONE strategy for the future of real estate.

“As an industry innovator, RealtyONEGroup looks to work with the best: forwardthinking companies driven by vision and purpose. We’re all about aligning ourselves with greatness and passionate people, and Movement Mortgage is definitely that company. They share our belief that agents are the key to growth and success, and, like us, they are committed to excellence and innovation in serving realtors and their clients. Our real estate professionals have high expectations; they want to work with ‘doers,’ not ‘talkers.’ They count on a timely mortgage process with service that is unrivaled. We are proud to have them as a partner. Together, we are achieving more as ONE.” • Kuba Jewgieniew, Visionary and CEO, RealtyONEGroup “Over the course of the past 18 months, I have been incredibly humbled to witness the synergy that has developed between Movement Mortgage and RealtyONEGroup. We’ve recognized the need to build companies that develop around top-producing real estate agents — empowering them to generate more referrals, close more deals, and create a better overall experience for every client. At Movement Mortgage, we’ve strengthened that commitment by structuring our 7-day process to expedite loans and minimize complications. It’s how we are creating best-in-class, referable experiences for the realtors we serve. We’re very excited to partner with RealtyONEGroup. Together, we are moving the industry in the right direction.” • Casey Crawford, CEO, Movement Mortgage


TESTIMONIALS We asked some of our top-producing agents why they chose RealtyONEGroup! “RealtyONEGroup gives everyone the ability to grow their business. They are positively changing the way business is done.”

PATRICK MARELLY “I am thrilled that I joined RealtyONEGroup because everything about the brand is stellar, well researched, and forward-moving. RealtyONEGroup provides prompt support, and when I need to know the answer my manager is on it.”

VERONICA POTTER “RealtyONEGroup lets me keep the money that I make with no unnecessary overheads. I am over the moon to be part of this fresh and exciting organization!”

CHRISTINE CURTESS “Kuba had a vision of how the relationship between the broker and agent should be, and he carried it out perfectly. He provides an atmosphere that lets us thrive and grow.”

RAUL ALDAMA “I have been very impressed with the technology, overall professional appearance of the offices, and the management support.”

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN “I would absolutely recommend RealtyONEGroup to any agent who is looking for more!”


“This company is changing the model of real estate and they are doing it right.”

BILL ARSENEAU “Great brokers, great technology, great financial rewards, great training, great support... so many greats!”

BARB PATTERSON “I take great pride in bringing clients into any of the RealtyONEGroup offices due to the level of professionalism and consistency in appearance. I love handing out my business cards and having the gold ‘ONE’ recognized!”

PATRICK O’CONNELL “When I moved back to Las Vegas and decided to go back into real estate, I interviewed at 10 different offices and I was most impressed with the overall structure of RealtyONEGroup. It sets a great example of how a company in this industry should operate. The support and training is the only ONE of its kind and Kuba should be proud of his decision to focus on professional standards. I look forward to this being my last company I ever work for.”

CHRIS TAIVALOJA “Great brokers, great technology, great financial rewards, great training, great support... so many greats!”



TOOLS VIDEOLICIOUS Record, edit, customize, and share listing videos for free at

SMARTER AGENT APP offers a free home search app, complete with an administrative dashboard that allows you to see how often your clients are using the app, receive e-mails and calls.

ONE DASHBOARD Your ONE-Stop Shop for vendors like Merrill (high quality business cards, personalized marketing, etc.) and Deesigns (quick shipping and low costs).

PAPERLESS EXCHANGE Effectively manage your transactions to reduce your risk, get paid on time, quickly access all of your transactions, and save trees!

BENEFITS Exclusive to RealtyONEGroup, agents now have to opportunity to enroll for health and wellness benefits at the RealtyONEGroup Marketplace! RealtyONEGroup has partnered with Lumina Insurance Services to provide a Private Health Care Exchange for our agents and their family members. To learn more, call our team of professionals between 8 am – 8 pm EST for guidance through all of your options and questions: (855) 337-9441.

TESTIMONIALS Agents offered up some of their favorite tips and tricks when it comes to selling a home! “Be clean! It’s so important! There’s nothing worse than a dirty kitchen full of dishes or water spots on the bathroom mirror.”

MELISSA ZAIDEN “Open the windows and let the fresh air in! Bring some cinnamon sticks, cloves, or nutmeg to create a nice scent during the open house.”

CINDY BOSTINELOS “Have the shades up and curtains open! Also, have all of the lights turned on throughout the entire house, even if a room is already welllit; it’ll help show the warm beauty of the colors of the room.”

DONNA STEVENS “Take down all pictures of friends and family in the home. Having personal pictures displayed makes it difficult for the buyer to visualize themselves living in the property.”


“Your daughter may like her hot pink bedroom, but it could sour potential buyers. Paint the walls a neutral color that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.”

PATRICK O’CONNELL “Patching some nail holes, replacing burnt out light bulbs, and fixing that hanging curtain can help eliminate the buyer from nickel and diming you on the price!”

CARLOS SILVA “A comfortable indoor climate, soft sounds, pleasant sights like fresh flowers, and something to snack on all help to relax a home shopper. These details can help a buyer connect and ‘fall in love’ with the property.”



THE POWER OF ONE CARES Giving back to the communities where we live and serve to make a difference, together as ONE!

STUDIOS 3, 2, ONE... action! See our vibrant culture on RealtyONEGroup.TV

MAGAZINE A lifestyle and business quarterly magazine to celebrate our professionals and clients!

zONE Command your brand with the paperless simplicity and powerful technology of our proprietary business system.

CONNECT Maximize your exposure with our impressive nationwide network of professionals.

GROWTH BY NUMBERS • Founded in 2005 • INC 500’s Fast-Growing Companies for 7 years

• Top 3 within 3 years in a new market

• 100% debt-free, always

• 1 house sold every 15 minutes

• 100% family business

• 100k+ lives changed

• Top 5 independent firms in the nation

• 8,000 agents



• RISMedia

RealtyONEGroup is the fastest-

• Inman News

growing real estate brand in

• MarketWatch

the nation because we provide

• The Wall Street Journal

our agents with a unique 100%


commission structure, top-notch

• RealTrends

tools and technology, expert

• INC 500


• Las Vegas Sun

support. You are the brand; we’re

• Las Vegas Review Journal

partnering in your success.

• The Arizona Republic • Realtor Mag




#GIVEONEBACK Our ONE mission is to make a positive difference in our local communities by getting out and giving back. Each month we celebrate a new way to #GiveONEBack!

FEBRUARY Give ONE Compliment. In honor of National Pay It Forward Month, #GiveONEBack by giving ONE compliment.

MARCH Give ONE Moment. Life is a series of moments, so take ONE moment to do something nice for somebody (pay for a stranger’s coffee, hold open a door . . . the little things speak the loudest!)

APRIL Give ONE Life. Did you know that when you donate blood, you save 3 lives? Our #GiveONEBack challenge this month is to donate blood in honor of April’s Donate a Life Month. Head to your local blood bank to help out. Whose life will you save today?

MAY Give ONE Ride. It’s time to share your drive! May is the clean air month, so our challenge is to #GiveONEBack by carpooling. Together, we can make the world a better place to live!

JUNE Give ONE Woof. This month, we’re asking you to #GiveONEBack to the 7.6

million animals that enter shelters nationwide every year. Donate or volunteer at your local shelter or give a furry friend their forever home!

communities by donating blankets and sleeping bags to nearby homeless shelters, because sometimes the gift of warmth is the greatest ONE of all.



Give ONE Hand. July is when we focus on lending a hand. Sign up for a local clean-up at a nearby park or pick up litter you find on the sidewalk and see how ONEderful it feels to do something good.

Give ONE Meal and Give ONE Beard (double the giving!). It’s the time of year when families gather for delicious meals in warm homes, but not everyONE has a place to go. Help by volunteering at your local homeless shelter and serve meals to those in need. For our Give ONE Beard challenge, we’re giving you an easy ONE — ditch your razor! Help raise awareness for men’s health issues worldwide.

AUGUST Give ONE Tree. This is ONE for the trees! In honor of Arbor Day, plant a tree to promote a healthy environment in your community.

SEPTEMBER Give ONE Backpack. It’s time to head back to school! But for many kids, school supplies are too far beyond their budget. Help us Give ONE Backpack to low income families so their little scholars can excel this school year.

OCTOBER GiveONEBlanket. For most, falling temperatures are just a metter of layering up, but someONE out there will go without the extra warmth. Help us help our

DECEMBER Give ONE Present. Getting gifts is great, but giving them is better! Help those less fortunate this holiday season by buying an extra present or two for a family in need and see how a simple gift can bring so much joy.


TIMELINE ONE Decade. ONE Focus. Here’s to 10 amazing years! We’ve spent over a decade disrupting the industry and opening doors, and we’d like to thank everyONE who has helped make it happen! Let’s look back on some of our milestONEs:

May 1st, 2005 • RealtyONEGroup is born! August 24th, 2005 • 100 real estate professionals join the team.

January 24th, 2014 • Celebrating ONE year of unprecedented growth after franchise success. March 31st, 2014 • March Madness: 7 branch openings in 3 states in ONE month!

March 30th, 2006 • 500 realtors and growing! July 17th, 2006 • Arizona, here we come! December 21st, 2007 • 1,500 realtors

April 3rd, 2014 • Named 5th largest independent brokerage in the nation by RealTrends.

have joined the family.

May 1st, 2014 • First ever ONE Day!

January 15th, 2008 • We’re #1 in Nevada!

May 19th, 2014 • RealtyONEGroup Affiliates continues to add top franchises to the team.

February 1st, 2010 • We achieved our California dreaming. August 8th, 2011 • Acquire John Hall in Arizona. April 12th, 2012 • Ranked #1 in the nation! September 1st, 2012 • First franchise. November 15th, 2012 • 4,000 realtors! April 1st, 2013 • Ranked #7 in the nation and growing daily. May 16th, 2013 • Expanded into San Diego County. September 26th, 2013 • RealtyONEGroup Affiliates launches

May 20th, 2014 • Exclusive arrangement with Curb Call connects agents with buyers. July 1st, 2014 • Free Videolicious mobile app launches. August 25th, 2014 • Named INC 500’s Fastest-Growing Companies for the 6th consecutive year! October 16th, 2014 • Named a top emerging franchise of 2014 by Franchise Business Review. January 29th, 2015 • Corporate culture responsible for 36% revenue increase! Thanks, #coolture!


February 3rd, 2015 • Founder and CEO, Kuba Jewgieniew, is ranked in the Top 20 of Swanpoel’s 2015 Power 200!

December 1st, 2013 • Personalized agent home search app launches!

May 1st, 2015 • RealtyONEGroup celebrates their 10th anniversary!

October 1st, 2013 transactions closed!

December 31st, 2013 • Cares is born!




ONE VISION Our ONE vision is based on unity — a unique kind of ONEness, if you will. We’re making noise together, as ONE team, to create our own original sound. Think of us as your own personal rock band, with a sound that ignites change in the industry and creates raving fans.

OUR FUTURE The future for RealtyONEGroup is a big dream, and we’re working everyday to make sure it comes true.







$5 billion




$200 billion



The ONE Big Book of Answers  
The ONE Big Book of Answers