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Commentary By Wayne Morgan Austin Institute of Real Estate

Nicole Boynton of Gracy Title presents a technology training session for REMAX 1 agents.

Traits of successful people


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Rod Morgan of Landmark Properties thanks Pam Carroll and Cary Rabb, both of Austin Title, for hosting such a great party at The Belmont, where hundreds of guests enjoyed two live bands and plenty of refreshments to stay cool during the hot August night.

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enjoy talking to successful people and asking them what they did to become a success. Not only does it give me a model I can use to improve, it’s refreshing to hear about the trials, setbacks, and challenges they overcame. I guess it’s sometimes easy to see a successful person and think they were always that way, but the truth is every successful person you know or see has similar stories. Here are the traits I found they all have in common. • PARTICIPATION. Get in the game. Life is not a spectator sport; the action is on the field. • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I know in this new age lots of people talk about taking responsibility for their actions, but that typically only happens soon after they get caught doing something wrong. The successful own every outcome: good, bad, or ugly. A car runs into them; they ask themselves “how can I keep from getting hit next time?” Their spouse blows their money, divorces them, and ruins their credit. “How can I make a better choice next time?” These are examples of people who own their outcomes even though it would be



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easier to blame others. People who make the same mistakes and blame someone else keep making the same mistakes and blaming someone else. Responsible people get the lesson and move on. They know there is no one to blame. • MAKE MISTAKES. The only way to learn is via trial and error. Successful people very seldom do the right thing the right way the first time, so they use the simple mistake/correct formula until they get it right. They fail their way to success, discovering what they don’t know by making mistake after mistake. They get smarter every day, learning more just as all humans have been doing for thousands of years. Football season just started. What are football players doing when they practice? They are correcting their mistakes under the watchful eyes of their coaches. Run that play again; correct prior mistakes. And again. And again. And again. Participating, taking responsibility, and making and correcting mistakes are what separate the successful from the average, the extraordinary from the ordinary. RL

Realty Line September 2014 Issue  

Putting a face on real estate since 1995. The September 2014 issue focuses on the ABoR headquarters construction.

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