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Welcome to the Waynesboro Golf & Country Club Newsletter!

WE’RE BACK!! We had some internet issues but we are back up and running. Thank you for your patience on waiting on the newsletter. We really want to share great news about you and the club with everyone! Whatever it is that you would like to share that you feel should be added to the newsletter, just let us know at: We are very excited to have so many great things happening at the club and can not wait to share the progress with you each week.

This week at the club -

What’s Happening at the Club.........

MGA Tournament this weekend at WGCC. The tournament is a two day tournament so if you are not in the tournament and plan to play golf this weekend, be sure to call ahead for your tee time to make sure that it is available. The internet is back up and running!! We have had some technical difficulties, which is why there has not been a lot of communication and no newsletter. We are back and better than ever! The internet speed is so great that we can now start hosting business meetings here. If you know someone or have your own business, consider having your next meeting here. If you are interested, please email or stop by the office.

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported our new Chef Chris during the dinner specials last week. We have had tremendously positive feedback and lots of new members join because they heard how great the food was and were excited to try it for themselves. The dinner specials for next week are posted later in the newsletter. Labor Day tournament at WGCC. If you have not already signed up for the Labor Day tournament, please consider signing up.

Dinner Specials August 29-31 Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan - Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, and House salad. Wednesday - Meatloaf - Choice of side, salad and bread. Thursday - Ny Strip, baked potato and salad. Reservations Required - You can call the office Monday - friday 9-5 to make your reservations. if you need to make a reservation outside of normal office hours, you can email us at:

New Breed of Grass - Course NEWS!! Currently WGCC has L93 and POA greens. That type of grass was great 50 years ago, however, it does not stand up to Virginia heat and humidity. The grass does not handle turf stress or heat. The new grass, 007, is made specifically to handle the conditions that we face here in the Mid - Atlantic. It is the latest and greatest in golf course science. The entire course will be inner seeded on September 4th and 5th on greens. Only 9 holes will be available on each day. We are very excited about the new grass and what a tremendous difference it will make on the course. Thank you all for your patience while we assessed the situation and determined the best solution. We are confident that this decision will make the course the best it has been in a very long time.


mga tournament - texas scramble, you can still sign up at the pro shop, must be a member of the club. Labor Day Tournament - Two Man Better BalL Format - starts at 8:30. You can sign up in the office or the pro shop. cash prizes! club championship - You only have a short time left, check with the Pro shop to find out the schedule.

All About The Newsletter

I have received some questions about the newsletter in the past few weeks. I thought I would answer some of the questions about the newsletter in the newsletter in case others have the same question: 1. What format is the newsletter? The newsletter is in a digital publication format. It is meant to be like a magazine or a newspaper but in a digital format so you can read it anywhere. 2. Why is in it digital publication format? Sending it out in a digital publication format allows us to add as much media (pictures and videos) that we would like to the newsletter without having to worry about the file size, the picture coming through or any of the other issues that are common when sending out an e-newsletter. 3. How do I get to the newsletter? You click on the link that is in the email that is sent out. The link takes you to is a highly respected, and SAFE website that will not give you any viruses or cause any problems on your computer. There are advertisiements that are placed on the side of the newsletter that are safe but you do not have to nor would I recommend clicking on. They are advertisements and are just a part of the website. To get to the newsletter, you just click on the section of the of the screen that shows the newsletter. If you would like to make the newsletter full screen, you can just click on the lower right hand portion of the newsletter and it will enlarge it. I hope this has been helpful and if you have any other questions, please do not hestitate to ask.

Friday is Kenny’s birthday!!! Be sure to wish him a happy birthday!! P.S. Please do not tell him that you saw it in the Newsletter, Amanda and I would be in big trouble. HAHA

Ronny Snow got a hole in one on the 3rd hole!

Thursday MGA Match Results WE WON!!

Men vs. Women Putting Contest

Member Notes ... Meet Bob Costanza..... Bob is in charge of all the MGA, LGA and SGA groups here at the club. He works very hard in getting all of the groups organized, scheduling the tournaments and is the man to talk to if you are interested in joining one of these groups. Bob is here at the club very often and is happy to talk to you about joining those groups.

Wyatt had a great time visiting Tavern on The James in Scottsville! He even got a ride on the Tavern delivery bike! In his spare time, he races Go carts!

Amanda and I visited the NBC 29 News Studio this week for a meeting. Stay tuned for the latest commercial. We are also advertising on WHSV so keep an eye out!

Meet Chris.......

In case you have not heard, WGCC has a new chef and he is knocking it out of the park. Last week we had dinner specials three nights and had a tremendously positive response. The specials will resume next week and we are looking forward to some wonderful dishes prepared by Chris. Chris lives in Waynesboro with his wife and two children, a son and daughter, who are freshman and seniors high school. Chris enjoys cooking and has a passion for watching the Food Network, his hero is Bobby Flay. Come by and see Chris and check out his latest creations.

Coming up in July....

PGA Corner with Frank & Travis -

You can also find all of these events at Every Tuesday Morning - LGA/ Answer to last week’s question:Yes 8:30- Tee Time 7/25 Every Tuesday Morning - SGA/ 8:45- Tee Time 7/25 Every Thursday Evening - MGA/ 5:30 - Tee Time 7/27 Grand Opening Weekend 7/21-23

Question -

A player whose ball was in a bunker entered the bunker without a club, dug in with his feet and simulated a stroke. The Player left the bunker, got a club, dug in again with his feet at the same place and made a stroke. When should that player not get a penalty!

WGCC Newsletter  
WGCC Newsletter