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Waynesboro Golf & Country Club Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Waynesboro Golf & Country Club Newsletter! The newsletter will come out via email each Wednesday in a digital publication format. In the newsletter you will find news about the club, accomplishments of members on the golf course, tournament information, and much more. We welcome any contributions to the news letter. If you made a hole in one, tell us about! Whatever it is that you would like to share that you feel should be added to the newsletter, just let us know at: We are very excited to have so many great things happening at the club and can not wait to share the progress with you each week. We are excited about the newsletter as well and it’s evolution as we move forward!

Meet The Owners........... Most of you have heard the story, now meet the men behind that story.......

Jim Critzer

Kenneth Bradley Kenneth Bradley is a native of Waynesboro, some of you may have known his parents, the owners of Bradleys Market. Kenneth, or “Kenny” or “Joe”, as he is known to his friends, has the same entrepenuerial spirit of his parents and owns several businesses and ventures in the Waynesboro area. Kenny has two children Amanda and Matthew, (some of you have already met Amanda) and they all live in Waynesboro. Kenny’s decision to purchase the club may have been decided at the last minute, but it was the right one. He is looking forward to a bright future at the club.

If you see Kenny around the club, be sure to stop and say “Hi”!

Jim was raised in Waynesboro, lived in Northern Virginia, and moved back to his home of Waynesboro, Virginia. Jim and his wife also have an entrepenuerial spirit and own several ventures in the Waynesboro area. Jim has 4 children and live right around the corner from the club. They enjoy the view of the course from their front porch. Jim is enjoying the club on and off the course. Jim’s game is improving since purchasing the club and he is looking forward to a great future as well at the club.

Be sure to stop and say “Hi “ when you see Jim around the club.

What’s Happening at the Club.........

As you can see, there a lot of new and exciting things happening at Waynesboro Golf & Country Club. Thank you for your patience while we are working to restore the club to it’s full potential and glory. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful community and are looking forward to meeting all of you as time progresses.

The pool is now a salt water pool, the lounging area has been expanded, and revived fencing surrounding the area. In addition, there is now a concession stand - tiki bar that has food offerings as well as beer and drink refreshments. Gentle on Eyes and Skin Safer Than Chlorine “Soft Water� Feel

The Course We are continuing to make improvements to the golf course and return it to it’s former glory with brand new bridges, irrigation, cleaning and improving the sand traps and new gravel on the cart paths. In addition, there is a brand new video for the website of the course. Check it out here:

The restaurant is now open and offering a full dinner menu. It offers a wide variety, whether you want a nice steak, pasta or something lighter like a sandwich, the restaurant has something for every appetite. Reservations are not required, but we would encourage reservations when able to do so. We now have our ABC license and can serve liquor, in addition to beer in the Taproom, 19th hole and the Terrace room.

NEW!! Now Offering Sunday Brunch July 9 and July 23, we will be having Sunday Brunch from 10-2. Reservations are recommended. We are hoping for a great turn out and hope to be able to continue Sunday Brunch on a regular basis, it will be based on particpation. New Tuesday hours! NEW DINING HOURS: TUESDAY - 11-5:30 WEDNESDAY - 11- 9 THURSDAY - 11 - 9 FRIDAY - 11- 9 SATURDAY - 11-5 SUNDAY - Closed accept for days that we are open for Brunch.

The new website is up and running and has a new url: New features on the website include, the ability to pay your bill online and schedule your tee times. In addition, there is a calendar of events with full details on the new site that will keep you up to date on the latest happenings at the club.

The Clubhouse - has new improvements as well, the flooring in the ballroom has been refinished, the chairs have been refinished in the Terrace Room and the 19th hole, and a new coat of paint to the walls has given the area new life. The women’s locker room also has improvements.

We are very excited about all of the new and exciting things happening at the club and we appreciate all of the support we have received from the membership in our transition. We appreciate you all very much and look forward to a great future!

Thank you!

Member Notes ... Waynesboro Golf & Country Club Member, Brad Michael, has qualified for the Virginia State Open as well as the Virginia State Amateur! Brad has been playing at Waynesboro Golf & Country Club since he was 2 years old! Brad’s family has been members since 1986. Congratulations Brad!

Waynesboro Golf & Country Club Member, Bill Loth, had a HOLE IN ONE on #12 Friday, June 9th. Congratulations Bill! From all of us here at WGCC!!

4th of July at the Club - We will be having an Open House at the Club on the 4th of July. We will still be hosting our regular Tueesday events, LGA and SGA events on Tuesday mornings, with their regular tee times. The 4th of July event will be from 11:00 -4:00 with a registration fee of $35 for non members that will include a cookout. Members cookout will be $10. We would love to see everyone here at the club on the 4th of July for the cookout, playing golf or hanging out at the pool. It will be a great day to come out and spend it with your club family!

Meet Amanda....... Amanda is the daughter of owner Kenneth Bradley and the new Office Manager of the Waynesboro Golf and Country Club. Amanda has a degree in Business Management. Amanda has been working for the family businesses for four years and worked for Augusta Health prior to that. Amanda lives in Lyndhurst and has an adorable little boy named Wyatt, who is 4 years old. Amanda enjoys spending time with Wyatt and her fiance Jeremy. Amanda is excited about the club and restoring it to it’s former glory.

Coming up in June.... You can also find all of these events at

Every Tuesday Morning - LGA/ 8:30- Tee Time 7/4 Every Tuesday Morning - SGA/ 8:45- Tee Time 7/4 Every Thursday Evening - MGA/ 5:30 - Tee Time 6/29 Waynesboro High School Golf Tournament - 1:30 - Tee Time 6/30 - Shotgun

PGA Corner with Frank & Travis

Question: Ball played from bunker, either out of bounds or lost. The Player smooths the footprints or tests the conditions of the bunker before dropping another ball in the bunker. Can he or she do this? What is the Rule? PGA Professional

Frank Hedderich

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