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REALTYAWAY MAGAZINE ADVERTISING AGREEMENT DATE OF AGREEMENT:_____________________________________________________________________________________ ISSUE NUMBER (S):_____________________ISSUE DATE(S):___________________ISSUE CLOSING DATE(S):________________ BUSINESS NAME:_________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT PERSON:__________________________________________TITLE:_________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY STATE: ______________________________________ZIPCODE:________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER: __________________________________FAX NUMBER: _______________________________________

PAYMENT & ADVERTISING AGREEMENT The Undersigned Advertiser agrees to supply RealtyAway Magazine camera ready artwork for ______ consecutive issues of RealtyAway Magazine. The advertising rate is $ _______________ per issue. The total amount of this Advertising Agreement is $ _______________. The Undersigned Advertiser agrees to pay RealtyAway Magazine $ _____________________________________________ beginning with the first payment due __________________________. The first advertisement will appear in Issue Number ________ and the last advertisement will appear in Issue Number _______. The ad size CANNOT change during the period covered in the Advertising Agreement. All payments shall be made payable to: REALTYAWAY as a check, money orders and/or cashier’s check and delivered or mailed to 1521 Alton Road. #467 Miami Beach, FL. 33139. Online payments are also available via PayPal to our email address: for further information, call (888) 570-3330 or email us at Money paid to RealtyAway is NON REFUNDABLE. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ADVERTISER to provide camera ready advertising no later than at the close of regular business hours on the ISSUE CLOSING DATE unless otherwise noted in this Agreement. By signing this Agreement below, the Advertiser acknowledges that they have read, understand, and agree to all the terms, conditions and items that are contained on this Agreement, and that they have received a copy of this Agreement.

Advertiser: __________________________________Signature/Date:_____________________________ RealtyAway Magazine Representative:__________________________Signature/Date:_______________

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