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WILL “POWER” DUQUETTE Finding Your Path & Achieving Significance

Choose where you want to go and figure out how to get there. Sounds easy, right?


nternational trainer, consultant, real estate investor and speaker Will Duquette empowers people to make as much as six figures an hour. So how did he land this prestigious gig? How does he help you unlock your income potential? BREAKING THROUGH WITH WILL POWER Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate the hype from the real deal out there today. There’s a lot of noise and fluff. But you won’t find that when you attend one of Will “Power” Duquette’s high-powered events or one-on-one consulting sessions. The proof is in the results. Duquette has… • Helped Shark Tank investor, co-founder and CEO of HSN Direct International, and author of “Act Now: How I Turn Ideas Into

Million-Dollar Products”, Kevin Harrington, to catapult his on-stage sales – with five PowerPoint slides. • “Never lost a penny in 17 years of investing in real estate.” • Just “bought” a property with $110,000 in instant equity last week, with no money down. • Had real estate investing students make $70,000 in less than 30 days after training events. • Helped the Jax REIA President crush it with a 25% closing ratio. • Had 12 year real estate veterans raving about the value of his experience. • Has shared the speaking stage with Donald Trump and Richard Branson. • Is launching a YouTube challenge to 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

learning, and take action.” Duquette insists it is this combination of effective training and action that has not only unlocked the massive success potential of his clients, but his own as well. He says there are irrefutable laws like gravity, and our subconscious that run us, and differentiate our results. Through recognizing them and harnessing their power, Duquette empowers leaders to “experience life transformations that stay with you and serve you.”

FROM PAUPER TO MILLIONAIRE MINDSET Will is dogmatic in his belief and service in helping others to not only achieve their financial goals, but personal dreams and more. In fact, he says, “Anyone can receive great wealth and significance, without needing anyone else’s permission. If they’ll invest in

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