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Real Talk seeks to: engage educate evangelise equip empower Real Talk provides values-based presentations and interactive learning that impacts students’: self worth beliefs behaviours

Based on Catholic Christian values and personal testimony from a team of dynamic presenters, Real Talk provides up-to-date resources, presentations and programs that help young people understand God’s amazing plan for love and life.

Our students were lead gently, by these wonderful presenters, through what can be a difficult and sometimes affronting issue for our young people. Their material was engaging and well researched and presented in a professional manner.

If you are looking for good presenters who present from the Catholic perspective on such issues look no further. I definitely will be booking Real Talk again to present to our Year 9’s and to other year levels at our College. WOW! What a find!! Nancy Rodgers, APRE, Trinity College, Beenleigh

The Real Talk Team Real Talk is made up of a team of experienced presenters who are passionate about the real issues affecting young people.

Main Presenters Kym Keady

Paul Ninnes

(Founder and Director)

(Managing Director)

Kym is married to Patrick and a mother to three wonderful children. A professional counsellor, youth worker, author and inspirational speaker, Kym founded Real Talk in 1999 and continues to draw on her passion to help young people discover their potential and worth. Despite her achievements and passion for ministry, Kym’s heart is most at home with her children, the three people she knows she will profoundly affect like no other audience she will ever have the honour of speaking to.

Kym’s honesty, sincerity and real courage in telling her personal story (of teenage pregnancy) still sits strongly in the memory of many students. Kym’s deep personal integrity qualifies her very well for any speaking engagements that she has. Certainly her contribution to the personal development of our young people was a very positive one. Sharee Verdon - Teacher

Paul is married to Emma and has a beautiful daughter. He uses his powerful life story and builds on ten years ministry experience to present the life changing Real Talk message. Paul is a captivating presenter who is currently completing postgraduate studies in Theology (Marriage and Family) at the John Paul II Institute and Sexual Health at Griffith University.

Paul’s life experience and learning credentials have qualified him to present with authority on the topics of sex, relationships, intimacy and masculinity. He has a powerful message particularly for young men. His language and style are clear and compelling without being too religious and pious. He is down to earth, connecting and has a refined sense of humour. My experience with engaging Paul to present at our events has been very rewarding. We will definitely work with him again. Paul Ninnes is a class act. Robert Falzon menALIVE, Founder and Director

Seminars Real Talk: Love and Life “Love and Life” seminars seek to impact students on topics surrounding sexuality and identity. Using dynamic testimony as well as multimedia, audience participation and group discussions, these sessions focus on God’s great plan for love and life. The Real Talk: Love and Life seminar explores such areas as:

Self worth Making good choices The importance of our bodies and our actions (basic Theology of the Body) The media and how sex and body image are portrayed The possible repercussions of poor sexual choices What the Church says about sex and why God’s awesome plan for sex, love and marriage!

Ages: Available for years 7-9 and 10-12 Available as: 45 minute session eg. RE, PE or PD class Assembly group 90 minute session eg. double lesson Full day retreat/reflection days Tailor made sessions Different length (eg. rotating 20 minute groups, half day) Different presentation material (with a focus on specific topics)

Single Sex Seminars Full day retreat/reflection day


For all-male and all-female audiences we still offer the Real Talk: Love and Life seminars but for the full day format we can alter a portion to focus on particular aspects of the “True Beauty” and the “Stronger” sessions.

Available for years 7-9 and 10-12 Available as: 45 minute session 90 minute session Tailor made sessions Full day (see left)

Male only sessions: Stronger The idea of what it means to be a real man is much maligned in today’s world. We encourage and challenge students to develop their character by making good, and at times hard, decisions. “Stronger” illuminates the idea that men are defined by the choices they make. Tackling the big issues like pornography, relationships and bullying, the presentations encourage the participants to be men of character whilst affirming the dignity of women. Like muscles that give physical strength, character and success are propagated through good training and hard work. “Stronger” calls forth a higher standard for the men of tomorrow.

Female only sessions:

“True Beauty” sessions tap into the desire of every female to be seen and to be beautiful. This session seeks to expose the false portrayal of beauty in today’s world and the pressure to conform to society’s standards. Addressing issues such as self-image, the beauty industry, eating disorders and how to recognise true beauty, this session encourages and empowers girls to see the truth of who they are and how God created them to be. It draws forth confidence, maturity and a desire for healthy relationships.

Using six characters from popular culture this session explores the 6 things all women need to know to live out their full potential. Touching on the topics of self worth, friendship, love, faith, beauty and life purpose, “Six Things” is a uniquely female and contemporary presentation. It uses creative and interactive methods to communicate a much needed message.

Resources Student Mini-Mags: Sexuality and Identity Student Resources These Mini-Mags provide a fun, informative and interactive medium for students. More than just a resource, “Student Mini-Mags” include contemporary discussions, quizzes and links to powerful “Mini Movies”. They act as a reinforcement to Real Talk seminars and serve as a powerful companion to the Religious Education curriculum and Sex Education lessons.

“Life, Relationships and You”

“Love, Sex and Relationships”

Junior Resource: (years 7-9)

Senior Resource: (years 10-12)

This magazine has lots of fun info about how students can be all they were created to be. Topics include friendships, peer pressure and healthy relationships. This resource also breaks open the topics of reproduction and physical development, encouraging healthy discussion with parents and teachers. Like everything we do it has plenty of REAL stories to engage, educate, equip and empower students.

With more advanced content this senior format speaks straight into the lives of teenagers. It helps students develop confidence, integrity and character.

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Girl Talk: “Girl Talk” is an eight week identity program specifically designed for preteen girls. This program takes girls on a journey into womanhood. It covers issues like making good choices, friendships and peers, beauty and more... The “Girl Talk” resource includes a workbook, DVD and enhanced CD with all the ideas, input and presentations needed to run the program in a school, parish or home setting. “Girl Talk” is ideal for middle school and there will be a high school (teenage) edition available late 2012. Scan this code to view the “Girl Talk” video or visit our website.

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e: ph: +61 (0) 417 148 164

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Real Talk Schools Catalogue  

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