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iCAMP CHRONICLES Brittany Wysinger Writing Team Age: 14

What did you gain from iCamp? I gained a real working experience. I enhanced my computer skills and enhance my writing skills from the summer. I gained speaking skills for video productions. I enabled my social skills to advance to the next level. I also interviewed everyone before the program was over. I achieve my goals for a better working experience by setting myself up everyday like I am going to a real job. I enhanced my computer skills by practicing because practice makes perfect! I improve my social skills by talking to everybody and getting to know my fellow iCampers. Last, I gained better time management skills!Â

iCAMP CHRONICLES Dennis Rawls Writing Team Age: 15


To be human is to be civilized and to also have goals and achievements. All humans have there own morals, to think and have knowledge and teach what you where taught. Humans believe in religion some of us believe in one god we pray and worship our gods in our own genuine way. All humans are intelligent we have emotions we all have values, and all humans die just as we give birth. Being human is about having since and using self control and having sex cause we all have someone that we love. All humans have a plan and values that they have to solve. Being human we all have different race and we all speak different languages like sign language or Spanish. Being human we all do not eat healthy but we need to cause we need to take care of the body all this junk food is not good for us. All humans are different we all have are own style and we all have different personalities. As a nation we need to stop all this gang violence and come together we should not be killing each other we should love one another and care for each other. All humans should pray cause the world is very dangerous and we never know if we are going to get hurt we have to look out for each other. Every human have history it is something that is pass down by your siblings and your people. Something have to be done im getting tired of hearing about a human getting killed. We need to act civilize that’s being human we need to think about the consequences that can happen that’s being human. We just need to stop the violence.


Comics by James Andrews

Daddy He was great He was funny When I needed it, He’d dish out the money He drove me around From place to place I will never forget his handsome face For he is gone His soul will stay All and through The night and day He won’t be forgotten Not at all I know he’ll catch me When I fall I love my daddy Through and through For life to go on This is my clue.



A poem for Christiana

iCAMP CHRONICLES Denzel Lyke Writing / Radio Team

Age: 15

Aggression Control

Anger Management

Honestly I think that anger control is not really that hard. Coming from a boy with a very bad and crazy attitude. When I was young, My mind was very controling. My anger took over my mind more than anything in my mind. As I got older I learned to control it a lot better. When I got angry I just blacked out with anger and aggression and revenge. When I was in school I was anti-social. I didn’t think of nothing but hearting somebody. But now at the age I am I can not afford to lose my temper, I have too much to lose. If I end up going crazy and losing my temper. I can lose my job, I Can get kicked out of school , I can end up in jail or even dead. Plus thats not just who I am.


Comics by James Andrews



Comics by James Andrews

Do you know that African American teen females have the leading case in HIV and STD’S? The current precentage is 68%...African American teen females have the most cases in pregnancy also. Teens period in the world are more sexually active than adults. 1 out of every 6 African American females are pregnant or have STD’S or AIDS. In Chicago the school with the most pregnant girls and STD’S is Chicago Vacational Career Academy. The birth rate at CVCA is 46%. I honestly think the whole situation is unblievable. What do you think John? John iCamp Instructor: “Denzel, who was the soruce that reported this data? It could be that students at CVS was brave enought to get tested. That could be the reason why their percentage is more than other CPS schools.” I really would like to know the soucre who reported the data above so that I can forumlate my views better. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that In Arkansas. African Americans account for 47 percent of new HIV infections and 36 percent of new AIDS cases every year in the state. But does it mean that African Americans in Arkansas have a higher rate than African Americans in Chicago... THINK!!!


Think Before You

Let It Go!


iCAMP CHRONICLES Brianna Hicks Video Team Age: 14 What did you gain from iCamp?

I gained better computer and video skills. I gain better life and job experience. I gain better social skills by working with other people. I edited iCamp videos for the poetry slam. I also iCamp was an environment where I could be myself and give new fresh ideas that can help iCamp. Also, I meet new friends. I plan to continue to work, I plan to do my best, I’m committed to iCamp. I also plan to have a positive outlook on my future career path. I plan to work out any problems that I might have. I plan to be a good sport and help out anyone who needs it. I plan to find the positive things out of something that is negative. I also plan to be on time at work in the future. I also learn new skills, how to work out any problems with someone.


by Taquisha Therrell

Fashion is cloths. It shows people personality. Fashion is a way to express yourself. You can show fashion by the way you dress, also the colors you wear. Most females express fashion through their cloths, shoes, the way they get color pictures drawing on their nails. Me... I show fashion through the cloths I wear. Fashion Designers: Glenn Duvall, Blac Lable, Jordon, Ed Hardy, Baby Phat

HAIR by Dennis Rawls

Some of us have it and some of us don’t some of our hair is just nappy and we cant do nothing with it. Some of us our bald head so we buy weave to make our hair longer or we buy wigs. Its all different styles with hair braids, dred locks, Twisties and we even bought back out jerry curls. Hair is just a serious thing if you want it you have to take care of it you have to wash it every two weeks and keep it straight if you don’t want your hair to fall out you have to take care of it so people keep your hair done.

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Ronald McCromick Age 14 Graphics Team Cameraman

Celebrity gossip pt.2 FALL




The review of the movie "precious"....the good, the bad, and the ugly Delete text and place photo here.

Write captions for the selected photos.


The good part is that that movie was good and I also heard the Monique did well in her role as the mother and also did Gabby Sibdile. The bad part is that the movie was released in 18 theaters! :{.... the ugly is when the movie was released everyone rushed to see and it eventually was sold out!

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson Illustrations by Ronald McCromick

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Illustrations by Ronald McCromick

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is held on November 11. Veterans Day is important because we honor those who have or is serving still to this day. We honor them to thank them for their hard work and their courage of leaving behind their jobs, homes and families. We should look up to the veterans and pray for them everyday, just to stay safe. Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day because when the fighting stopped venders of several countries signed an Armistice on the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th month. An Armistice is an agreement to stop all the fighting in other words a truce. This truce was signed on November 11th. In 1918 at 11: am this day was set aside to reflect and remember the sacrifices men and woman made during world war 1in order to ensure peace. The first official celebration was on November 11, 1919.

Fatherless 16 Year Old Boy I miss you so much, I don’t know what to say; I wish you were here with me on this day. All my love for you, I wish I could tell; But I can’t express it so I’m living this hell. It was your decision, but the wrong one to make; At night I wonder why and lie there awake. But I still have no answer to this question I ask; People tell me there isn’t one - just put it in the past. I still can’t do this - you meant to much to me; Because you took half my heart I hope this you see. You shouldn’t have done it and left me this way; I still don’t know why to this very day. So I hope you’re looking down on me while I’m still here; Because I can’t wait another day to meet you up there.

Fatherless Fatherless A poem for Marcus - 100 best

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iCamp Family

Illustrations by Ronald McCromick

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Photographer Wesly Vereen

Illustrations by James Andrews

iCamp Memories Fall 09

iCamp Memories Fall 09

iCamp Memories Fall 09

iCamp Memories Fall 09

iCamp Memories Fall 09

iCamp Memories Fall 09

Do Today What Other Don’t, Do Tomorrow What Others Won’t! GooooOOOOO!


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