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All care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this brochure at the time of publication. iPod and other accessories shown throughout the brochure are for illustration purposes only and do not come standard with the vehicle’s purchase. Specifications, features and model availability may vary from State to State and may change without notice. Please refer to or consult your Mazda Dealer prior to placing an order to ascertain current information on model availability, specifications, options, features and prices. Mazda Australia Pty Limited will not be liable for any loss arising from the information in this brochure,

whether in negligence or otherwise. Mazda Australia Pty Limited ABN 78 004 690 804. 385 Ferntree Gully Road, Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149. Mazda2 is covered by a 3-year unlimited kilometre warranty and 6-year panel protection warranty. Due to the nature of the printing process, colours may vary from those shown in this brochure. Ask your Dealer to show you a product sample. Published April 2011. MAZ9779.


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Mazda2 Genki

All the best things in one place. When lots of things you like come together, it makes

weekend runs without a hitch. And it’s little enough

for something special. It could be getting all your

to squeeze into the tightest spots. At its core is a

friends around one table. Or visiting a city that’s

1.5 litre engine that’s light on fuel, and still gives you

bursting with life. Mazda2 also puts a lot that’s great

all the go you need. In fact, its fuel economy is up there

in one place. It’s compact, but packs in everything

with the best. For a car this size, it packs in a whole

you need to live large. It’s light and streamlined to be

lotta Zoom-Zoom.

more affordable to run yet solid enough to keep you grounded. The sporty design moves through the city with agile ease, and responsive steering handles

Get in gear. Take your pick of a slick shifting 5-speed manual, or keep it simple with smooth 4-speed auto.

Nice ride. Mazda2 smoothes over the bumps, while its solid build and sporty feel give you a strong sense of control.

It all looks effortless. Great style always seems effortless, but a lot of work

give its well-toned body plenty of street presence.

goes into looking good. That’s why Mazda2 is crafted

And it can match any personality or style with an

down to the tiniest detail, so you’ll always make a big

extensive colour palette to choose from. But it’s

entrance. Classy co-ordination and stylish highlights

not about how it fits your outfit – it’s about how it fits your life. You get enough space for the biggest weekend away, or the most serious shopping day.

Open for business, and for fun. A push button-operated hatch opens to a roomy luggage area.

The wheel thing. And to help you carry all this off: Neo has 15 inch steel wheels (top left), Maxx has 15 inch alloys (top right). Genki has gorgeous 16 inch alloys (above).

Mazda2 Maxx

That’s handy. Frequently used controls are exactly where you need them. Tap into your tracks through steering wheel-mounted audio controls on Neo safety pack, Maxx and Genki.

Mazda2 Genki

It all clicks inside. It’s when you get to know the little things about

adding climate control. Genki also gives you automatic

Mazda2 that everything just clicks. Every detail feels

headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, cruise control and

like it’s crafted just for you, from ingenious storage

a trip computer. Add a stylish instrument panel that

areas like a rack for stuff like maps and the latest

makes everything feel roomier, and you begin to see

glossies, to the front console putting everything you

the big places that Mazda2 can take you.

need close at hand. You know, the important stuff. It also has cup-holders so you can easily enjoy everything from coffee to water. Power windows and mirrors make things easier still. And a big soundtrack is just as important. That’s why Mazda2 comes with a CD player

Take a seat. Sleek seats come in two high quality trims:

and four punchy speakers. There’s also an auxiliary

Neo (left), Maxx and Genki (right). Body-hugging

jack so you can hook up your MP3 player and go.

comfort makes trips even more enjoyable.

There’s air-conditioning across the range with Genki

Plug and play. MP3 compatible auxiliary jack lets you plug in and make some noise.

Stay out of trouble. Drive easy. Up to six SRS airbags and a rigid passenger shell keep you safe and sound.

With Mazda2, we’ve thought about safety so you

They’re just some of the little things that make

don’t have to. And the best way to be safe is to avoid

Mazda2 such a big performer. Servicing through the

trouble altogether. That’s why every Mazda2 comes

Mazda Maintenance Program gives your Mazda2

with ABS and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), to help

the advantage of factory-trained Service Technicians,

keep you headed to where you want to go, and stop

equipped with one of the world’s most advanced

you from going anywhere you don’t. It’s also nice to

computer diagnostic systems. As well as maintaining

know you’re looked after with front airbags across

your Mazda in A1 condition, you’ll be protecting your

the range, side and curtain airbags standard on Maxx

investment in a vehicle that already has outstanding

and Genki, and an optional safety pack for Neo. And

resale value. Like all Mazda passenger vehicles,

you can feel secure too, with remote central locking

Mazda2 offers the reassurance of a 3-year, unlimited

and engine immobiliser keeping out unwelcome guests.

kilometre factory warranty. For more on Mazda passenger car warranties, go to

Keep your feet. DSC helps maintain grip by managing the braking force and engine torque delivered to individual wheels. So it helps you stay on track under any road conditions.

With DSC system. Without DSC system.

Control of understeer.

Control of oversteer.

Mazda2 Neo

Mazda2 Maxx

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notice. Please refer to or consult your Mazda Dealer prior to placing an order to ascertain current information on model availa...