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This information may help you decide how to proceed with the SIMS integration. Please read through this document carefully. The process effectively logs into SIMS, uploads a report definition, exports a user report, and posts it to realsmart, without you having to monitor it (after the first run). NB: We do not receive any personal information from SIMS. We only receive names, classes and ID numbers, and usernames/passwords at your request. This is the same data you would send to us normally in a spreadsheet if you were not going to use SIMS integration. It should be relatively simple and only take about 15 minutes all being well, but if we encounter any issues it could take longer. the procedure is as follows; • We need to check the data at this end, and we need to establish with whoever is the lead realsmart contact whether or not the data can be wiped and replaced, or whether it needs to be ran as an update. • We assign your school a unique update key • You need to download this file: http:// • We can go through the integration process and set up the task scheduler over the phone and check the import has worked okay. There are couple of things for you to look over in order for you to prepare to go through the setup process. You will need access to the following: • Access to a workstation and a windows administrator account, with access to; - command line - task scheduler - SIMS • A SIMS username and password. • If you know how to use windows task scheduler it is a plus but I should be able to walk you through it if not anyway. Also, they will need to make absolutely sure is unblocked and excluded from all filtering/caching by all proxys/firewalls in place. If you are not going to be handling this yourself, would you be able to put us in touch with a technician or network administrator whom we could arrange the setup with? It is much quicker for us to go through it over the phone on the day, as it minimises chance of things being done incorrectly, and if there are any problems we can look into them immediately. Would you like to archive all users within realsmart and begin with a fresh import from SIMS, or would you like to update the existing users (pairing users up by their UPN). The former option is much quicker and simpler, but if there is a lot of shared content etc within realsmart which you would like to maintain user links to, then the second option would be more suitable. NB: It doesn't need to be on the SIMS server but if you can set up the procedure on the server that would be preferable. For now, could you please check that is unblocked/excluded as specified above, or put us in touch with someone able to check this and who also has access to the tools listed above, and then if either you or the person handling this can get back to us, we can get the ball rolling. 1

SIMS integration  

This information may help you decide how to proceed with the SIMS integration.