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Getting realsmart working in your school. My problem: I canʼt log in My students canʼt log in I canʼt see my groups and students when I try to share an item

Your solution: You need to get your user data set up. For realsmart to work properly, it needs to know who is using it in terms of teachers and students. We can do this in two ways: ONE We can create a link to your Management Information System (MIS) which is normally SIMS or Facility (sometimes known as CMIS). This is the best way, as this is all you will ever have to do. We can update realsmart with your data remotely at any time. To get this done, we need to put our technicians together with your technicians, so they can do some technical stuff together. Now, most of the time this works fine, but it sometimes doesnʼt because school networks are set up in many different ways and by different people, and sometimes network managers canʼt work out why it doesnʼt work because of this. So, we can do it another way... TWO Weʼll send you a spreadsheet that shows you what data we need. Then someone who can work your MIS can get this information out, and send it to us. If you have any problems getting this information, we can help in various ways. Either way, we can get you set up as quickly as you can do what we ask you to do. (Weʼve set up schools within an hour.) 1

My problem: realsmart works sometimes, but when we get a class in, it grinds to a halt, or we get blank screens and error messages realsmart works until I get to a certain point, and then I get a blank screen. This always happens at the same place

Your solution: You need to make sure realsmart isn始t filtered or cached realsmart is a web application. A web application is a website that generates pages specifically for the person looking at. It始s the same as any other website, apart from every page that you look at is changed personally for you. If someone else looks at realsmart, they will see different pages to you. They might not look that different, but they are generated dynamically on the fly as you look at them. When you look at realsmart at home, your computer connects directly to the internet, and asks for these webpages, and realsmart sends you your pages, and everything works fine. But at school, things are put in between your computer and the internet, which can cause problems. In your school, you may have a proxy server and a firewall. And the people who supply you with your internet (your Internet Service Provider, or ISP) may also have a proxy server and a firewall. Your ISP is normally your LA, or Broadband Consortium (GfL), or you may have a managed service. As realsmart is a dynamic web application, it needs a clean connection to the internet, but these proxy servers and firewalls do a couple of things that will cause realsmart to not work in your school. Sometimes they filter things. This means that they check all the pages and sometimes make a mistake and stop you getting your pages from realsmart. realsmart pages don始t have anything nasty in them and you can trust us on this, so you need to make sure that the web site is not filtered. Proxies and firewalls have white lists or exemption lists, and you need to add this web site to those lists. You also need to make sure any sub-directories to is included.


Your network manager should be able to do this, but if not, let us know. But remember, these proxies and firewalls donʼt just exist in your school, your ISP will have them too, so you must, must make sure they have done the same thing, otherwise realsmart wonʼt work. The same thing applies to cacheing. Some proxy servers think itʼs clever to keep copies of internet pages, and when you request the same page, they give you the page they have stored, and not the actual page that realsmart would give you. This causes all sorts of issues, and it looks like our website has crashed, or fallen over after so many students log in. It hasnʼt. realsmart can handle 100,000s of simultaneous users all logging on at the same time. In fact, more users than weʼve actually got set up across our whole community. So, it can handle the 30 students in your classroom. Our website hasnʼt crashed, itʼs just that a proxy server somewhere is cacheing our website. Again, the solution is to get all the proxy servers between the computer in the classroom and the internet, in your school and in your ISP, to turn off cacheing for the website And, just to make sure, get them to clear any cache history, which should sort everything out. Remember, realsmart is being used successfully in 100s of schools every day. Over 150,000 people depend on it. It WILL WORK in your school, no matter what any body else says to you. Trust us!

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Getting realsmart working  

Your guide to getting realsmart working and troubleshooting.

Getting realsmart working  

Your guide to getting realsmart working and troubleshooting.