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President: Norm de Grussa 2013 - 2014 MEETING at Café Elixir 3rd February 2014 Guest Speaker: Andrea Loftus Parkinson’s Disease Wanneroo Rotary Club Committee President: Secretary: Treasurer: Youth Services: International Service: Club Service: Vocational Service: Membership: Sergeant: Attendance: Belgrade Village: Program: Bulletin, Publicity & Photography: President Elect:



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Apologies: If unable to attend meeting, an apology is to be lodged with President Norm before 3pm on Fridays. Contact details for President Norm: or mobile 0411043889

MEETING 10th February 2014 Café Elixir

6.00pm FOR 6.15pm Duty Roster 10th February 2014 Chairman

President Norm

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Rebecca Williams

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Meeting Cafe Elixir 3rd February 2014 President Norm: welcomed everyone and also our guests Akin and Anson our current exchange students, Mads from Denmark a previous exchange student on holiday with his parents who also attended, Frode his dad and Ann Sophie his mother, we also had Margaret Bain and Clives brother Ken Bain who was a Rotary member of the Brookvale Club, plus our Guest Speaker Andrea Loftus with her parents Michael and Caroline. Behind the bar we have Laura Douglas our past outbound exchange student. President Norm pointed out to Mads that the Danish flag has now been displayed at the front for the past three years non stop, and what did we do to deserve this. We all had a chuckle. President Norm mentioned that at the past Board Meeting and subsequent follow-up board meeting at Secretary Graeme’s house, it was proposed that we reintroduce committees and he still feels that with a small number of club members committees are not required. But a good case has been put forward to reinstate some committees and we will ratify this decision at the next board meeting. Secretary Graeme Smith: Advised District Governor Elect and the District Secretary that we now meet at Cafe Elixir at 6.00 for 6.30pm on Monday nights and will update our database. We have received approval for our video lottery terminal licence and we also received a cheque for the slot machine. Graeme asked Ray how long it would be for the walking frame to liaise with Elderbloom. Ray Advised that he had not received any communication back as yet from Rex North but would follow it up. We have received from the Living Foundation of Australia an organisation in Zimbabwe but these people are in Nannup and are available to be a guest speaker to raise funds for their projects in their country. Graeme also received some information on the Rotary Adventure and Citizenship for year 11 students when they go to Canberra which Ray can insert in the Bulletin. Graeme is receiving a lot of emails from Dick Cooke and is passing on the relevant ones to the members. There is a free information session on Enduring Power of Attorneys and Guardianships at the RAAFA association in Quinns Rocks which the information will also be in the bulletin. We had apologies tonight from Andy, Andrew, Jacob and Rebecca. It is important for our numbers to be correct for our meals. Club Service: Phil Cousins Big Als is on this weekend and most volunteer spots have been filled for the caravan and the sausage sizzle at the football club. Director of Youth: Owen Douglas The presentation for the Exchange students will have to be changed as the 3rd next month is a public holiday. Owen attended the dinner and the hosting of one day of the youth science experience lad from the other side of Australia and Owen received an email last night from Queensland to say that while he was here his mum and dad were hanging on for grim death during the floods but he has started school which he is not that happy about as he loved his time in the West. It was great to get an email from him and the other fellow from Newcastle said nothing has changed in Newcastle which it never does. The week before last he was a camp dad at the RYLA camp and it was a great experience. One young lass Anna Mustard had a great time and she is going to help start a Rotaract Club in Geraldton. Owen introduced Anson to give a talk. Anson said good evening to everyone and he has been in Australia for 6 months and 2 weeks. Last week he went on a trip with Owen and Helen his host parents and went to the South West. He said it was awesome, really good. At night they played card games Uno and Yahtsee and during the day went to the beach but wouldn't swim in the ocean. They also went to amazing Cape and took a lot of pictures. Anson thanked Owen for taking him as he is very very happy. He has restarted school and everything is ok. Akin: Akin said good evening and explained that he helped with the Quairading sausage sizzle and went to the fireworks in Perth. On Saturday he helped all day swimming in his sweat. His English Grammar school has now finished and his report was Intermediate. He has started school again at

Wanneroo College. Akin explained that his English is better now and we have to agree that they have both really improved a lot since their stay with us. International: Debbie Singh Debbie came back from Thailand two weeks tomorrow which only seems like yesterday. She went to inspect the work that was done with the money that we had donated to the BCMF and she explained what a massive improvement. She was blown away. They have transformed the dilapidated building into 10 bedrooms and it is like brand new. They have about 24 patients there and she passed around a photo with some of the people that she worked with. She also took up a wheel chair donated by Wheel Chairs for Kids and that has gone to a young boy in Mae Sot. She said she will organise with Peter to have an information evening as she has some updated videos to show. Wheel Chairs for Kids are showing interest in sending a container of wheelchairs to BCMF which will be great. Vocational: Neil Cook 24th we have a meeting at the Glass Factory. Paul’s Vineyard on the 24th March should be coming up but is just waiting on the Belgrade Village information evening. Dolphin Wishing Well: Clive Bain The monthly clean has been done with the assistance of Andy and Ian came along and Bill did some maintenance. We had another good month return from the wishing well which is excellent. No major problems and it has been quite rewarding. Clive also touched base on the Spiral Wishing Well located outside Coles in Wanneroo and the income from that is becoming very handy. Clive met the manager Tony and he is absolutely wrapped that he is supporting our club. Clive invited him to come along one evening to receive a certificate of appreciation for allowing us to place our collection well outside his store. President Norm mentioned that we have a membership information evening coming up in March and we have to send 3 names to President Norm so that he can mail out some invitations to attend. Please treat it seriously. 17th March is the evening. A proposal has been put forward for Kaye Douglas to join our club and Graeme seconded that. Mads from Denmark was invited to give us a talk. Mads said that after high school for the second year but in-between that he has been travelling around Europe visiting many of the Exchange students that he has met and they have also been to visit him and that means that the exchange student program has been a very important part of his life, giving him a lot of friends for life. Mads also thanked our club again for his time with us and wanted to show his parents his friends and associates here in Australia. Paul Ripen in coming out to visit us in June. Publicity: Ray Perkins; We have had our first Committee meeting for the Dolphin Race and we are currently working on a budget and also a Presentation to approach sponsors. We have received a proposal from Telethon to become a Fundraising Partner with them. For a contribution of $25,000 from our proceeds they are prepared to promote our event on TV leading up to the event, do a promo and assist in advertising our event on the website and facebook page and include us in their Telethon Diary of Events. This will ensure that we have a successful day and once we have confirmed the budget and considered what sponsorship we can obtain we hope to raise $50,000 plus. We will update you with more information as it becomes available. We did have a meeting with David Cleary from the Heirrison Rotary Club where they have offered us any assistance that we may require. Bill Kell mentioned that the Heirisson Club are holding their Duck Race on the 23rd March so if as many members can attend their event we can see how it’s done and not have to reinvent the wheel. Mads mother Ann thanked all of the club members and his host families for his very good year in Australia. She said she was very safe with him being in our care. Raffle: 1st Prize Andrea Loftus, 2nd Prize Ian Bradshaw

Sergeants Session: Phil Cousins; Raffle winners subject to prizes being supplied, Phil has been on holidays in South Australia, Graeme and Colin have been on holidays, Birthdays, Clive, Norm, Secretary has said he has been getting a lot of emails, Rotary have started a radio campaign with 2 different adverts. Please open the email and have a listen. Wasn't sure if to fine all members who have not signed the book or the Duty Officer for hiding the book, Debbie for being away to Bangkok inciting all of the riots apart from doing great work up there, Cookie for not using the microphone, Ian for having a rough patch, Owen being dobbed in by his exchange student for loosing at cards, Akin for making Phil a friend on facebook, Phil now knows what he gets up to, the fine was diverted to his host father for not keeping him in check. Cross fine for Phil on the times for the Big Als event. Ray couldn't work out the 7.00am to 4.00am shift. Owen had a cross fine for past exchange student Maas to go to the bus stop and unlock the bike that is still there for the past 2 years. Chairman: Ian Bradshaw; Ian introduced our Guest Speaker Andrea Loftus who is going to talk about Parkinson’s Disease. Andrea was born in England but we will forgive her for that, as she has been here for 10 years, married with no kids but 2 dogs, she was educated at Saint Andrews where she gained her PHD in Neuro science, and we welcome her to talk on the subject of Parkinson’s Tonight. As Andrea was making her way down to the laptop she donated her raffle prize to her father who would appreciate it more. Andrea thanked our club for inviting her to talk on the Parkinson's disease. She mentioned that perhaps half of the people here would know someone that perhaps suffers from this disease. Some people may have been affected by the disease or knows someone. Andrea is the Director of Curtins new Neuro science Lab and also the Director of Park c which is the Parkinson's Research Centre in Perth and also on the Parkinson's West Aust Board. It is a very misunderstood disease it's a Neuro degenerative disease and about 100,000 people in Australia suffer with Parkinson's presently so that is 1 to 2 in each thousand but to be honest a lot of Parkinson's goes un diagnosed for a long time so these are the official figures, unofficially it is about 3 times that. It is often confused with dementia, the symptoms at start present the same. It is spread equally across races and affects both men and women although Men are more likely to develop Parkinson's we don't know why. The average age of onset is 55-65 but particularly in WA we are seeing people come through as young as 26 years old and about 30% of the patients in the Perth metro area are below the age of 50. Although those are the official figures in WA we have very high numbers of Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease entails the motor or movement symptoms everybody thinks of the tremor arresting tremors which is just sitting, rigidity which is stiffness in the joints, bradykinesia which is slowness of movement, Freezing, you may see people just stop and can't initiate movement again, Dyskinesia which is jerky movements, Dystonia which is elasticity in the limbs, Postural Instability and Facial masking. Andrea showed us two examples one being Muhammed Ali who has a very prominent tremor and Michael J Fox who has the mask face in place of the tremor. Most people think Parkinson is just shaking but its not. Quite a few people that have Parkinson won’t even develop the tremor. More recently it has been found that Parkinson impacts upon cognition for the way that you think and you feel. Some of the common problems that people have that we are finding now are memory, different kinds of memory, the ability to remember names and recognise places, executive function being the ability to plan and know what you are doing and where you are going, language is typically impacted, inhibition for the ability to record response. With the increasing problems with impulse control so as Parkinson progresses you will see gambling problems or addiction problems because of the way the disease moves through the brain and emotional regulation. Angela asked us what the first symptom of Parkinson disease is tremor or depression. Depression is the first symptom and it will become clearer as I show you the neurol basis of Parkinson’s and that’s why it is so hard to diagnose because so many other syndromes have depression. The symptoms of Parkinson’s result basically from the degeneration of cells in this area of the brain. Andrea showed us various slides that show how the cells start to die in the brain. The dopamine is the neuro transmitter that is most important in the brain.

It is a very complex area that can only be treated with limited success for limited times. Most cases of Parkinson’s have no known cause. It does not mean that if your parents or grandparents have had the disease you will get it. Only 10% of familiar families present with Parkinson’s. You need very special genes that you have to have. Part of the research has identified 5 genes so far. There are lots of theories out there about how we get Parkinson’s but there is nothing concrete. Exposure to herbicides and pesticides may be responsible but still these links are tenuous. There is a lot of research going on. There is no cure for Parkinson’s it’s a chronic illness and degenerative. All we can do is manage the symptoms. This may change over time. Early onsets of Parkinson can be treated with dopamine agonis which mimics dopamine in the brain. No two people with Parkinson’s are the same. One person may be able to last 10 years on this treatment whereas another may only last 6 months before they leave treatment. Another Levodopa is a substance that can cross the blood brain barrier so that you can take a tablet and it converts it directly to dopamine in the brain but the problem with it is that only 5% is picked up by the brain so you need huge doses and sometimes the body thinks its a foreign body and rejects it. So it doesn’t work for everybody and it is only temporary as the more you take the more you need. The specialists need to access if it is worth putting you onto this treatment for your quality of life as the body builds up a resistance to the treatment. It is best to wait as long as possible before undergoing this treatment. A last resort is deep brain stimulation which is similar to a pacemaker for your heart. This is inserted while you are conscious to determine the correct placement of the electrodes to stop the tremor but this is only effect on 60% of patients and is only temporary for about 3 years. It paints a very grim picture for this disease but there are many people working towards maintaining people’s quality of life. The studies rely on anecdotal information and screening of people to form basis information on when people may start to develop the disease and their diets and lifestyle environments. Red capsicum is one example that can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s as it is part of the tobacco family and can act as an inhibitor on the dopamine breakdown. Vitamin D is also thought to reduce the risk with people who live in sunny places but from our research in WA this doesn’t appear to be the case. Exercise is key for the prevention of Parkinson’s. Exercise of the brain mentally and physical exercise are the key for alzheimers and dementia. It was a very interesting lecture that is very thought provoking. The only way to prove if you have Parkinson’s is by giving the person levodopa and their symptoms improve but this is not the ideal way to diagnose it. There are 4 subgroups of Parkinson’s and no two patients are the same. Some have more than one symptom and others don’t as there may be two pathways for the disease to take. There are 300 patients each year that are tested each year to track the subgroups of the disease. Andrea thanked us for inviting her to talk on the subject. If people have any doubts at all if they may have a problem you can get referred from your local GP. Colin Griffiths mentioned that he has had a big exposure to herbicides and pesticides but as he was showing spontaneous gestures he is fine. Phil asked if boxing as with Mohammed Ali was responsible for some Parkinson’s with head trauma but again there is no direct link. The overall feeling is that if you have any doubts see your GP and ask for a referral as this is not an old people’s disease. Margaret Bain asked for confirmation that not everybody with Parkinson’s will develop dementia.

Tom Drinkwater did the Vote of Thanks for Andrea’s fantastic talk on this very topical subject. Tom asked Andrea to look very carefully around the tables as there are many undiagnosed cases here. Because they depress the hell out of him..... We all had a good laugh. Tom presented our inscribed glass to Andrea and again thanked her on behalf of our club. President Norm thanked our visitors and exchange students for attending. The meeting next week is a Board Meeting 6.00 for 6.15





Inner Wheel Club of Wann-Gara (Inc.) presents


Saturday 15th March 2014 6pm - 11pm

Alina & Colin Griffiths 89 Casuarina Way, WANNEROO $30 pp (Includes Dinner) BYO Drinks International Fundraiser

Entertainment by

O.T.T. CHICAGO SWING JAZZ BAND For Tickets Call: Jo Treby 9343 8175 or Nola Olsen 9405 1016



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Rotary Bulletin 26 2014  
Rotary Bulletin 26 2014  

Meeting at Cafe Elixir on 3rd February 2014 Guest Speaker: Dr Andrea Loftus Director: Curtin Neuroscience Laboratory Talk on Parkinson's Di...