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Apologies: If unable to attend meeting, an apology is to be lodged with Jacob Etoka before 12 noon Monday. Contact details for Jacob email: or mobile 0413104989

Duty Roster 18th November 2013 Chairman

Graeme Smith

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Jacob Etoka

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Ian Bradshaw

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Rebecca Williams


Clive Bain


Neil Cook


Paul Conti

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Debbie Singh


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Susan Saleeba; To talk on NAKURU HOPE



MEETING AT WANNEROO TAVERN 11th NOVEMBER 2013 Secretary Graeme Smith: Chaired the meeting at the Wanneroo Tavern for the farewell dinner for Colin Parker. Special Guests; District Chairman Hank de Smit and his wife Ruth, AG Patricia Canning and her husband Trevor, Honorary Member Buzz Goodacre, District Chair of Inner Wheel Jan Duffy, and members partners and Anson our exchange student. President Norm was unable to attend due to the loss of his Father-In-Law and we wish him and his wife Penny well over this sad period. Secretary Graeme welcomed everybody and waited for the soup to be served. The Tavern really excelled themselves with a great Seafood Bisk soup and the choice of mains, Roast or Salmon. Very, very nice. Youth Services: Owen Douglas; Owen invited Anson to give a brief speech to all present. Anson welcomed the District Governor and guests and mentioned that he has been in Australia for 3 months 3 weeks. Anson had a beautiful weekend with AG Patricia and her husband Trevor at their property and saw many animals and wheat fields. He said Trevor and Patricia were very nice to him. Anson said he had a very good weekend and has a very good memory of it. Anson thanked them for inviting him he is very happy. Owen thanked Patricia and Trevor and reiterated that Anson did really enjoy the weekend and he has been a very good exchange student. Owen thanked Laurie and Jan Duffy for breaking him in like a wild stallion during his stay with them. We all had a laugh as we know he is well behaved. Owen again invited all members to take Anson out for any outings as everything is new to him and he would be most appreciative. Secretary: Graeme Smith; reminded members about the Rotary Foundation Dinner on the 27th November at 6.30 for 7.00pm at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel. An invitation is included in this bulletin. Raffle: 1st Prize Ian Bradshaw 2nd Prize Margaret Bain Sergeant Session: Phil Cousins; Ian Bradshaw and Margaret Bain for the raffle, Marg for her birthday and also for winning a prize from IGA for some groceries, Neil and Dianne's Anniversary, Clive's birthday, Viv Perkins birthday and no name badge, everyone was fined that did not wear a poppy being remembrance day, Graeme for forgetting Jan Duffy, Phil presented Anson with a picture article of the locust plague that would make him cringe being he hates flies, Buzz for making an appearance and also for being a member at the WACA being our cricketers are in poor form at the moment so he and Colin were fined, Helen Douglas for mixing up Owens pants with Anson and also asked how Owen fitted into them. No one had come up to ask for their winnings for last weeks Melbourne Cup Sweep. 1st place received $144.00 which went to Bill Kell, 2nd place of $60.00 went to Peter Miskelly, 3rd Place went to Neil Cook $24.00 and Last Place Paul Conti had to shoot his horse so that he could get $12.00, poor thing... There was a Very Good cross fine by Bill Kell and that was for Sergeant Phil not wearing his name badge. Phil admitted he had been sprung..... Colin Parker auctioned off some bottles of booze that he could not take back to the UK and Paul Conti was too fast off the mark to score the first bottle. Vigorous bidding saw the box of goodies disappear very quickly. Colin mentioned that it should have raised a few dollars for the Sergeant's Fund and hope we all have a drink at the next meeting on Him and his wife Barbara. Thank you Colin for the very generous donation to the members.

Graeme Smith introduced our Honorary Member Buzz Goodacre to address our club. Buzz started by saying that unaccustomed as he is to public speaking.... He presented to DG Hank de Smit with his book that he had collated and written "The First 40 Years" about the Rotary Club of Wanneroo.

Secretary Graeme Smith; introduced our District Governor Hank de Smit to address our club. Our District Governor Hank de Smit: welcomed Past President Graeme, District Chair of Inner Wheel, our exchange student and all members. He mentioned how wonderful it is when he visits the Dolphin Wishing Well and that is a credit for such a small club to have achieved such a wonderful project. Hank mentioned that he learnt more about our club today and that was about our vocational visits and when he enquired where he found out we go to the winery. We all had a chuckle and he didn't think much about it until Colin had brought out the booze which has now got him worried..... Its great to be here and mentioned that his presentation normally lasts for an hour and 10 mins but would see if he could cut that down a little. If he sees us falling asleep he will talk a bit louder if that's ok with everyone. He started by quoting one of Mother Theresa's sayings "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water and create many ripples". That's what we as Rotarians do and we do that very well. I would like to continue to do that throughout the year as District Governor to stir the water up and create those ripples and make this world a better place. He shared with us a few of the things he has learnt in his training as a District Governor and also some of the goals that he was made to set before the year actually started. The most exciting thing that happened to him as a Rotarian was to go to Santiago for the final training and that was a most amazing experience that any Rotarian can experience. When you are sitting there with over 500 DG Elects with their partners and the trainers you are looking at close to 2,000 people all in one hotel. When you talk to these people you find out all of the wonderful work we do around the World it is incredible. Even though I joined Rotary in 1976 and my very first club was Port Hedland I have never learnt as much as what I did that week and it really opened my eyes. Towards the end of the week when I got on the plane I felt 10 feet tall and bullet proof. After 24 hours of flying I sort of shrunk and when I got off the plane I realised I was by myself and all of the other 500 had gone home to their clubs and districts. I then had to sit down and come up with goals because that's what we have got to do as District Governor Elects, to come up with goals and tell the Club Presidents what you want them to do. And then he woke up, and he realised that every Rotary Club is autonomous and the goals he sets for the District will never come to pass if he doesn't get the clubs to join in and make it happen. So that's probably the most difficult thing that he has done and that is to set down some goals. The goals that he has set and would like to achieve with the various clubs assistance are as follows. Before I talk about my personal goals I would like to talk about the Rotary Foundation Goals. The Rotary Foundation is the cornerstone of Rotary. Without the Rotary Foundation, Rotary wouldn't be where it is today. The first goal is to eradicate Polio and make our dream of a Polio Free world a reality. Is it possible? Can we do it? I believe we can. In Santiago when the World Health Organisation spoke to us they said we were that close that we could actually do it by the end of this calendar year which is quite amazing when you think about it. If you have a look at the figures that I sent to the clubs only a couple of weeks ago its quite amazing how we have cut it down. When you think about a place like Afghanistan there is so much turmoil, this year there has only been 4 reported cases of Polio. Those 4 cases actually came from Pakistan. When you think about Nigeria we have halved it in the past year. When you think about Pakistan, Pakistan is our biggest concern because that is possibly the most difficult area but we are also making inroads there. We have also had some setbacks and that was from an aircraft from Nigeria to Somalia in May and before you knew it we had 163 cases of Polio in Somalia. However if you watched the program on the 24th October on your computer which was End Polio Day (I have a link on our Facebook page) direct from the USA the WHO told us that we had it under control very very quickly. As you are probably aware the Rotary Foundation put in 1/2 million dollars to do that. If you also remember that the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation said that for every dollar we put in Polio Plus they will put in two. So each dollar put into the Polio Plus is in fact $3.00 so we actually gave $1.5 million dollars. If you remember that $1.00 saves 6 children's lives $3.00 saves 18 children's lives. Sorry about spending a lot of time on Polio but I think we have become a little bit too accustomed to it and we haven't raised as much money in Australia over the past 3 years and we still need one billion dollars a year to eradicate this disease and we still need to do this over the next 3 to 4 years before we can say that the world is polio free. The other goal that we successfully launched our new grants model and we have been very successful since the 1st July in our District with 14 clubs that have received 16 District Grants worth US$50,000 in total. We also have quite a bit of money available for Global Grants which can be used for larger projects overseas which we could do with other clubs or by ourselves. Also remember that the Foundation is your Foundation it doesn't belong to Rotary America it belongs to you and I and the money that we put into the Foundation here in Australia stays in Australia. The money stays in the Australian Rotary Foundation Trust. I would now like to share with you some of the other goals.

To have a strong, active and growing membership reflecting the contemporary society. The promotion of diversity of membership in clubs. If you have a look at the average Rotary Club in Australia it goes like this. White Australian males above the age of 50 and that is very kind in a lot of clubs. In Australia there is 50% women and 50% men. We in Australia only have 40% of women in Rotary, we can say that we are a little bit fortunate in our District as we have 25% women in Rotary but we are still 25% short. When you have women in Rotary they do a lot more work. So its time to start thinking about increasing the number of women in our clubs. The other thing is that we are a multicultural society and when you have a look at the average club within Australia we are not so multicultural within the clubs. I think it is time to look at that within our clubs so that it does reflect society. We don't seem to have many indigenous members, we have got some but not very many. There are a few indigenous members that are amazing and we could certainly do with some more. We have also got to look at bringing down the age within Rotary Clubs. Very early in my visits to clubs I went to the Rotary Club of Batavia Coast and I met an old gentleman how old he was and he said he was 83 and he joined Rotary in 1955 which meant he joined in his 20's and I thought back that I had joined Rotary in 1976 and I was only 32. Most clubs when they introduce a member they are usually over 50. It is time for us to start looking at some younger members. There was something that I had picked up from the website and that is about Generation Y. This is what they say that they have got a bad reputation as a generation of celebrity obsessed media junkies. But it turns out that Gen Y are more charitable and compassionate than their baby boomer parents. In fact the Australians between the ages of 20 to 30 are the most charitable demographic with 60% having done community work. This is according to new research not long ago. It was also found that Gen Y donated more than 192 million volunteer hours to charity each year worth about 3.1 million dollars. These are the young people that we need in Rotary, or Rotaract or both. This is despite over 63% of Australians surveyed thought Gen Y selfish. While 62% thought they were materialistic. I have met quite a few young people and one of the things I learnt in Santiago is talking to some of the South Americans and the amount of young people they have in Rotaract Clubs is amazing. When you look at the 2 Rotaract Clubs we have here and you look at how vibrant they are it makes you wonder why we don't have more Rotaract Clubs in our states. Another goal that I set was to start another 2 Rotary Clubs and it is very important for us to start looking at some new Rotary Clubs. When I started to look at the figures for our District I found that previous to last year we grew 6% in 5 years but out of those 5 years we lost membership and the other 4 we gained membership. But the reason we gained membership is because we started 2 new clubs in those years. It is very important for us to look at new clubs because some clubs will die. We are a growing population and if we look at the Northern Suburbs we don't have as many clubs as we ought to in reality. If you look at clubs closer to Perth there is an amazing amount of clubs and all very very strong with large membership. The biggest City outside of Perth is a place called Joondalup which is only a good kick away from here and they only have eight members there. So its time for us to start to look at creating some new clubs but also to reinvigorate some of the existing clubs. It is also important to recognize that we can start Satellite clubs as well. We could start another Satellite club with a different meeting place with new younger members that are still a part of the Rotary Club of Wanneroo. What ever we do we need to look at doing things a little bit differently from time to time. I just wanted to share those with you. The other goal was to develop different District Zone Structure which I have done this year, we have got 6 zones and each zone has 2 Assistant Governors. The Assistant Governors jobs are to get the neighbouring clubs working closer together. This will assist in getting bigger projects off the ground and getting to know each other better. The other thing is for us to build a strong, positive contemporary public image. We in Western Australia have 100 Rotary clubs with 49 in our District and 51 in the other District and we have about 1400 members in both Districts so 2,800 Rotarians. With 100 different clubs we have 100 different voices. With all of the different clubs websites its like getting a bit of spaghetti and putting it all together which is a bit of a mess and we are all giving a different message. Its time for us to start thinking about having a better public image. We are starting a new website for our District which is on its way and hopefully we will see it before the end of this month. The clubs can join in on that if they want to. I know you have started a new website and I really enjoy viewing your website and really enjoy your bulletin which I think is the best bulletin that I have seen in this District. But its really time for us to have one voice, because if we want to be heard it is much better to have 1400 Rotarians to be one rather than 20 members here and 10 members there etc. I want to finish up by getting you to think about asking you a couple of questions; and the question is about relevance, I don't want you to answer the questions today I want you to go away and have a think about it and maybe come up with an answer to this.

1. Is Rotary still relevant today. When you think about Rotary as relevance we are 108 years old going on 109 on the 23rd February 2014. We have done some amazing work over those 109 years but are we still relevant today. A lot of things have changed over those 109 years. For example the Swiss watch makers had 80% market share in watches but now they have only 20% market share. We do not want to become intoxicated with our success because we have been very successful. Kodak was very intoxicated with their success but look what has happened to them as they have filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The other thing is the human factor. Us humans we are an amazing creature, we have changed over the years and yet we don't want to change, we don't like change, we want to do the same thing over and over again and we keep expecting different results. It does not happen we need to change with the times. We need to allow younger people to come within our midst and allow them to become new leaders and for us to become mentors and get out of our comfort zone. Hank used the example of the 5 monkeys that were conditioned to do one thing which they in turn conditioned other monkeys introduced to their environment to do the same thing. 2. Is the Rotary Club of Wanneroo still relevant today? That is the question that we have to answer. I am also an optimist and I really believe that in another 109 years time Rotary will still be relevant but there is one thing I am not sure and that is wether my club the Rotary Club of Mt Lawley will still be there and also will the Rotary Club of Wanneroo still be there, but I firmly believe that Rotary will still be strong and we will still be relevant then as what we are today. To finish off I would like to quote Mother Theresa again that "yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet here, we only have today, so let us begin".

Secretary Graeme Smith: made his introduction to farewell one of our great members Colin and Barbara Parker. Graeme asked the DG to say a few words. DG Hank DeSmit announced that he was presenting to Colin Parker a Paul Harris Fellow. Colin and Barbara Parker came to the Rotary club of Wanneroo in 2005 from the Rotary club in Kent in the UK. He had been a member of the club for some years and Colin fitted right into the. Wanneroo Club once he had learnt the Aussie ways. Hank asked if Colin could speak Australian yet? We have learnt a lot from him and he has learnt a lot from us including all the bad habits! Lol However Colin just got on with being a good. Rotarian, he was a Public Relations Director for three years, Secretary for 2 years and President for 2010/2011 so he has helped make decisions for 6 of the 8 years so we certainly don’t want to see him go. But that is the way of life that pans out. The DG asked Colin if he would accept the Paul Harris Fellow with a Sapphire Pin. The DG proceeded to place the pin on Colin's Lapel and asked everyone to be upstanding to welcome the Newest Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Colin Parker. Great round of applause.

Colin addressed the people present and said that he was gratefully and was humbled in many ways to receive this great honour that he appreciated very much indeed. He said he was going to miss us all without any doubt as he has made some great friends here and I hope I pulled my weight in various ways with some quirky things like my odes and songs and what've you. My email address will stay the same so he can keep in contact with us all and thanks again one and all and we will miss you.

Secretary Graeme introduced Tom Drinkwater: who wished to say some words for Colin's farewell. Tom said to Colin and Barbara that it is a great sad day for him, it's Remembrance Day and being an old soldier I went to a memorial service this morning and I did have a Poppy but took it off with my medals, sorry Phil. In case the rest of the club don't know Colin and I have a lot of things in common as they both were born in the greatest part of the world, England is called the Eden of the world and Kent of course is the garden of Eden. We both come from there, Colin and Barbara are going back to my old stomping ground near the Cathedral in Canterbury. Tom mentioned that some people didn't even know that there was a Cathedral in Canterbury. He reminds them that the Arch Bishop of Canterbury has been around for awhile. Tom believes that it is a great disaster that we could not find a reason for Colin to stay here but like me my pension has gone down 40%-50% every year since he has been here, Colin's money is going down as well. Tom commented also the costs of being fined for being a Pom or an Australian whoever wins the cricket is also a cost :). Tom said that he believes that Colin has done a great job as he remembers the wonderful things that he has done at the various nights on handover when he put on those great shows of singing etc and proved that we can sing and we can do things and we are so great full for all the work you have done. If I am able to get over to The Old Dart to see the Queen I am cover over to stay with you in. Canterbury. Secretary Graeme: thanked Tom for his words and thanked everyone for attending. In closing if we could all be upstanding we have, being remembrance day are going to play the Last Post before playing our National Anthem Advance Australia Fair.

The evening was enjoyed by all members and their partners and we appreciated the information that our DG Hank de Smit shared with us and I am sure that our Club will be working as hard as it can to a: Increase Membership, b: Ensure that we remain Relevant, c: Ensure that our Club will still be here for many years to come.


Duty Roster 25th November 2013 Chairman

Graeme Smith

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Andrew Kinninmonth

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Peter Miskelly

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Rotary bulletin 19 2013  

Rotary Club of Wanneroo's Meeting at Wanneroo Tavern on 11th November 2013. Guests; District Governor Hank de Smit, AG Patricia Canning, Mem...

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