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President: Norm de Grussa 2013 - 2014 MEETING Wanneroo Tavern RIDING ACROSS AUSTRALIA 21st October 2013

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Norm deGrussa Graeme Smith Andrew Kininmonth Owen Douglas Debbie Singh Neil Cook All Members Phil Cousins Jacob Etoka Colin Griffiths Peter Miskelly Ray Perkins

Apologies: If unable to attend meeting, an apology is to be lodged with Jacob Etoka before 12 noon Monday. Contact details for Jacob email: or mobile 0413104989

Duty Roster 28th October 2013 Chairman

Peter Miskelly

Duty officer

Jacob Etoka

Duty officer

Colin Parker

Vote of thanks

Debbie Singh


Rebecca Williams


Tom Drinkwater


Clive Bain

Guest speaker

Rod Greene



November 11th is Ladies Night to farewell Colin and Barbara Parker who are moving back to the U.K.

October 2013 Mon









































MEETING AT WANNEROO TAVERN 21ST OCTOBER 2013 President Norm welcomed our Guest Speaker David Wright, all members and our 2 exchange students. We started trialing a set menu of 1 main and a desert to complete our meal before our guest speaker makes his presentation.

Secretary: Graeme Smith; No emails and no correspondence so nothing to report. Sergeant: Phil Cousins; Golf Tournament Parking. A very successful week and IMG were very happy with the job we did and Phil wanted to thank each and everyone for all the fantastic work. There was only a couple of slots we didn't cover but managed ok. It went like clockwork and to Ray who spent a lot of time there and Clive put in a fantastic effort and Bill and Pete with all his mates, Smithy with his mates and family friends, Colin and just everybody that put in it was fantastic. Phil said he really appreciated it and it went a lot more smoothly than last year. It was a bit hectic yesterday afternoon as the whole bottom carpark was full. Unfortunately on Saturday the drowned rats namely Anson and Akin got saturated but got our before the rainstorm. It is a great experience in dealing with the public and public relations is at the very forefront in lifeskills. We had worked close to 500 man hours during the week and about 79 full shifts so we should get a good income for the club. President Norm welcomed Tom back after his spell in hospital.

Vocational: Neil Cooke; the meeting at the City of Wanneroo is cancelled so we will be having a meeting as normal on the 28th October at the Wanneroo Tavern with a guest speaker Rod Greene. President Norm mentioned that on the 11th November it will be a partners night to say goodbye to Colin Parker and his wife Barbara. Please give a full attendance.

Treasurer: Andrew Kinninmonth has relinquished the position due to work commitments so Clive and Bill will be handling this role.

Dolphins: Clive Bain; We had the Telethon Rotatathon and Ray and I on Saturday kicked it off from 12.00 - 3.00 in the freezing wind and drizzle to be relieved by the Hillarys crew. They stayed until the weather turned nasty at 4.30 and called it a day. Sunday was pretty successful and today we banked over $3,600.00 which was a great result. So the greatest proportion collected was on Sunday and the Hillarys crew put on a few members as they knew we were under the pump. We had a good collection from the Dolphins for the week so all is going well.

Publicity: Ray Perkins; We were able to get an article into the Community Newspapers to mention the Rotatathon and we will give them a followup this week to let them know how we got on. When Clive and I were collecting money on Saturday we found there is a new use for the Wishing Well. While Clive was standing at the Well a bloke came up from the beach wearing thongs that were covered in sand after walking in the water and proceeded to wash of both feet in the well to get rid of the sand on his feet. Well the look on Clives face could have sank a battleship! Now we know where all the sand is coming from inside the well. We thought it was blowing in ! The web page is going well but I am still researching the other 2 programs. President Norm mentioned that he was at the Conference this weekend and the District Governor Elect Angus Buchanan was there and all he was talking about was my website.

Youth: Owen Douglas; Owen said he was still eating because normally his exchange student has eaten his meal before he gets home. Anson was not seeing the funny side of it and we all had a chuckle. This Friday night is the Hillarys Quiz Night and Owen and his brother will be doing the MC'ing for the event. If anyone is interested there are still tables available. Owen had a discussion with Ray about the issues we have and getting some excitement back into the club and to start on that I went home and had a meeting with myself and asked myself what am I doing? Owen plans to go to the Council and the School to find out what programs they have and what they may need a hand with. Owen is going to follow up on the drug awareness campaign. We have our youth exchange program going and had some good experiences with the shire so will investigate further opportunities. There were some good successes with wall art in fighting the graffiti in the area.

Exchange Student: Anson; Anson said good evening to all members and President Norm. He has been in Australia fro 3 months and one week. Last weekend he went to the Karrinyup Golf course to park cars. Saturday was very bad weather. Sunday it was hot and shiny so today his head does not feel very good. Anson thinks that he has learnt many experiences. He explained on the way home that some people are not happy.

Exchange Student: Akin; He has been here two months and said that over the weekend he was working like a horse parking the cars. He got very cold on Saturday and on Sunday he got very hot. Akin said that he was very happy with his host father President Norm. Akin is going to try surfing this coming Saturday. Owen said that both of the boys are very well behaved and if we can take them anywhere they would appreciate it.

Raffle: 1st Prize President Norm

2nd Prize Neil Cooke

Sergeant: Phil Cousins; Raffle winners, Norm and Neil, Rebecca for birthday, Jacob for Trephines birthday, Paul one the best value wine of the month, he had to drop the price to get it, Neil Cooke for a new car and his nose, Peter Miskelly due to house prices going up, Jacob for being attendance correct but also for having his phone ring, Golf Report. The boys had not much to wear except Colin Griffiths had all his wet weather gear on so paid for being comfortable, Grumpy Owen has been a changed man after being retrained by the security guard on the Gate 3, Ray; started on bottom gate and couldn't get him away from it due to all the young girls driving in and scanning all of their tickets not once but multiple times but his effort was appreciated, Bill Kell if he wasn't asleep we couldn't hear him and he couldn't hear us. Finally just thanked all members again for a good week. Cross fines, Tom paid as he has missed out being fined for 2 weeks and no fine again tonight so paid 3 amounts. Tom mentioned that he appreciated the calls enquiring how he was in hospital.

Chairman: Rebecca Williams; Introduced David Wright to talk on the Bright Blue ride across Australia. David started with a card trick as he is a part time magician. The card trick he showed us was very very good and still leaves me scratching my head how he did it. David explained how his trip across Australia went. They started off in poor weather with strong winds and heavy rain. It was a charity ride for the Bright Blue organisation. There were 2 riders that came off their bikes and both were taken to hospital but only minor injuries. With all of the wet weather gear he still managed to get cold and wet. They averaged about 750kms a day and enjoyed the scenery going from flat straight country to the Grampians winding through the hills. Another beautiful sight was the

Great Ocean Road which he said everyone should travel along. They did come across the Rebel Bikie group coming across the Nullabor but didn't have any problems. David learn't about how important the correct riding posture is. David had his wife and son of 14 years of age traveling in one of the support vehicles. His son enjoyed the snow up in Hotham before reaching Canberra. David's son had become very found of the Police Commissioner and he was given the job of handing the Baton that they brought across from WA and presented it to the memorial. The whole trip has given David tremendous memories of the different places that they visited. He has not quite reached his target so he is still looking for some donations. David explained how the Bright Blue organisation had started due to 2 police officers children having cancer and the Commissioner asked what he can do to help. The Bright Blue was started with both of the police officers in charge of the charitable organisation. We wish David all the best and hope he will visit us again we he is able.

Vote of Thanks: Owen Douglas; Owen presented David with our customary glass in appreciation of his Magic Trick, Talk and his Achievement. I was hoping he would follow up and make the glass disappear!

We closed the meeting with singing our National Anthem.

Sadly Dr Ivy Bullen has passed away………….

Dr. Ivy Bullen

Dr Bullen graduated in medicine in 1971 from the University of WA. In 1972 and 1973 she worked as a Resident Medical Officer at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and in 1974 became a Registrar in Respiratory Medicine at that same hospital. In 1975 she commenced her own General Practice in Wembley Downs. In 1976 she felt it important to incorporate obstetrics into her General practice, and so decided to train for the Diploma in Obstetrics through the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. To do this meant taking up a full time position at King Edward Memorial Hospital for twelve months. Because she did not want to abandon her own practice, she would do sessions every evening – often until midnight, using a locum to work for her in the mornings. Subsequently, she spent many enjoyable years incorporating obstetrics into her General Practice. In 1989 Dr. Bullen felt that there was a huge need in the community for more support for cancer patients and their families, and subsequently founded Balya Cancer Self Help and Wellness, which would give support, education encouragement and hope to these people in a ‘time out’ Retreat situation. Over the years she became more and more interested in nutrition and the environment in relation to disease, and the prevention of disease, and then in '97 became a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. For many years she was a Board Member of the Melbourne based College and also its West Australian representative. In November '98 Dr. Bullen was honoured by the Scarborough Beach Rotary Club to receive the; Rotary International Paul Harris Fellowship for Contribution to the Community. In the 2005 Australian Of The Year Awards she was awarded "The West Australian Hero Metropolitan", In June 2005 she was presented with the 2005 "Citizen Of The Year" award for community service. As well as being a General Practitioner, she is administrator of the Balya Retreats and Chairperson of Balya's Management Committee. Her long term goal and dream has been to build a permanent self help and wellness Retreat facility for cancer patients and their families on Balya's 53 acres of beautiful land in Gidgegannup. Stage 1 has now happened and has been in use since 2004. Building will be ongoing until complete. As well as having conducted Retreats in rented premises from 1989 to 2004, Dr. Bullen and Dr. Han have conducted Optimum Health Days for the general public. With the new Retreat Centre, it is now possible to conduct weekend Optimum Health Retreats with a focus on preventative strategies to achieve and maintain optimum health in the community.

GUEST SPEAKER: 4th November Susan Saleeba; To talk on NAKURU HOPE Helping Kenyans

Nakuru town is located 160 km North west of Nairobi and is the fourth largest urban centre in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombassa and Kisumu. Nakuru Hope was initiated to help make a difference to the women and children there, and to ensure that those who wish to help can travel and volunteer without huge costs usually associated with volunteer services. - See more at:











045 8611 938

Bill Kell (Supervisor)

041 790 0555

It’s That time of year again!

19th to 20th October

Duty Roster 4th November 2013 Chairman

Debbie Singh

Duty officer

Clive Bain

Duty officer

Neil Cook

Vote of thanks

Paul Conti


Owen Douglas


Colin Griffiths


Bill Kell

Guest speaker




Rotary Wanneroo Bulletin 16 2013  

Meeting on the 21st October at the Wanneroo Tavern. Guest Speaker was David Wright talking on Riding Across Australia for the Bright Blue Or...

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