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DIAZ UFO PHOTOS Proof UFOS Are Real Reproduced from the book UFOS THE PROOF with permission


The only Mayan Temple built on a Mountain is in Tepoztlan (means place of metal). For generations the locals have been aware of strange objects and lights that appear in the sky.

The descriptions of the object by many in the Tepoztlan area are that the object is saucer shaped and it glows bright orange and red. This is that object.

This object has been photographed by Carlos Diaz since 1981. Louis Farrakhan publicly stated he was on this craft in 1985.

Some skeptics have falsely claimed the following about this object:

1. The object has no variance in its illumination. 2. The person that took the photos does not allow them to be analyzed. 3. Photos and video of the object could have been made with a small-scale model.

To refute these skeptical claims about the object is very easy to do.

1. Videos of the object show a variance in the illumination of the underside of the craft, which contradicts what skeptics claim. 2. Carlos Diaz has allowed many to view the photos and video he took of the object with no charge. 3. Locations where the object was photographed are known and the details of analysis on the locations prove it was not a small object.

There are three major reasons why I know these photos and videotape are authentic.

1. The object is consistent with videos of others taken around the world where a pulsating orange glow is visible to the underside.

2. Pixelation analysis of the videos and photos show the object was not dropped into the photos and video using digital manipulation. 3. Magnified analysis of the photos by me resulted in my discovery of ten bearded humanoid figures clearly visible within the craft.

In the early 1990’s I founded a company that specializes in authentication of very valuable Sportscards via a technique that I call pixelation fingerprinting. That company is called Authentigraph ™ .

I am often sent images to authenticate using my pixelation analysis techniques by various editors of web sites run by Adoni Net . The photos taken by Carlos Diaz are authentic in my opinion since they show no pixelation anomalies that a digitally manipulated image would show.

Currently there is not much information available about these truly amazing photos and videos from the Tepoztlan Sightings on the Net or in most UFO material. There is some but it is limited in scope compared to most other famous sightings.

Estimates about the size of this craft are usually in the range of thirty (30) feet to sixty (60) feet. It is my opinion however, based upon the sizes of the heads hidden in the Diaz photos, that the craft is only about twenty to thirty feet in width. This is also the approximate size of a classic saucer craft in a famous UFO Photo of an alleged UFO crash site in Russia. I’ll discuss that photo and present it in a later chapter. Can ten

humanoid figures fit within the confines of a craft measuring only twenty feet in width? They could very easily. How big is your living room? Is it around 20 x 20? Can it fit ten people in it? Of course it can.

In the next chapter I will publish close-ups of two of these Diaz photos. The first was taken in 1981. It has the outlines of ten bearded humanoids in the image. The second photo I will publish in the next chapter matches the 1981 initial Diaz photo. There are the outlines of ten bearded humanoids in that photo as well.

Before I wrote this book no one had ever mentioned these hidden images within the Diaz set of photos. I discovered it and it prompted me to write this book about what I know about UFOS.

FBI ALIEN PHOTOS Alien Photos Hidden in old FBI FOIA Release Reproduced from the book UFOS THE PROOF with permission Photos of the Occupants of a UFO

The following photos are available on the Internet on the few sites that have information about the Tepoztlan sightings.

Before I released this book no one had ever made mention of the hidden images that are obvious to anyone upon minor magnification of the Diaz photos.

To duplicate the results I am revealing here all you have to do is locate sites with the images and download them to your computer.

You can then view the images in an image-editing program such as Paint Shop Pro (I used Version 7.02). The outlines of the images start to appear at either 5 or 7 times magnification.

The original photos I used are located for anyone to download at

Image 001

Image 002

The following image has the area where you can view the outlines of the ten bearded humanoid faces in Image 001

Image 010

The following are images I created using a magnified version of Image 010.

The first image is a magnified image showing the center area of Image 010. You can start to make out the faces via magnification.

Image 011

This next photo is enhanced using a clarify filter. The outlines of the faces and beards are very clear.

Image 011a

The next photo is the previous one enhanced with a clarify filter at a higher level. The outlines of the faces and beards are even clearer.

Image 011b

The next image is a magnified photo of the left side of Image 010.

Image 012

This next photo is enhanced using a clarify filter.

Image 012a

The next photo is the previous one enhanced with a clarify filter at a higher level.

Image 012b

The next image is a magnified photo of the right side of Image 010.

Image 013

This next photo is enhanced using a clarify filter.

Image 013a

The next photo is the previous one enhanced with a clarify filter at a higher level.

Image 013b

The following three images include a stencil outline of the bearded humanoid faces that appear in the last three images.

Image 014

Image 015

Image 016

The following Image is Image 002 that shows the areas where the ten bearded humanoid faces appear. Two appear on the left, two appear in the lower center and there are two groups of three images on the right side of the craft.

Image 17

The following four Images are magnifications of the four areas where the ten bearded humanoid faces appear.

Image 018

Image 019

Image 020

Image 021

The following four photos are enhanced using a clarify filter.

Image 018a

Image 019a

Image 020a

Image 021a

The following four Images have stencils of the ten beard humanoid figures seen in the four previous Images.

Image 022

Image 023

Image 024

Image 025

SOLLOG Download Prophecies of Sollog A Modern Nostradamus

One of the most controversial figures in the history of the Internet is Sollog. In the early days of the Internet Sollog had a huge following from search engines and Usenet. Due to Sollog’s ability to predict exact dates when historic earthquakes then occurred as well as exact dates for major acts of terrorism such as 911. Sollog is now known around the world to his many fans and in the media as THE MODERN NOSTRADAMUS. His direct hit on 911 was covered by major media such as the largest paper in Germany Der Spiegel. The US Government then jailed Sollog for years for an alleged DUI Related Crime in the 1980’s twenty years after the fact. Well past any so-called statutes of limitations. Sollog skeptics point to this DUI event as a reason to not listen to Sollog. Ignoring how people such as George W. Bush became President of the USA with a DUI conviction. Sollog’s DUI conviction was clearly falsified and he proved it in an

international court where he was exonerated after wasting almost five years of his life in solitary confinement in a USA prison for such a minor crime. Sollog is free, but the US Government prosecuted Sollog for years after he made his Prophecies public in 1995 with the beginning era of the Internet. In 1995 Sollog warned of certain ley lines that have tragic future events on them. These five lines form the basis of the so-called PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and since 1995 pretty much every major loss of life event in the United States has occurred on the so-called LINES OF SOLLOG including the major school shootings, Katrina, 911, the Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA 800 and many other major loss of life events. Sollog’s Prophecies are archived in USENET where anyone can search through a plethora of Sollog posts to find his original prophecies. Sollog Prophecies are also now released often in videos and his recent prophecies did predict the events of FUKUSHIMA a major

nuclear accident from an earthquake exactly as Sollog has warned for years would occur. Sollog is a prolific author with over 50 books to his credit and he has received many honorary doctorates for his work in mathematics (see Sollog Prime and Twin Prime Algorithms). His work in astrophysics has predicted where new planets have been found. His theories are known as PDF Planetary Distance Formula and The Creator Formula. Fans of Sollog claim government disinformation agents spread false stories about Sollog to discredit his warnings that are intended to help humanity move to SAFE ZONES to survive a coming asteroid impact that will kill off most of humanity after 2020.

FUKUSHIMA Two Youtube warned of it

Reproduced from 247 News with Permission Original Article Historic 9.0 Quakes Hits Japan on 113 SOLLOG HIT 100% and so did new Prophetess 9Nania March 13th, 2011 Written By Staff of 247 News 247 News Net

A hot new babe is going viral only this one will soon be known as THE PROPHETESS 9Nania is going viral all over youtube, two days before the Japan Quake hit, she warned on March 11th to 13th the plates were moving and Japan was one of the danger zones. Now we cover Sollog and his fans are all aware his 113 Prophecy hit, the date was on 11/3 in euro dating for the event and his 113 Prophecy says these historic quakes will occur on such dates and we showed in last

years Haiti Quake article how that quake struck on 1/13 in most of the world although 1/12 local time. The famous SOLLOG GREAT QUAKES WARNING named Japan and mentioned super quakes and great quakes in the 8.0 and 9.0 range, another amazing hit for Sollog. So besides Sollog, 9Nania is the first person we've seen HITTING EXACT NUMBERS and LOCATIONS for historic quakes. So we asked Sollog about 9Nania. He says besides looking exactly as all his earthly girlfriends look, and how all goddesses in his 9th Level Harem above look, that being hot young petite brunettes, she is indeed a sleep walker, someone that astral planes in her dreams, but she's confusing it all with her religious pollution, but SHE HAS POTENTIAL if she studies and awakens from the dogma of false religions. He also says her name NA NI A is very ancient. In ancient EBRI or Hebrew NA meant to PRAY and NI mean to WAIL, exactly as she does in her videos. So NA NI A phonetically means a young woman who prays and wails. Although modern cultures consider it to mean beautiful and or graceful, of which she is both.

Sollog says, what she is viewing are spiritual 'guides' she calls 'angels' from the astral zone. A place where he and others like Nostradamus surf the waves of time and see the future and the past. You can see the famous Prophet Sollog's site at SOLLOGTM .com What did 9Nania say exactly in her famous youtube video? Here it is see for youself and the video is VIRAL. Several new sites have quickly sprung up to 'present 9Nania' to the world as the greatest prophetess since the ancient Oracle of Delphi. Sollog's old PHOENIX PROPHECY was rereleased this year to youtube by Sollog and he said it was now 'relevant'. In that warning Sollog speaks of the great killer quake and the Phoenix and how a nuclear disaster would connect to it. For the ignorant out there, Japan in Japanese is Nippon, or Land of the Rising Sun. Sollog refers over and over in his Prophecy to the VALLEY OF THE SUN and how the rising Phoenix would

die due to the black cloud of nuclear radiation when the great quake hits and causes a nuclear accident. Here is Sollog's Phoenix Prophecy on youtube issued a couple of months ago about the historic quake and a nuke accident. Note the date in the video beginnings. 11/30 or the date in reverse of the Japan quake and yes, Phoenix and Japan are both areas connect TO THE SUN. And the Phoenix is a big deal in Japanese culture. Here is the famous Sollog GREAT QUAKES Prophecy, many of the areas have had the types of quakes he mentioned. 8.0 and 9.0 quakes WERE RARE, now you have them happening often. Chile is on the Sollog hit list and they had a 9.0 last year and now Japan is on the list and a 9.0 How many rare 9.0's have to hit where Sollog warned before you realize HE NAILED THE QUAKES hread/9757c1152a73bd7e/a7d616df4aa82caa?pli=1 Here is the famous 113 Prophecy of Sollog and many of these events have struck on 113, the latest killer quake was Haiti on 1/12 local time but 1/13 in most of the world. While 9Nania is a new 'prophet' on the scene, her stunning arrival is like a comet says Sollog. The world is looking in awe at a goddess from the highest levels that has fallen to earth to help mankind in the coming years... I think 9Nania is about to join Sollog in the realm of INTERNET LEGEND...

Staff of 247 News Net

911 WARNINGS Nostradamus and Sollog 911 Warnings

Download the Book THE 911 WARNING SOLLOG 911 Warning

Article on 247 Just follow the links to see PROOF Reprinted from With Permission The World Trade Center Terrorism USENET WARNING! Complete Details of the WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK were put into USENET in a WARNING! By Staff of 24 7 News Net The 24 7 News Wire 24 7 News Net Wire September 11th, 2001

Editor's Note: This is the clearest warning about 911. It was issued 9/11/1998 by Sollog. It stated on 911 a major emergency would occur in DC. Look at the Time Stamp. It is real!

End of Editors Note Usenet - It is a part of the internet that not everyone uses. For years was the archive of usenet posts, they literally TIME STAMPED MILLIONS of usenet posts over the years. This year the archives of were purchased by the large search engine In the TIME STAMPED ARCHIVES of which is now run by www.Google, is a WARNING that GUARANTEED a major ACT OF TERRORISM would hit New York City! The WARNING stated the BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING would occur between September 2nd (902) and September 16th. YES A WARNING WAS ISSUED AND IT GUARANTEED TERRORISM IN NEW YORK CITY FOR EARLY SEPTEMBER. IT GUARANTEED A BIG BANG IN THE BIG BUILDING! I have a time stamped link below. IT PROVES THAT WARNING WAS ISSUED!

More SHOCKING is that the major media KNOWS OF THE WARNING and they are forbidden to mention it! GOVERNMENT COVERUP! Why? The same person says NUKE TERRORISM IS ABOUT TO HIT THE UNITED STATES right after NUKE TERRORISM HITS ISRAEL AND ROME! Who is this person that ISSUED THE GUARANTEE? Well he is connected to SOUTH FLORIDA! Where are the FBI looking for people with KNOWLEDGE OF THE ATTACK? SOUTH FLORIDA! Thousands of idiots made stupid statements about this warning, since it was issued in usenet! Now those FOOLS know THE WARNING WAS REAL! This is no hoax.

The thing about this warning, was it was issued on 9/02 in 1997! The same WARNING also stated that THE POPE OF SATAN would die in October of 1997. Anton Lavey the founder of the church of satan mysteriously died right after the PROPHECY was written and issued to usenet! The same WARNING spoke of the DEATH of Clinton connected to November 15th. Months later in 1998, the Lewinsky Scandal broke. And Clinton suffered POLITICAL DEATH. Why? On November 15th Clinton started his affair with Monica Lewinsky. THE WARNING STATED that the EXACT DATE connected to the DEATH (IMPEACHMENT) of Clinton would be November 15th, which was the exact date he chose to use Monica for SEX! Since 1997, the same person that GUARANTEED TERRORISM IN THE BIG BUILDING IN NYC for early September, has been hitting EXACT DATES and also EXACT LOCATIONS for major 7.0+ quakes!

The major media knows of his QUAKE PREDICTION ACCURACY, yet the evil people that control what you hear on TV and read in the paper, WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT THE QUAKE HITS! Read the time stamped document below. Does it say BIG BANG THE BIG BUILDING IN NEW YORK CITY TERRORISM IN SEPTEMBER! IT DOES. Read the other articles on this site about the same person, where we have MORE TIME STAMPED PROOF he hit exact dates and locations of major quakes! It is our opinion, that this person is the MAJOR VOICE AND THE FUTURE WORLD LEADER that all of humanity needs to be listening to! He has PROVEN the ability to fore tell the future! He is a REAL PROPHET! He says he came to earth TO LEAD HUMANITY in the age of NUKE TERRORISM!

His name is SOLLOG. His site is He is a famous author over over 30 books! His books are featured at 1 eBooks Again read the articles on our site about SOLLOG and his recent amazing QUAKE WARNINGS! Many of our Sollog QUAKE WARNING articles are at 24 7 News Net THIS IS A PUBLIC MESSAGE TO GEORGE BUSH FROM SOLLOG Right now SOLLOG is UNDER GROUND due to threats made against his life by Agents of the Clinton Administration! SOLLOG says he personally likes George Bush and would love to be able to address the US public without fear of his life from the US government!

SOLLOG says George Bush must GUARANTEE the safety of SOLLOG and GUARANTEE that no agency of any government can ever detain him for any reason! SOLLOG was falsely detained by the US government on several occasions during the Clinton era! George Bush, if you PERSONALLY GUARANTEE that no agency of any branch of the US Governent including all branches of all state governments in the United States will not detain, hold or prosecute SOLLOG, he will help you and the United States by giving you EXACT DETAILS about future events that could save many millions of Americans! George Bush, if you embrace SOLLOG as a friend, and apologize on behalf of the US Government and it's people for the actions of many US government agencies over the years that harassed and persecuted SOLLOG, then SOLLOG will help the United States! SOLLOG is here to HELP MANKIND and the United States! The FUTURE of the United States depends on listening to SOLLOG about THE NEAR! END OF MESSAGE TO GEORGE BUSH FROM SOLLOG

The articles that PROVE Sollog GUARANTEED ACTS OF GOD are all over this site. THE PROOF SOLLOG WARNED THE UNITED STATES of TERRORISM IN SEPTEMBER IN NEW YORK CITY is here +bang+big+building+terrorism&hl=en&rnum=9&selm=35CF5B54.677%40h otmail.comx Editors Note: Google removed the link above, but below is another post with the 902 Prophecy in it. Some notes. The 902 Prophecy clearly warned of Major Terrorism in September in NYC at the WTC. The Pope of Satan aka Anton Lavey died when the Prophecy stated. The Clinton Impeachment was started over his affair with Lewinsky which began on the date Sollog gave that being November 15th. End of Editor's Note


Nostradamus 911 Prophecy

Reprinted from Prophecies Of Nostradamus Sollog Translations Download Prophecies of Nostradamus World Trade Center Attack The quatrain Michel Nostradame used to Prophesy it! Translation by Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni Quatrain 6,97 English Forty point five degrees (NYC is 40.5 degrees latitude) a mid air explosion, Fire near the tall new city in the clouds: In an instant a great flame up connected to a boat and a plane explosion When one is dedicated (to understanding Michels works) the Roman numerals (of the prophecy) make the proof (767 planes were used, 767 is an anagram of 6 97 this quatrain) French

Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera Feu approcher de la grand cit‚ neuue Instant grand flamme esparse sautera Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

Michel Nostradame was known to use medieval French, Latin, Greek and Hebrew in his poetic verses of Prophecy. The key to seeing if this verse belongs to the World Trade Center Attack, is that the location and number of the planes used were given by Nostradamus. The tragedy over NYC occuring at the degrees Nostradamus gave and that the prophecy contains the plane numbers show this quatrain was about the WTC attack and also TWA 800. The use of Esparse to connect the event to the sea and aviation was brilliant as well. It proves Michel understood words not in use in his day. My own 902 Prophecy clearly stated on September 2, 1997, that September 2nd to the 16th was a key period for FUTURE TERRORISM.

I clearly stated New York City and a BIG BANG in a BIG BUILDING would be the target of TERRORISTS in New York City in September in the future! I also put the number 11 11 in the 902 Prophecy, which is time stamped in the archives of from 1997. The flight number of the first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11. It hit on the 11th. 11 11 the very numbers I gave in my 902 Prophecy appeared! Word by word explanation of translation: 1. cinq - Five 2. quarante - Forty 3. degrez - degrees 4. ciel - sky or mid air 5. bruslera - bruler means to burn out or consume with fire 6. Feu - Fire 7. approcher - to draw near 8. de la - of the

9. grand - tall or big 10. cit - cite is city 11. neuue - neuve is NEW however nuee is clouds, this mispelled words points to both New York and the Clouds 12. Instant - instant 13. grand - Big 14. flamme - to blaze up or flame up 15. esparse - esparre Old French is spar which is connected to the pole or mast on a boat and also the wing of a plane, it was a brilliant way to connect the explosion to a plane and a boat or the sea in ONE WORD 16. sautera - sauter can be an explosion 17. Quand - when 18. on - one 19. voudra - vouer to dedicate 20. des - from

21. Normans - Normands or Vikings however it's an anagram of ROMANS the numerals with PROOF Michel saw it 7/96 the reverse number is the ROMAN NUMERALS of the prophecy 6:97 22. faire - to make or paint 23. preuue - preuve is proof or it also means to cast out NINES the anagram of Ennis my name

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