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LUXURY HOMES in the Pacific Northwest


he Seattle/Bellevue metro area is experiencing a meteoric rise in homebuyers and foreign direct investment from China. Discovered for its high quality of life, economic prosperity and relative affordability compared with other West Coast markets, The New York Times estimates 40-percent of $1 million-plus homes sold on the affluent Eastside are being purchased by Chinese buyers. The attractions are many. A depth of arts and culture, a pristine natural environment (including extraordinarily clean air and water), renowned schools, and an internationally diverse population – much of this promoted in the hit movie “Beijing Meets Seattle”, which has become a box office favorite in mainland China.

“Washington has no state income tax and the overall cost of living is much lower than either British Columbia or California,” adds Jones. “With the savings, you could greatly enhance your lifestyle by living in Seattle.” Foreign buyers aren’t the only contributors to a booming marketplace. The region is teeming with high-paying job openings. Companies like, which will soon occupy more than 5 million square feet of office space in downtown Seattle is a demonstration for the “urban campus”. The online retail giant is set to exceed 40,000 local employees downtown, eclipsing Microsoft’s Eastside headquarters. Other industries are expanding too, including aerospace, education, global health and life

香港, 比加州航班价格不仅优惠而且飞行 时间至少缩短两个小时。

西雅图尤其受到中国年轻学生的追捧。这 里的华盛顿大学在世界学术大学排名第15, 其中20%的新生是国际生, 国际生中一半是 中国生。 苏富比国际地产西雅图地区(Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty)的董事 迪安.琼斯(Dean Jones)说: 美国之梦在西 雅图更容易实现。有很多具有前瞻性的客户 选择西雅图, 因为他们意识到给孩子一个高 质量教育的重要性。他们为孩子选择享誉全 美的公立私立学校, 从而殊荣毕业, 然后 在体面的公司就职,并能容易地负担高级房

REAL ESTATE SPOTLIGHT: 聚光灯下房地产: 华盛顿州的西雅图

Seattle, Washington

The Investment Capital of the Pacific Northwest Shines 进入太平洋美西北的投资夺目闪耀

Asians are the fastest growing demographic in Washington and in some markets, like Bellevue they represent 30-percent of the population. Chinese grocery stores, fine dining, international schools and many Mandarin-speaking businesses have created a comfortable relocation experience for new immigrants. It also helps that Seattle now boasts numerous direct flights to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, which proves to be less expensive and up to two hours quicker than other international airport hubs in California. A preference for Seattle starts at a young age. The University of Washington, ranked #15 by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, says 20-percent of its freshman class is attending from international markets and half are from China. “Living the American Dream is more easily attained here in Seattle,” says Dean Jones, President & CEO of Seattle-based Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “Overseas clientele realize their children can relocate, graduate from the Seattle area’s premier public and private schools with honors, confidently secure employment and can afford to buy a home to build a family in a one of North America’s most beautiful and fastest growing regions.” Although rising quickly, Jones says homes are still considerably less expensive than Vancouver, BC, San Francisco or Los Angeles, and unique lifestyle opportunities like living on Lake Washington, really can’t be found elsewhere. He believes the trend with international home buying has only just begun, so there’s a much greater propensity for value appreciation ahead.

sciences, and philanthropy (Seattle is home to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

产。他们选择在北美洲最美丽, 并快速发展 的地区养育后代。

Anticipation for the housing demand can be seen throughout the metro area with scores of residential developments transforming the skyline. Other major projects include a $2 billion tunnel below the city and waterfront park project that will rival West Coast cities for both accessibility and beauty.

琼斯说, 虽然地产价格在逐步上升, 但比较 起温哥华, 旧金山, 洛杉矶, 西雅图的房价 仍然很合理。 更不要提这里的独特生活方 式, 比如生活在华盛顿湖边, 是独一无二的 生活经历, 在任何别的地方都享受不到的生 活。 琼斯认为中国在此的投资仅仅是个开 始, 所以该地区地产的升值势在必然。

“We’re seeing housing demand due to job growth, immigration and lifestyle preferences all at the same time - it’s having a compounding effect,” says Jones. “We’re witness to a world-class city on the rise.” 西雅图/贝尔维尤市区正在经历来自中国的 富裕购房者和直接投资的迅猛崛起。 大家 发现这里有着高质量的生活, 繁荣的经济, 和与西海岸其它城市相比更合理的地产价 格。 纽约时报最近估算, 在贝尔维尤所在 的富裕东区, 40%的百万美元以上价格的房 产由中国买家购买。 西雅图的诸多诱惑力有: 居民的深度艺术文 化修养, 完美洁净的天然环境(空气和水), 闻 名的学校教育, 和国际化的人口----流行电 影“北京遇见西雅图”用银屏向观众展示了 所有这些, 西雅图继而成为电影票房明星。 在华盛顿州, 亚洲人口增长非常迅速。在 贝尔维尤, 亚洲人口占30%。 中国副食店, 高级餐馆, 国际学校, 及很多讲普通话的 服务行业, 使得许多搬迁到贝尔维尤的新 移民感觉到生活非常容易和舒适。西雅图 现在拥有诸多直航飞机通往北 京, 上海,

华盛顿州没有州所得税, 比起加拿大的温哥 华地区和加利福尼亚州, 这里的生活成本要 低很多。所以居民在同等收入条件下, 享有 更高的生活质量。 西雅图地区地产市场的蓬勃发展不光取决于 国际买家, 该地区有很多高薪职位。亚马逊 公司(在西雅图市区将占据超过 5百万平方英尺的办公空间。 这个网上零售 巨匠势将雇佣4万多名本地员工, 远远超过 微软大东区总部的规模。 其它行业也在扩 展: 航空航天, 教育, 环球卫生及生命科学; 慈善事业(西雅图是比尔.盖茨--梅林达.盖 茨基金会的家园)。 未来住房的增长是必然趋势, 西雅图地区开 发项目随处可见, 市区面目日新月异。 其 它项目包括20亿美元的隧道工程和海滨公园 建设。这些设施将使西雅图地区的环境更加 优美,人们的生活更加便捷。 琼斯说: 本地区地产的需求是由于就业, 移 民, 和优秀的生活质量等综合因素促成的。 我们正在观望一个世界级城市的崛起。

MEDINA, WA 麥底娜市 華盛頓洲

Shimmering Lake Estate 湖光園 Proudly sited upon Lake Washington’s Gold Coast near the mansions of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. This 1.78 acre, street-to-lake estate with 100 feet of waterfront home has a private gated entry and a dramatic driveway leading to a commanding 6 bedroom residence comprising 6,780 square feet. 傲居扵華盛 頓湖邊金海岸缐之常靑角路,比鄰與微軟創始人比爾蓋茲及亞馬遜創 始人爵夫培左之巨廈,此特級豪宅有1.78英畝地 從街口到水邊 並擁 有100英尺西海岸最稀有求之不易比鄰富豪的沿湖線,此地區是太平 洋西海岸最難爭得之區。從入口鐵門 經由慢長行道至此豪廈,沿園 花香。此廈6房總共有6780平方尺. Price: $17,500,000 REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BECKY LEE +1 206 390 2839 BECKY.LEE@RSIR.COM | RSIR.COM


Serenity Waterfront 優雅寧靜湖邊豪宅 Centered just minutes from both Seattle and Bellevue on Lake Washington, discover this permit-ready, new construction residential opportunity. A private 19,685 square foot lot features a park-like setting and 101 feet of no bank waterfront with boathouse (and water rights). Property includes fully engineered plans for a 5 bedroom and 5.75 bathroom, 8,232 square foot NW contemporary home. Or combine with adjacent 11,314 sq. ft. lot to create a larger estate. 夾 在西雅圖及斐爾優之間的華盛頓湖上,此地約19685英尺。可蓋8232 平方尺,5房 5.75浴大廈 價銭聯建築許可証在內。 此地有101尺沿 湖地及私人碼顕及湖水利用權。如需更大可合併隔壁之11314英尺之 地 蓋個差級大廈 Price: $3,988,000 REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY CHAD ZINDA +1 206 579 4939 CHAD.ZINDA@RSIR.COM | RSIR.COM

KIRKLAND, WA 克克蘭 華盛頓洲

Carillon Point Waterfront 凯瑞林海滨公寓 An exclusive condominium estate, this 4 bedroom penthouse offers 5,686 square feet plus a 2,500 square foot wraparound terrace designed by architect Jim Olsen with interiors by Terry Hunziker. 這四 房5686平方尺頂樓有2500平方尺凉台此單位享有共用碼頭權. Price: $5,750,000 Property/Web ID: 4Q39QV


HUNTS POINT, WA 撬犣人角 華盛頓洲

Villa a Lago 交響曲之屋

A majestic residence sited on a shy one acre property with 90 feet of level waterfront. Enjoy 4 bedrooms and large entertaining spaces in this 6,869 square foot home with yacht-sized dock. 這楝優雅精緻大廈 共有近約一英畝 地。有4房 6869平方尺,有私人碼頭可停大船。 Price: $7,250,000 Property/Web ID: XDPS47


SAMMAMISH, WA 沙碡米期 華盛頓洲

Distinctive Eastside Living 豪華東區之居 A picture perfect acreage estate with rolling lawns, a tennis court and swimming pool located near renowned schools. The home features 4 bedrooms and 5,250 square feet of living space.像一幅圖畫之雅屋 有綠油油草坪 有游泳池, 網球場 近好學區。 4房 5250平方尺的起居所。 Price: $1,599,000 Property/Web ID: YJGQTM


NORMANDY PARK, WA 諾曼第公園市 華盛頓洲

The Cove Manor 海灣大宅

A prime 4 bedroom estate of 13,350 square feet on 1.27 acres with 175 feet of low bank waterfront on Puget Sound located just 15 minutes from SeaTac Airport and downtown Seattle. 這豪宅地大約1。27英畝 地 ,175尺沿 海缐 4房13350平方尺 室內建築。約15分鐘即可到西雅圖市中心或 國際機場。 Price: $5,750,000 Property/Web ID: 785L8Y REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY KATHIE PRICE +1 206 999 4901­­ KATHIE.PRICE@RSIR.COM | RSIR.COM

NORMANDY PARK, WA 諾曼第公園市 華盛頓洲

The Cove Manor 海灣大宅

A prime 4 bedroom estate of 13,350 square feet on 1.27 acres with 175 feet of low bank waterfront on Puget Sound located just 15 minutes from SeaTac Airport and downtown Seattle. 這豪宅地大約1。27英畝 地 ,175尺沿 海缐 4房13350平方尺 室內建築。約15分鐘即可到西雅圖市中心或 國際機場。 Price: $5,750,000 Property/Web ID: 785L8Y REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY KATHIE PRICE +1 206 999 4901­­ KATHIE.PRICE@SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM REALOGICSSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM

HUNTS POINT, WA 撬犣人角 華盛頓洲

Elegant Hunts Point Waterfront 优雅的亨茨波音特海滨 An architecturally stunning residence claims 1.17 acres of street-to-water grounds with a gated entrance. An inspired floor plan blends indoors and outdoors with views of the lake. Relaxed, refined living flows through the rotunda to light and airy spaces. Details of distinction. 这里1.17英亩具有独特建筑风格的水域 观景别墅区令人惊叹。建筑和大自然的完美结合带给住户豪华并舒适 的生活享受。缕缕阳光和微风拂过大厅,给住户一个既轻松又精致的 感受。 室内和室外空间的完美融合使得住户可以欣赏到静谧的湖泊 和雄鹰翱翔于天际的美西北独特情怀。 Price: $8,750,000 REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BECKY GRAY +1 206.605.1927­ BECKY.GRAY@RSIR.COM | EASTSIDEGLOBALADVISOR.COM

BELLEVUE, WA 贝尔维尤,华盛顿州

Ultimate Collectors Garage 独一无二收藏家车库 For the Connoisseurs of Life, a showroom garage for 16 cars and a guest house. A car lift, office & workshop meet every need. A state of the art great room, luxurious bedroom suite, exercise room & kitchen designed by Snaidero Ferrari. A private museum near the Eastside’s most prestigious homes. 这里设有可容 纳16辆车的陈列车库,招待室是为鉴赏家量身定制的。这里还有一架 汽车起降机和一间办公室可以满足各种需求。该别墅房间现代风格, 艺术气息浓郁,豪华的卧室套房,健身房,以及厨房都是著名设计师 Snaidero Ferrari的经典杰作。可称为一家东区的私人博物馆。 Price: $4,000,000 Property/Web ID: WCQWP2 REALOGICS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY BECKY GRAY +1 206.605.1927­ BECKY.GRAY@RSIR.COM | EASTSIDEGLOBALADVISOR.COM

WHISTLER, BC 維士羅 加拿大


High above Whistler’s Creekside Village resides this exclusive enclave and respite for the global citizen. Discover 1/3 to 1-1/2 acre home sites offered from below $1 million (USD) or custom-built residences from the low $4 millions (USD). Located just 1.5 hours north of Vancouver, BC and 4 hours north of Seattle the all-season resort of Whistler & Blackcomb is accessible from West Coast transportation hubs or private aviation to a nearby airport. 高居扵維士羅溪邊村,這片土地等待著國

際居民來此定居。 定價 及大小可自選 從一百萬到四百萬美元,從3分之1到1.5英畝任君選擇。 離溫哥華15小時行程,到西雅圖 4個小時 西海岸國際航線可底此地。



SEATTLE, WA 西雅圖 華盛頓洲


KIRKLAND, WA 克克蘭 華盛頓洲

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WORLDWIDE PRESENCE 强大的全球布局 The Sotheby’s international Realty network currently has nearly 14,000 sales associates representing more than 36,000 exclusive listings with approximately 700 offices in more than 49 countries and territories worldwide. The company places over 7,500 referrals every year. 苏富比国际房地产,其强大的网络格局已经形成,它遍及全球45个国家及地区, 目前,拥有大约700个实体营业处,涵盖近14000个房产代理,超过36000处独有房 产, 每年相互推荐成交的个案高达7500例。 Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

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In preparation for the Luxury Property Show in Beijing, several custom publications have been generated in both English and Mandarin by a co...

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